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RIP Neil Peart.

Bummer. I knew he was sick since they stopped touring but didn't realize it was that bad. He lived a good life, RIP.

New video alert:
Behemoth - Rom 5:8

I have no idea who this band is, but Spotify suggested them this AM and I like it:

Looks like their earlier stuff is a titch more prog sounding, I'm giving it a listen now.

New Angellore. This song is ... not my favorite part of them, which is the haunting vocals. This is more typical doom stuff. Enjoyable, but not loving it yet.

Here's one I found randomly while checking out some end of year lists. I'd call it stoner metal along the lines of Meet the Mailman. I'd love to see these guys live - I bet they put on a fun show.

Semblant is dropping music videos again!

I don't think any new video will live up to the zombie one though

*Legion* wrote:

How have I never heard of this instrument thing?!?

They are so amazingly horrible.

No clue who this is. But popped in in the underground metal station on Google. Pretty good!!!

New Thy Catafalque is out now. Woot!

Been listening to it today and enjoying it quite a bit. There are so many ideas in this album.

Oh rad, Voices got a video.

Some thrash for your morning.


Thrash is part of a balanced breakfast

Alright so two months into the new year and I’ve had some more time to look over my list and realized that it was all wrong. I think I might’ve thrown sh*t together that I liked without actually thinking about it. So a little bit of rearranging and many of hours of listening later, this is what I came up with, not in any particular order:

The Sea of Tragic Beasts - Fit For An Autopsy
Heavenly Skies - Crepuscle
All Hail - Norma Jean
The Battle of Yaldabaoth - Infant Annihilator
True North - Borknagar
Artificial Selection - Dance Gavin Dance
Elegy - Gorgon
Veil of Imagination - Wilderun
Vector - Haken
Heart Like A Grave - Insomnium

Honorable Mentions
The Raven Paradox - Self Titled
The Collection: I - Fall Europa
Alien - Northlane

Ah, good old Forced Entry. Seattle legends. I still spin As Above, So Below every so often, and the Macrocosm, Microcosm riff still completely rules:

massacrin wrote:

True North - Borknagar

Hell yeah. It's so good.

New Elder in April! I really really liked the gold and silver sessions ep

Was listening to the new Angellore album (hint: not a fan so far, the melodies were much better on their prior album) and this came on afterward:

I'm not a huge death/doom guy, but there were a couple surprising riffs throughout this song that lifted it from the typical death/doom sleepy slow riffing (about a minute in it picks up a lil).

Can't wait for the new Elder! I've already got a ticket to see them in May, and really looking forward to it.

It's barely February and I've already got a couple new albums that are very likely going to be on my list at the end of this year. Both are black metal related, one slower and more thoughtful, the other more melodic and intense.

Karg - Traktat

The Spirit - Cosmic Terror. This is one I've been highly anticipating. Their first album was a favorite of mine in 2018, and this one does not disappoint either. The second half of this song sounds like the end of a super hero movie when the heroes are about to win it all:

Seems decent.

Who are my Leprous fans?

These guys have put out such consistently awesome releases over the years.

For me, Leprous has long been on a downward path since Bilateral. Pitfalls seems like a Einar Solberg solo album to me.

Not gonna rag on anyone who enjoys them, but what I liked most about Leprous seems to be in the past.


Oh snap:

Gotta wait till April though. Booooooooooooooo

garion333 wrote:

For me, Leprous has long been on a downward path since Bilateral. Pitfalls seems like a Einar Solberg solo album to me.

Not gonna rag on anyone who enjoys them, but what I liked most about Leprous seems to be in the past.

You're not wrong. It's definitely a more broken down "picking it's moments" record compared to the assault of Bilateral. No offense taken at all.

Finally got around to listening to Sepultura's new one, Quadra. Andreas BROUGHT IT on this one. It's their classic thrash/groove/death style tossed with more prog/experimentation this time around. Sounds Gojira-inspired throughout...enjoyable album!

Saw Opeth on Friday. Incredible show. They really upped their stage setup game for this tour. Full digital screen behind, digital screen risers for bass/drums/keys that continued the image from behind.

Set was great. Swedish versions of the new songs, which stoked me right the f*ck out:
Svekets Prins
The Leper Affinity
Hjartat vet vad handen gor
Reverie/Harlequin Forest
Mood Above, Sun Below
To Rid the Disease
The Lotus Eater
Allting Tar Slut

Opener was a band called Graveyard. Hadn't ever heard them before but they're pretty good! 70s rock with modern sensibilities. Reminded me of Murder City Devils, kinda. Their set was good, too:
An Industry of Murder
Hisingen Blues
Uncomfortably Numb
Please Don't
Cold Love
No Good, Mr. Holden
Ain't Fit to Live Here
From a Hole in the Wall
The Siren