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That's not the same song from earlier?

I'm not kidding...

garion333 wrote:

That's not the same song from earlier?

I'm not kidding...


They're both super synth heavy and possibly even the same tempo. The primary difference is that this one is shorter.

Seriously, Spiritbox is killing me. No clean vox in this one.

When did Sookie Stackhouse start a vocal career?

garion333 wrote:

Seriously, Spiritbox is killing me. No clean vox in this one.

You convinced me to check them out and I'm glad I did! Good stuff.

New Havukruunu album is everything I wanted it to be. These guys were on my top 10 with their previous release a few years ago, and this one's right up there too. It's about as melodic as you can get in black metal without moving to a whole different subgenre. Just so good.

That's not bad at all!

Listening to the album Uinuos Syömein Sota now and... this sh*t is good so far. 2nd track is super strong.

New Orden Ogan song. Something about it sounds a bit different than I'd have expected, outside of the use of electronic bits here and there. Still, it's pretty much power metal, but it is one of the few bands doing power metal in a way that keeps me excited. Them's some bad lyrics, naturally, but still not the worst I've heard (because they're not Ayreon lyrics).

He turned the Sydney Opera House into shoulder armor!!!


Hell yeah, 2 Minutes to Late Night has definitely been rocking it lately!

Ha, I saw that video last night and actually ordered a 2M2LN t-shirt immediately after.

I started a playlist of their covers on Youtube after watching that, and it's been amazing enough that I ended up starting to support them on Patreon. This stuff is so good.

Edit: where else can you get members of Mutoid Man, Khemmis, and Thou covering a Weird Al song?

Oh man, my ten year old loved that song. He'll probably hate that cover, but I can't wait to show him!

I posted on Instagram that Gaerea is "like if Mgla or Uada were actually as good as their reputations" and the band liked the post about 20 seconds after it went up. I take that as tacit agreement with my premise.

New Ulver. Album forthcoming.

*Dad metal guy walks back into the thread*

Can't wait for the new Ulver! The Assassination of Julius Caesar was one of my favorites of 2017. And - despite their not actually doing much metal since the 90s, Ulver has one of my favorite discographies (Perdition City might be a top 10-20 album for me). Eclectic, and they're such good musicians that they pull off whatever they're wanting to do well.

I for one am all about their slow transition into a post-rock band. They are extremely good at it.

*Legion* wrote:


Fight me! About this totally subjective musical opinion!

Anyway, new Ulver is definitely on my radar too. Assassination of Julius Caesar was a great album, and hopefully they keep it up for the next one.

Here's a band that reminds me of Tenacious D big time. Super tongue-in-cheek and the lyrics are hilarious. Bonus: the singer and guitarist from the band that did John Oliver's HBO show intro is also in Witch Taint.

Enslaved doing another live show in a few hours

Thanks! Maybe I'll make this one.

Ooh yes, I might try to make that one too, thanks!

Opening with Ethica Odini is always a good decision.

Ethica Odini
Roots of the Mountain
793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne)
The Watcher
Death in the Eyes of Dawn

That was awesome.

d4m0 wrote:
*Legion* wrote:


Fight me! About this totally subjective musical opinion!

Gaerea > Uada >>> Mgla

Uada is just a near-miss for me. Mgla though, I've listened to Exercises in Futility a ton of times, trying to hear whatever it is that makes Reddit's /r/metal vote it the best album of the decade or whatever it was. And at first I like the sound, but then I find 40 minutes have passed and nothing really made an impact. Too black-metal-by-numbers, no surprises anywhere.

I find it funny that they finally released their follow-up album last year, and the hype around that one died out almost instantly.

I do have to agree, this new Gaerea album is great. I like both bands quite a bit. Uada's got a new one coming in August or September, so we'll have to see how it stacks up. The single they've released so far lived up to my expectations. I saw them live at the end of last year and they put on a fantastic show.

I've tried Mgla myself and ended up in about the same place as you. I gave up on them a while ago though when I heard they have some problematic ties to white supremacy or nazis or something like that. Maybe it's nothing, but after hearing and reading about it in a few places I figured there was probably something to it.

The Enslaved show is pretty good! It has to be so weird to play like that with everything all set up, lights and all, and have no audience whatsoever.

This is the 2nd of these they've done. They have a couple more planned too. Must be a lot like shooting a music video, except they're actually performing.

Not as good as seeing 'em live in person, but I'll take what I can get!

Finally spent some time with Haken's new one, Virus (the thematic continuation/back half of 2018's Vector). If you like your prog metal straight down the middle, or pine for the glory days when Dream Theater's style and writing was considered innovative, you can't ever really go wrong with Haken (they've been better than DT at being DT for many years at this point), and Virus is no exception.

If you are familiar with Haken, you might appreciate that - like Vector - Virus continues the push toward a darker tone and heavier sound with interesting, borderline djenty focus (think Periphery meets Metallica). Guitars sound great on this album.


I was listening to the new Haken and it's continually unoffensive material from them. Still not a huge fan of them, but I still give em a listen when something new is out.

That said, new Mastodon is fast:

I tend to prefer their more speed metal tracks, so I enjoy the intensity, but I'm not sure it's a good song. Something is still off between them and me.

Leviathan and Blood Mountain were so good. SO good.
Brent Hinds should never have been allowed near a microphone for anything other than backup vocals, and even that is a pretty bad decision.

Well, that's a hot take if I've ever seen one.