Non-Game iPad Apps Catch-All

Starting the ball rolling.

* The Netflix app just got me to single-handedly subscribe to Netflix.

* Theodore Grey's The Elements is a beautiful interactive book. Takes up 2 Gb, though.

I can't decide if I need a Wikipedia app or not. I love Wikipanion on the phone, but I'm sort of thinking the browsing experience is good enough that it might be superfluous here. Although I guess the offline reading might be good.

What else are people loving?

[size=6]I am hoping we can completely avoid any sort of "political" discussion whatsoever in this thread.[/size]

The NPR app is pretty fantastic. At face value, it's just a nice looking news app with articles, but most articles include embedded audio (from Fresh Air, Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, and others) so you can listen rather than read if you want to.

If you watch any ABC shows, the ABC Player is really nice, with video quality that seems better than the Netflix app (not that the Netflix app is bad).

Pandora's iPad app is decent if you're into Pandora - basically, they added info about the artist currently playing, which is nice when you hear something from someone you don't know much about.

Interesting fact: the Netflix app syncs with other Netflix streaming sources. So if you leave off watching a movie at point A on your iPad and pick it up later on your Xbox, it resumes at the same place. Nice touch.

I do not have an iPad, but the Yahoo app looks fantastic.

Goodreader and the Kindle app are both nice.

Another vote for Netflix.

Two thumbs up, A++, "WOULD BUY AGAIN" for Air Video.

Basically, you run a server on your computer that shares video to your iPad. Not only that, but it does live conversion if the video is not in an iPad friendly format. I tested this with an AVI that was TOTALLY downloaded completely legally, and it was pretty amazing - the quality was as good as watching it natively on my computer. For $3, I think it's a must-have for anyone, ESPECIALLY if you didn't splurge for a 32 or 64gb model.

Air Video sounds cool. TVersity for the iPad. Will check it out.

Goodreader is great for full screen PDF/WORD viewing. I know AirSharing is similar (I have it for my iPhone), but I went with GoodReader for the iPad as it was available on launch day. Just discovered how to download and save files directly from my gmail account. Fantastic! And Google Docs!

I made this thread for all non-game apps on iOS.