Beat Hazard: A Shooter Powered By YOUR Music


Holy hell it's almost like a completely different game. I went the "start completely over" route and am paying for it. The new enemies have screwed up my play patterns. I suppose this is a good thing.

I took the start over option as well. I'm enjoying going through the ranks again.
The main downside I've found so far is that online play doesn't seem to balance players of like rank.

I picked this up when it first came out, and completely missed the big update. Just fired it up today on a whim It feels more like the sequel to the game I played rather than the original. It's stunning how much more polished it is now that it was at release.

Yeah, it's stunning how much more I suck at it too.

garion333 wrote:

Yeah, it's stunning how much more I suck at it too. ;)

Thank god. I was starting to worry that age was finally catching up with me.

I haven't played it much outside of Steam summer/holiday achievements, but it was fun.

I still fire this up occasionally. I think the leaderboards are broken for me now though sadly, which was a lot of the fun of the game.

Only a month or two until the Shadow Fleet is planned to drop. Still like the game, but hardly ever feel like booting it up. Shaking up the options for your ship might help re-spark interest.

Yeah, the DLC sounds really neat, but I think I played this one enough before the Ultra release. Really cool, but I can only kill the same enemies so many times.

So guys, the sequel dropped on Steam today in early access!

Should we do a new thread for it, or keep this one?