Xbox 360/PC + Mixamp + Sennheiser = audio bliss

Hi all,

I really enjoy reading when someone figures out a simple solution that completely solves a vexing problem. So I bring you this...

My problem with "gaming" audio products is they always have compromises. They never sound very good, and the headphones always give me some kind of physical ache.

I decided to tackle this problem and solve it once and for all time.

I bought a Astro Mixamp and hook this into my Xbox 360 (optical), PC(usb), iPad (1/8" patch cable) and my old pair of Sennheiser HD 580 headsets.

So why is this audio bliss?...

-The Mixamp uses Dolby Headphone which does a very good job of simulating surround sound from a two speaker headphone.
-The Mixamp has two much used controls, volume and game/voice balance (it also works as game/external input balance).
-The Mixamp works with 1/8" plug microphones and connects to Xbox360/PS3/PC for voice chat.
-The Mixamp is a quality audio product without cheep components. (read: Absolutely no added hiss/distortion to the audio. The only very very slight hiss comes from the Xbox 360 voice chat)
-The Mixamp mixes in external audio into the gaming/voice chat/channel and I can easily adjust all of them.

-The Sennheiser HD 580 headsets are bliss because they have very light head clamping force and are secure, a donut pad that goes completely around my ear and nothing is pressing on my ears, are very well vented so they don't get hot. The first 10 minutes of comfort is the same as after a six+ hour poop-socking session.

-The iPad is a great audio sever with an all weekend battery (13+hours of audio). I can't get this thing to run out of battery. It's the energizer bunny.

I normally turn off whatever game music that is playing and pipe in music/podcasts with the iPad. I adjust this volume with the iPad controls. I then use the Mixamp game/voice control to get the proper mix of game audio and music/voice chat/iPad.

The Sennheiser HD 580 headsets are an older headset. But I think all of their full-size headsets are this around-the ear & vented configuration.

I am currently using a Zalman ZM-MIC1 microphone. But I'm looking for a more sensitive lapel/lavalier microphone that is not too expensive (because of the quality of Xbox Live/Skype/TS audio). But this does the job.

If you know of a good lapel/lavalier microphone that isn't too expensive please reply.

The only downside is everything is hardwired. Wires going to the Xbox 360/PC/Controller/headsets/Mic/iPad. The wiring demands some tie-wrap housekeeping.

Anyone want to buy my mint Turtle Beach X4 headsets?