Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online

Get your browser based golf fix in at:

I have played one round so far and it is pretty decent.

They have the ability to create groups and group tournaments. I went ahead and created a GWJ group named "GWJ". My name in the game is "TheNewODT".

A Tiger Woods tour means so many different things now.

Alright I've signed up and my name in the game is "ElliottxW" since apparently having my account tied to Elliottx everywhere makes it so that name is already used...

I thought it asked me to create a new persona? Anyway this isn't entirely free to play.

Hello everyone,

There seems to be some confusion on the way memberships and points work, so let me clarify.


- Can play for free on the any of the Open courses (currently two courses).

- Can play on all other courses for a Greens Fee which can be purchased with Points.

Monthly Membership

- Grants access to ALL courses without ever having to pay a Greens Fee.

Annual Memberships

- Grants access to ALL courses without ever having to pay a Greens Fee.

- Standard bonus on an Annual Membership is an additional 1,500 points (a $15 USD value)

- Customers who participated in the Open Beta get DOUBLE the Points on an annual subscription. That's 3,000 Points (a $30 USD value).

Both Membership offers allow users to spend these Points exclusively in the Pro Shop since members DO NOT ever have to pay a Greens Fee.

Also, Pro Shop items purchased with Points have comparable attributes to items purchased with In-Game Cash, with the exception that for items purchased with Points, their money multiplier and attribute bosts will last for more rounds.

I'm interested - subscription rates don't seem unreasonable ($10 a month?) so will check it out.

You seem to get 10,000$ in game money just for signing up