Picross 3D

Hi all!

In short, I just lost a *ton* of sleep to Picross 3D. It's great. I loved the original, but this one is really clicking with me. Logic-sculpting is really, really fun.

I lost countless hours to Picross (and colour picross in Pic Pic DS). Definitely planning to buy this. Any impressions on the UI, overall feel etc.?

This game does look pretty cool. I think I'm picking it up.

OOO I LOVED the original. Thanks for the head's up! Seems like I picked an *excellent* time to start visiting the forums again

I picked it up yesterday. It's grand and controls well. Plus it's only $20. My only minor complaint is I sometimes hit the icons that removes layers when I'm trying to spin the object, but that is just a little annoying and doesn't penalize you.

giant bomb has a quick look up that does a decent job of explaining the basics.