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The Review wrote:

Add another line to the man’s long list of talents, and add another essential record to the Opeth catalog. In Cauda Venenum is more than just the best record of progressive rock-era Opeth, it’s a massive achievement and yet another masterpiece in a career built of them. As in his metal years, Mikael Åkerfeldt refuses to sit still, but there really aren’t “metal years” and “prog rock years” for Opeth, there is merely Opeth.

Constantly growing, perpetually shifting, unwaveringly excellent, and eternally peerless Opeth.

There's your TL;DR.

Super stoked.

d4m0 wrote:

hahaha I think he somehow found Protest the Hero's number 1 fan!

edit: Agreed with Legion. I think I'd have trouble myself! I usually find the album and then hit play, not really thinking about song names. Like I've got a The Ocean shirt and there's no way I'd be able to just pull out pretty much any of their song titles from my brain.

I think that's a modern problem as I've gotten that issue as well. Heck, there are albums I listened to where my only idea of the name is the track number.

I like that the video was in good fun at least.

Fedaykin98 wrote:

ccesarano, have you investigated melodic death metal? It has some of the elements you like. Some of the bands you mentioned have melodeath leanings but are more tech or prog.

I've probably dabbled in it but never really tried anything in there. I recall my first foray into death metal being Children of Bodom in high school and it didn't last long.

*Legion* wrote:
garion333 wrote:

I find I feel that way about many Australian bands (Karnivool, I'm giving you a hard stare). It's as if their sound and songs are too clean or something.

A little bit of Portal should fix that right up. :D

You know, it's funny because for a number of years I was saying that there's no scary music out there. Black metal, death, etc. all have their moments but are all fairly tame at the end of the day. I mean, black metal is meant to look scary but there's still tons of melody in the music.

Portal is just straight staring into the gates of hell.

So, yeah, def a nice answer to my statement.

Australian metal? Being your resident down unda' posta', I've gotta plug a few of my favourite local acts. And when I say local, I mean I grew up in the same little town as most of these guys.


Absolutely perfect depressive black metal.

Grey Waters
Side project of Tim Yatras, one of the vocalists and the drummer of the above band. A lot more "easy listening" than the above. Katatonia vibes.


Another Project of Tim Yatras. This one's my pick for most interesting Australian black metal act. Cosmic, often jovial guitar passages mixed with some of the most gut-wrenching shrieks you'll ever hear.

Woods of Desolation

D.'s solo work, he was one of the members of Grey Waters which I posted above. I love his ability to create such an all-encompassing wall of sound. It's like Austere, but less painful and more nostalgic. Beautiful stuff.

Drowning the Light

A lot more traditional than the above, but I've always had a soft spot for this guy's music...Even if I find him, and his ideals, a little bit much.

A_Unicycle wrote:

Australian metal?


Aussie metal, you say?

Since I'm currently prepping for the Blood Incantation show, I decided to give a second listen to their EP, which preceded their one album (so far, second album later this year) - even though they aren't playing any of the EP songs love, according to setlist.fm.

It's really great! Even though it's still "weird" DM, the songs are more conventional in terms of length and really settling in to rocking some riffs.

The full-length is kind of like a concept album, with a few extremely long songs that don't have choruses, etc. You can't understand a word, but it feels like you're listening to an epic story being told. I imagine it's great to listen to on drugs, although I don't and won't.

As I'm writing this, and watching A&M beat Lamar, I'm listening to a bandcamp demo from a band called Phobophilic. They are seriously up my alley and recommended for fans of Tomb Mold.

Fedaykin98 wrote:

Since I'm currently prepping for the Blood Incantation show, I decided to give a second listen to their EP, which preceded their one album (so far, second album later this year) - even though they aren't playing any of the EP songs love, according to setlist.fm.

You better be digging into those Immolation albums too!

I like your mention of setlist.fm. I always have to check that site and see what material a band is playing before I see them live, especially if it's a band I'm not super intensely familiar with. Live shows are 1000x better to me when I know the material going in.

I've checked out a couple Immolation songs so far. I'll check out more; I still have a few weeks until the show.

I'm listening to the Austere that Unicycle posted up there, and if anyone out there wants more like that, Ghost Bath is right on with them. Even the vocals, amazingly enough. There's just something about "depressive" black metal that I love.

garion333 wrote:
r013nt0 wrote:

I choose to think I'm just extremely discerning.



It that's not a sig, then what is?

Haters gonna hate

Seems apt.

I would've re-titled this to "every 2015 Legion song he listened to all day every day."

Big|Brave dropped some more delicious drone on me this year

Not to mention the new Sunn O)))

garion333 wrote:

Seems apt.

I would've re-titled this to "every 2019 song Legion listened to all day every day."

Well, nothing like playing to type there, Legion.

My go-to album right now, Mizmor's "Cairn":

Has Insomnium ever released a bad album?

Seriously? The stuff they write is just good.

Not my favorite band because it tends to be too easily digestible, but always good for at least one truly creative moment in each song.

I had forgotten about these guys for a while, absolutely delighted to re-discover them:

It's a The Crown kind of day.

It's also a Shining kind of day.

r013nt0 wrote:

It's also a Shining kind of day.

Loved that album, outside of the fact it was a rehash of Halmstad.

They can rehash Halmstad all they want, for all of me. That album kills.
I really liked IX: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends as well.

Found one I think Fedaykin will enjoy, based on the recent Blood Incantation and Tomb Mold love: Sempiternal Dusk. They just released a new album a few weeks ago that I'm actually enjoying right now more than the latest Tomb Mold. This isn't the best song off the album, but it's the only one I could find a video for, and it's still pretty great anyway:

Slow doom start that kicks in real heavy. Also you can't go wrong with almost anything Dark Descent puts out if you enjoy the same kind of music Satan listens to when he's hanging out on Saturday night with his friends.

Stoner + synths. Like stoner Tangerine Dream or something.

Saw them mentioned in an AMG comment. This is a nice mix of sounds.

My Kingdom, such as it is, for another Age of Silence album.

Hellhammer drumming, pianos, chugging riffs, a synth orchestra... C'mon.

That Dark Temple is pretty good! They remind me of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, with synths added. Also some Salem's Pot in there. I'm going to check these guys out some more.

Thrash death anyone? This guitarist just plain kicks ass.

Seasons of Mist uploaded the entire new Urn album because they're a good label.

garion333 wrote:

Like stoner Tangerine Dream or something.

Isn't being stoned how you're supposed to listen to normal Tangerine Dream?

d4m0 wrote:

Found one I think Fedaykin will enjoy, based on the recent Blood Incantation and Tomb Mold love: Sempiternal Dusk.

Hey, thanks for thinking of me! Their sound is indeed in the same strike zone I've been discussing.

Another is Witch Vomit, who I checked out in the last few days. Dug their stuff quite a bit.

I'm continuing to bone up for shows that are coming soon. Had a lot of driving to do, so I listened to a bunch more Immolation. Definitely solid stuff, but it didn't speak to me particulalry, or at least, not yet.

Moving on to the next show after that, I listened to a bunch of Municipal Waste for the third or fourth time. I think I'm enjoying it more with each listen.

Same show, tried Psycroptic... not my thing. Tech death that seems to place showing their technical chops off over composition. Impressive playing, but didn't connect with me at all.

Some time after that, I'm SUPER excited to finally see Gatecreeper. As I mentioned they are co-headlining with Exhumed, so I threw my Exhumed Live playlist on for last night's drive home through the flooding. They seem to be playing a lot of the same stuff as they did last year when I saw them with Revocation. They seem to see-saw between material that is very well composed and fairly melodic and stuff that is frenzied and has grindcore elements. Seems like the two new songs from the upcoming record lean more toward the latter. It's ok, but I really liked their previous album, which was more toward the former style.