\m/(~_~)\m/ Bring the Metal! \m/(~_~)\m/

Can't stand nasally voices, personally. And that dude sings directly through his nose.

Also Troy is just better even if you don't care about nostril singing.

garion333 wrote:

I tend to prefer their more speed metal tracks, so I enjoy the intensity, but I'm not sure it's a good song. Something is still off between them and me.

You hear Scott Kelly and realize you'd rather be listening to Neurosis, obviously.

I think the song is OK but not much more than that. Which is probably exactly why it's getting released as the single on a B-sides collection rather than being kept for the next album.

New Anaal Nathrakh.

It sure is an AN song. They are still headed down the path of trying more interesting things with their clean vocals, but if you didn't like them before you sure aren't going to start now.

Nice, I can dig it. I kind of like the direction they've been going, which is weird since I tend to hate moves toward more clean vocals. I'm going to be all over this album when it comes out.

Oh hey, I've spent the last day watching hours of clips from Two Minutes to Late Night after the Rush bedroom cover popped up in my feed.

New Gojira. Owns super hard.

Yeah, that's sounds like an awesome melding of Sirius and Magma sounds.... Very much looking forward to another album from those despairing environmentalist softies

Just came to post that!

I even like the video! Very much looking forward to the new Gojira.

So much new stuff came out today. It's another Bandcamp Friday, where they don't take their usual fees, so it's a great day to make some purchases. A lot of the bands are donating some of what they make today to various helpful organizations.

New Krallice!! Some of the best American black metal being made right now: Mass Cathexis

Two Minutes to Late Night put out an album of some of the recent covers, only available today: Covers Vol 2

New Orbit Culture - Industrial-leaning heavy metal: Nija

The new Krallice has not popped up on Apple Music yet and I am not pleased.

Chelsea Wolfe formed a duo with her friend and former bandmate (from Wolfe's pre-solo band) Jess Gowrie, called Mrs. Piss. Anyone that's like me that loved Hiss Spun but didn't get as much out of Wolfe's folk album last year, the Mrs. Piss debut EP is the place to look for more of that Wolfe hazy doom-pop:

Also, Gowrie was the drummer on that 2M2LN Soundgarden cover.