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Wolfgang Van Halen has released his first single, "Distance", which has shot to the top of the iTunes charts.

Yeah, I can see the awards coming a mile away for this one.

Yeah, that just kicked my ass, but especially the voice message at the end because I know exactly how he feels about Wolfgang.

Got around to listening to the new Bungle and Puscifer this morning.

Bungle is great. Right mix of silliness, noise, and brutal metal. Really liked it.

Puscifer is.. wow, what a tonal shift. Hard to believe this is the same band that had an EP called "Donkey Punch the Night." Serious and meaningful lyrics abound. I'm surprised by how much I liked it on first listen.

New Killer Be Killed is also really good.

Spotify threw this at me this morning and they're made up of the singer from Dog Fashion Disco, which I think is obvious based on the song's energy. Got a lil bit of that Static-X and Mike Patton vibe (lots of Patton on other tracks). Jives well on a playlist with Killer Be Killed, which is probably why Spotify recommended it.

Crypt of the Necrodancer but FPS and Metal?

Gaerea livestream starting in about one minute.

Nice, thanks for the link! I don't think it's a livestream though, but it is a recording of a live performance. And it's great.

For more fabulous black metal, I just discovered Xalpen. So good.

Yeah, the messaging around it was odd. Just a premiere of the live recording, it seems.

They've dropped the pretense of caring about vocals and instead focused entirely on instruments. Finally.

Allegaeon combining classical music and metal means they're becoming the their true form: The Next Transiberian Orchestra.

Sounds like I'll need to check that out.

Meanwhile, I'm hyped to hear another track from Orden Ogan's upcoming album. Upset that it was originally slated for this autumn but got pushed all the way back to March of next year.

New ETID (x2)! These songs flow together on the single release. Love it all as a superfan, but Desperate Pleasures really has me hooked. Cannot wait for the album.

PSA: It’s year-end list season, get cracking! I’ve got a touch more listening to do, but I’m close.

My end of the year review shows me I didn't like a lot of new metal this year. I spent vastly more time listening to 2019 music I missed and other bands' older material.

WizardM0de wrote:

New ETID (x2)! These songs flow together on the single release. Love it all as a superfan, but Desperate Pleasures really has me hooked. Cannot wait for the album.

Last album didn't much work for me, however this is working.

And now I'm listening to the Bled. Man, I really liked them.

I don't really have much to say about my 2020 short list. Nija by Orbit Culture was a surprise drop that is my largest go-to of this year, followed by the soundtrack to BPM: Bullets Per Minute. I enjoyed both Abyss by Unleash the Archers and III by Demons & Wizards, but neither are worth writing home about. The only other 2020 album I purchased was Project: M.I.S.T. by Reasons Behind, and I've only listened to it the once. Which kind of says all you gotta know about that.

You could give an honorable mention to Iapetus or Ne Obliviscaris, both discovered through posts in here, but they'd be prior years and therefore don't quite count.

Oddly enough, despite having a lot of time to listen to music in 2020, and finding stuff I really enjoyed, I haven't really been passionate about much of what's coming out (and the one album I was hyped for, the new Orden Ogan, got pushed back to March of next year, so...).

Yeah, gaming + music was weird for me and I'm sure the pandemic had something to do with it, obv. I feel like when society got put on pause, so did my interest in chasing new stuff. I've also grown a bit tired of some of the metal tropes I'm seeing repeated ad nauseum with black and death metal.

Maybe I'm old now. lol

Personally, I enjoyed a ton of 2020 releases. Some way more than I expected, some slightly less. Overall, though, for me 2020 was a pretty great year for new music, if not for the ability to enjoy the supporting tours.

I enjoyed a ton of 2020 releases too, at the time they released, but looking back it's a lot of like and not a lot of love. I think I ended up loving more prog music this year. Guess it's a cycle I'm in the midst of.

This guy went viral a month ago and I'm catching up on some of the ones I missed.

So good

I personally loved quite a bit of the metal that came out this year. I was just thinking I'd have a hard time keeping it to only a "top 10" actually. Maybe it's just the subgenres I particularly enjoy had a good year more than others. I'll try to get a list put together soon. I do know what's number one for me already.

I heard about that dude thanks to the Kenneth Copeland metal mix (which is amazing) and had no idea he did others too! That'll be a nice rabbit hole to go down when I get a chance.

Is there a song she doesn't make better?

garion333 wrote:

Is there a song she doesn't make better?

Love Anneke. Loved her on DTP's Addicted album. But by the time Epicloud came around I was super done with that pairing.

...or perhaps I was just done with Devin's (imo) downward spiral into singing gospel hymns.

Still, love Anneke. Her two solo albums are fantastic, and Agua is pretty good as well.

Good stuff. The second video has the singer talking about his experiences in 2020.

Band was called "Hatred" in the vids, but is apparently known as Weapons. Here's a link to their bandcamp. Pretty decent.

garion333 wrote:

Is there a song she doesn't make better?

Not that I’ve heard.

I dig this.

I'm afraid to look for anything else they do because it'll probably be like looking up Alien Ant Farm after digging their cover of Smooth Criminal or something.

Allegaeon covered Rush. That was another good one.

The guitarists in the band are god level good, yeah.

Great cover! I already loved the original song, too. Agreed with garion: Allegaeon's guitarists are incredible.

Wow. Elder is already rehearsing material for their next album.