Gears of War 3 - Catch All

If I don't get to taunt the dead character models before me, then I'm not interested.

Prederick wrote:

Because i'm fast about these kind of things, GameFly just sent me my copy. Anyone wanna tear through the Campaign with me?

Shoot - I saw you online last night and almost joined. I never made it through the campaign but would love to try with co-op. However, my schedule is really wonky with work/baby/wife/sleep. But I'm usually on for about two hours most night between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM CST.

Everyone else grab the Forces of Nature map pack? I played a round of public on the five new maps last night, two of which are rehashes from Gears 1 and Gears 2: BlackhawkRaven Down and Jacinto. The covered the map of Raven Down with snow - I don't know if it has any effect. Jacinto is raining pretty heavily - again, I don't know if there is a real reason for it, but it looks nice. Jacinto is now surrounded by Immulsion, so perhaps there is a mode where the Immulsion rises? Aftermath looks like a mix of Jacinto and Mercy, with a little bit of a feel of the larger city-area fights in Gears 1. It gets a little confusing trying to get to the sniper-areas while crossing the courtyards, and it has rumbling ground, like the aftermath of an earthquake. The other two maps I can't recall the name of offhand, but one is sort of flat with run-down buildings - Docks maybe?, that makes me think of the desert city map in Gears 2, but without the sandstorm. The other one was apparently totally forgettable.

They changed up Jacinto! You can go up the back path to grenades now, so there should be a whole lot less camping.

Guardian is pretty fun. Rounds don't seem to last an eternity like they did in Gears 2, but maybe I was just playing with reckless leaders.

The map with run-down buildings is called Cove, I think. Lots of fog there -- hard to lancer. I quite like the layout. Artillery is meh.