Access 2000 and Access 2007 on the same PC

As part of my role, I support an access 2000 database. But I also use access 2007 to do some other development. The problem is, if I put both on my machine, if I run access 2007, then run access 2000, it will come up with an error and I have to uninstall access 2000, then reinstall in order for it to work again.

This will happen every time. I've had to do it 4 times already today because of swapping between them. The obvious answer here is to upgrade the access 2000 database to access 2007 (or 2003 if 2007 can publish changes to 2003 databases). But for the moment, that's not an option.

Has anyone had any similar problems with running both versions together like this? Is there some setting I can change or something that saves me from reinstalling access 2000 4 times a day? It's driving me nuts!!!!

This is why God created virtual machines.

*Legion* wrote:

This is why God created virtual machines.

This is your answer.
I have the exact same situation at work, and it was the only remedy after exhausting my google-fu.