All I want is an RSS feed of new PC game demos - too much to ask?

I can't seem to find one. I used to use 3DGamers' but it got eaten by Fileplanet. Other RSS feeds include lots of game news as well which I don't really want. Any suggestions? is a tracker for legal game-related torrents (patches, demos, mods, etc.). I only go there for demos and stuff, but they might have an RSS feed or something.

Does it have to be RSS? Fileshack and BigDownload let you filter demos and sort by date, other than that I couldn't find an actual feed of new demos. Perhaps writing a well worded suggestion to some sites would make it happen, although I would guess the reason their news feeds are how they are is to get views on their sites, which can equal revenue for them.

Not that steam is the be all end all of pc gaming, but they have a demo tab that can be organized from new to old. I know steam doesnt get every game, but it certainly gets most. Its a good starting point

Blotto The Clown wrote:

Not that steam is the be all end all of pc gaming

There are PC games that aren't on Steam?