\m/(~_~)\m/ Bring the Metal! \m/(~_~)\m/

Loving the bass on this one. The rest of the album is a little scattershot on the influences, but they make it all work. Just don't expect the same sound from song to song. Well, mostly speed. Definitely great for windows down, speakers blaring on the road.

Here's the speed:

This is the excellent stoner doom I've been listening to instead of working on my draft guide:

And this is the dissonant technical death I've been listening to instead of working on my draft guide:

Is it just me or does that actress in the Bewitcher video for Valley of the Ravens totally look like Jesse Faden from Control? And Green Druid's videos are just amazing. I'll be checking out more of all of these!

My latest blasting-while-driving albums include a raw black metal band from Kentucky, of all places:

Love the guitars on that one. Something to aspire to myself as an amateur guitarist. The Quill put out a new one recently, going along the lines of Bewitcher and some stoner metal.

Misotheist's latest is worth a listen too:

There's something wrong with my brain as black metal used to be my go to but it all sounds so tired now.

I kind of go through phases with what I'm really interested in listening to. Sometimes black metal doesn't really cut it, sometimes it does.

This one might be up your alley. I heard this recently thanks to the excellent Doomed & Stoned playlists on Bandcamp that come out every once in a while. I think you were the one long ago that mentioned especially enjoying the heavy music with female vocals, am I right?

I think female vox are lacking in metal, ya. Having female vocals doesn't make an automatic win for me, but good female vocals can make something special of an otherwise uninteresting band, musically. Or if you manage a unique combination of sound + voice. Or, you know, be Cammie.

I think it's awesome that doom features and accepts so many female vocalists. More of that in black metal! Lol

Here's some screaming into the void sh*t that Legion likes. AMG review namedropped Colbalt.

New Gojira is out and I'm liking the non-released songs even more than the released songs.

What's the best metal band of the millennium and why is the answer Gojira?

(Happy Fortitude release day)

Glad to see they did a video for this song as it's one of my faves off the album. Definitely an unexpected song from them as it's quite a bit lighter sounding with a nice groove.

This band covers a lot of territory in the few songs I've listened to, but let's say there's some black, some stoner or grunge and some progressive. Reminds me a LOT of Dvne in that the cleans aren't performed with great talent, but impart emotion.

It's a brother duo and I think they show a ton of promise with this self-release.

Some Alice in Chains-esque harmony in this one.

This is one of those wheelhouse bands for me. They clearly like a lot of the same sh*t I listen to.

Drums, (distorted) bass and female vox stoner from 2019. Lead bass! As a bass player I can get behind that.

Last single off their new upcoming album and the rap section is dope.