Ubuntu Linux Catch-All [10.04 "Lucid Lynx": Released!]

Citizen86 wrote:

Yeah, I think the vast majority of older games run fine on Wine. You might be able to get it going in DOSBOX, but you'll probably need to set up a lot of it yourself.

Actually, PlayOnLinux has a bunch of GOG.com games ready with install scripts.

Yeah, PlayOnLinux do have Gog.com config already.

I wanted to installed Dungeon Keeper 1, and Colonization, but can't get it right so far. I can make PlayOnLinux to think DK1 is DK2, but that will delete my DK2 install, and Colonization, the original one, I'm always getting an error message.

Man, this laptop is a new ground for my learning..

Well the install scripts are decent, but they mostly just install the required programs. You can do it yourself with PlayonLinux or winetricks, usually the requirements for a game to run are listed on winehq.com

I like PLayonLinux though because it sets up a new Wine folder for you, so it's like a fresh install. I've also found that although sometimes a program doesn't install correctly on a fresh install, often if you're installing more than one program into a Wine config folder, then you will sometimes reinstall a Windows program like vcrun or something, and it will error out because it is already installed. The game should still run.

Of course, there are lots of things that can go wrong and need extra configuration as well. It's part of what makes Linux fun/exasperating

I got myself a a8-3520m with a dual video card laptop. I want to use the 7600m correctly. The open source driver seems a little off.

I look how to install the proprietary ones, man, what a pain... or am I missing something?

The proprietary ones suggested in Ubuntu 14.04lts are not the right one, and the game I want to play with suggest to use the one from AMD.

Did you guys install those drivers once ? I had a great time with Intel or nvidia drivers, but this one is a pain so far.