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Resident Dad Metal Guy checking in...

I've been a fan of Jason Bieler's for a long time, back since his Saigon Kick days in the late 80s/early 90s. He's always combined interesting melodies/harmonies, unique songwriting, edgy guitar playing, and Devin Townsend-esque production.

Nothing groundbreaking at all, definitely a little weird & off the beaten path, sort of like King's X, Extreme and Alice in Chains to a degree if you're into any of that type of sound (vocal harmonies soaring over a wall of sound and riffage in a minor key). Just fun to crank up to 11. He released an album that checks his sonic boxes, you might dig it - here's a few:

Saigon Kick was good, if unoriginal, but shame about their timing.

I'm getting the same unoriginal feel here but that's fine if the songs are enjoyable, which they are.

This page is officially dedicated to Dad Music.

garion333 wrote:

This page is officially dedicated to Dad Music. ;)

This may as well be code word for "Hey Chris, listen to this!"

ccesarano wrote:
garion333 wrote:

This page is officially dedicated to Dad Music. ;)

This may as well be code word for "Hey Chris, listen to this!"

I don't recall mentioning any female fronted anime bands on this page??

Hey now.

That's just a few of my favorite things.

I guess I may as well contribute, though:

garion333 wrote:
ccesarano wrote:

This may as well be code word for "Hey Chris, listen to this!"

I don't recall mentioning any female fronted anime bands on this page??

Top 10 anime betrayal.

I've discovered an Instagram account called badmspaintmetalalbums, and it (along with baseballcardvandals) pretty much justifies the existence of that entire website.




Thank goodness they don't offer those as t-shirts (blends, a must), or I would spend hundreds.

Speaking of hundreds, he may have done hundreds of these. I have no idea how many hours the artist has put into these, but possibly as many as I've put into Apex Legends.

Every one that involves faces is a masterpiece.




Absolutely amazing.

There's another account making art on the #badalbumart hashtag called sh*ttyalbumcovers_paint which does more rock and indie albums, but this guy's art is not nearly sh*tty enough for the name. Just compare their version of Dirt with our hero from badmspaintmetalalbums:



Yeah, that guy is incredible

I also love that he does both gigantic albums and relatively small, insider-only Shreddit darlings like Tomb Mold.

Guy uses uncle's skeleton to make a guitar to play black metal.

Apparently the uncle had given his body/bones to science but then they no longer needed it so his nephew made a guitar out of him.

That's metal, but not as metal as the Cappuccini monks.

Delain has broken up, which is something of a blessing as in curious what Charlotte Wessels ends up doing next. She's a second tier singer, below Sharon and Anneke, but still a good talent.

Martijn Westerholt is continuing on with Delain, but I hope he shutters it and moves into a different metal genre.

Swedish band that straddles the line between progressive metal and heavy prog rock. Perfect dad metal for this page.

I like how they have elements of different bands, but don't sound just like any band. For instance, there's tribal drumming at times, but it doesn't sound just like Tool. This is something I wish Soen would learn how to do...

And here we have a melodic death band who happens to sound light and shiny. Again, pretty much dad rock melo death.

Vulkan's Technatura was a surprise favorite of mine last year. While they lost me a little with the block of Swedish songs in the middle, the album sounds fantastic/is extremely listenable and sounds quite fresh & original for their genre.


Gojira. Fortitude. 4/30/21.

So I bought that Countless Skies album and have listened to it multiple times already so thank you for that.

That Gojira track is phenomenal.

Bwahaha haha, f*ck DMCA claims.

I’m getting a weirdly Ministry vibe off that Gojira track. I love it.

So years ago, I decided to give Gojira a sample and was like "I'm not a fan of these guys".

I decided to give that track a try and... dug it well enough. I might listen more.

I was also recommended this album on YouTube and I'm digging it so far.

I swear to God if Legion was right and this is all leading me to one day enjoying his sludgy doom and gloom metal I'm gonna throttle a hobbit.

Be'lakor is well inside the sphere of metal I enjoy. I've listened to them some, enjoyed it, but haven't been inspired enough to dive deeper.

Melodic death metal. Phase 2 is beginning right on schedule.

*Legion* wrote:

Melodic death metal. Phase 2 is beginning right on schedule.

It is a gateway, but it doesn't have to lead to sadboy slow metal.

I'm spiraling back into the prog-side of metal again. It's basically where I started and lately the heavier stuff has begun to bore me due to a relative lack of growth, so here I am back to where noodling reigns supreme. LTE feels like where the DT guys go to drop all the history and pretense of a DT album and just enjoy playing. Of course it helps when the weakest members of the group aren't involved.

Now, if only Symphony X would release some instrumental albums I think my journey would be complete.

So YouTube sent me into another rabbit hole, and like that nasty rash that just won't go away no matter what ointment you use, I now rear my ugly head to weeb out on all y'all.

Let's hear it for the screamers.

Looks like Nemophila is a more recent group. I wasn't sure how much I'd listen to them since the screaming is the only thing in this track I'm not fond of. But then it turns out they've written a wannabe anime opening which sounds way softer. For now I think I'll just keep an ear out and see where they go.

But now for that dreaded hard rock that has tainted this thread like an infection:

I don't expect Trident to be of anyone's interest in here, but I think I like 'em.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled prog and death and doom.


I have an antidote to this infection!