HTML5 Gaming

Ah, that explains it then! Firefox 3.6.3.

Yeah this is all stuff that won't become mainstream for another year or two.

Right now you can do 2D gaming but 3D is just in the "neat tech preview" camp right now.

And I'm not sure how JavaScript is different than C# or Lua/Python or anything else that's used for producing game development on an interpreter. I mean is the argument that if you're not using C++ you're wasting your time? Most of the game industry has already moved on from that, especially on mobile platforms.

I've got the Q2 to compile in an ubuntu vm, but I haven't had the patience yet to plumb the networking into an OS running a browser that will do accelerated webgl yet (chrome).

Decent article to revive this thread:

It also appears Sony has something in mind... possibly OnLive competition?

Either way I look forward to a future of gaming on any OS. I could actually consider going MAC or Ubuntu.