The Pile, it Mocks Me


March has arrived. This may be the last chance before the weather starts getting pleasant. Make the most of your winter shut-in nature and play those games! I had a ridiculously productive February, which means I'll probably pick two titles this month that never see daylight, much less the console they should be played on.

A quick reminder, in order to be considered "Pile of Shame" the game needs to be at least three months old. Otherwise, it's just a new game you haven't gotten to playing yet.

Let's get on to the games!

This month's Pick of the Pile is




"Set in an alternate history 1960, the game places the player in the role of a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater city of Rapture, and survive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. The game incorporates elements found in role-playing and survival games, and is described by the developers and Levine as a "spiritual successor" to their previous titles in the System Shock series." (

Assassin's Creed - HansomB1derful, Vrikk, JohnnyMoJo, HantaXP
Assassin's Creed 2 - Wembley, RSPaulette
Batman: Arkham Asylum - MeatMan, Dysplastic
Bioshock - SallyNasty, mudbunny
Borderlands - TheCounselor, Jonman
Braid - pseudointellectual
Brutal Legend - Duoae, Dysplastic
Defense Grid: The Awakening - clever id
Dragon Age: Origins - pignoli, Holla
Fallout 3 - brokenclavicle
Far Cry 2 - mrtomaytohead
F.E.A.R. - RSPaulette
F.E.A.R. 2 -RSPaulette
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - AUs_TBirD
Grand Theft Auto IV - Quintin_Stone
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned - RSPaulette
Half-Life 2 - Slacker1913
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 - Zolos
Halo - dpmedeiros
Halo 2 - dpmedeiros
Indigo Prophecy - RSPaulette
Mass Effect - Holla
Overlord: Raising Hell - mrtomaytohead
Prince of Persia - MrDeVil909
Prototype - Clemenstation, Duoae
Psychonauts - Yoreel
Red Faction: Guerrilla - Duoae
Resident Evil 5 - JonH
Risen - Rallick
Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - snorlax789
Tales of Monkey Island: Episode 1 - Cossak
Wanted: Weapons of Fate - Hemi

Dawn of War II - Lex Cayman
Freedom Force - clever id
King's Bounty: The Legend - Clemenstation
King's Bounty: Armored Princess - [color=red]KingGorilla[/color], Dysplastic
Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl - stevenmack
Stalker: Clear Sky - Timespike
Titan Quest - skeletonframes
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne - skeletonframes
Torchlight - trueheart78, Slacker1913

[u]Xbox 360[/u]
Arkanoid Live - Jonman
Lost Oddyssey - AnimeJ

inFamous - KingGorilla
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time - TheCounselor
Uncharted: Drake's FOrtune - Dysplastic
Valkyria Chronicles - Zolos

Star Ocean: Second Evolution - Vrikk

[u]Playstation 2[/u]
Ico - Schmutzli
Yakuza 2 - TheCounselor

Final Fantasy IX - [color=red]AUs_TBirD[/color]

No More Heroes - Mystic Violet
Super Paper Mario - [color=red]ClockworkHouse[/color]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - [color=red]Hemi[/color], TheCounselor

Golden Sun - AUs_TBirD

The Guardian Legend - mrtomaytohead
Low G Man - AUs_TBirD

Assassin's Creed 2. Gamefly tells me they sent it to me on January 9th. I'm enjoying it, but I just haven't felt like playing it lately.

This is going to be the month that I play Bioshock on 360. I will crush it.

SallyNasty wrote:

This is going to be the month that I play Bioshock on 360. I will crush it.

Like a Big Daddy crushing a splicer?

I am proud to say my Princess is now in her petulant teens. A world has opened up to me, and I now have some bad ass troops.

For people who went through this. Will I get some of these really badass troops like Dragons and knights?

Put me down for Fallout 3 on the 360 this month. Let us see if i can get through it within the month. Dare I hope to complete it sans DLC with all achievements unlocked? Only time will tell.

Resident Evil 5 (PC)

Let the zombie slaying begin.

I will likely carry over The Lost and the Damned for this month -- and, hey, I at least fired it up for an hour or so during February! That's progress!

Is Assassin's Creed II eligible yet? Because I'm about two or three sequences away.

I will say between now and May, though, much of my time/energy may not be able to sink into the pile, as I'm directing a musical (my first) at my school. This past weekend, which is my prime gaming time, was spent, well, sleeping. Or not moving. Not even thumbs. So I'll try my best, but no guarantees.

Assassin's Creed II was released mid-November. I think that means it's eligible.

My first child is due in 11 days. Consider this an act of defiance (stupidity). Put me down for Dawn of War II.

I'm probably just going to end up playing Civ for the next year.

Remember me well, friends.

The first Assassin's Creed will be my choice for home consoles and Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP for handheld (I think it is old enough by now). All the other games I have started are still too new, plus I don't think that I'll get through Red Alert 3 this month.

OK, I've been afraid to commit, but I'm jumping in with both feet this month.

Borderlands on the 360
Yakuza 2 on the PS2 (although I'll be playing it on my PS3)

Put me down for Batman AA on PC.

I did manage to finish one of my games last month, so I'm carrying over Prince of Persia.

I'm opening a new restaurant on the 15th, so I don't know what time or energy I'll have, and Mass Effect 2 will eventually arrive, but that will probably take me months.

Jumping in.

Put me down for Torchlight.

I am in as well

Half Life 2: Episode 1 (360)

Right, this month i'm going to set a realistic target.

Brutal Legend

Red Faction

I'm already 40% through Brutal Legend so that should be done in a few days.

I'm not sure what the commitment is to episodic games, but my Fortune Cookie opened yesterday to reveal Tales of Monkey Island so I'll get through as many of those as possible in a month while finishing Mass Effect 2.

I beat Borderlands last month and I am moving on to Braid!

Is Dragon Age valid yet? I want to finish it, but I've reached a sort of natural jumping off point and been distracted by a certain General Knoxx who I will have to deal with first. But it would be good to put it on the list so I do go back to it afterwards.

EDIT: Just checked, it is valid as it was released beginning of November. And this is on PC, natch.

I'm carrying over Lost Odyssey. Depending on how that goes, I may or may not add something towards the middle of the month.

I took a break last month due to playing Mass Effect 2. Three times. I know Battlefield: BC2 is out Friday, so this may be shooting for the moon, but put me down for Risen. I've had it and ignored it for too long now. Wish me luck!

Edit: It should probably go under multi-platform, since it is out on the X360 too, but I will be playing it on the PC.

Thanks for setting this up and auto-adding me Hemi. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to actually finish Far Cry 2 now that I've heard how long it's supposed to take, but I guess I'll try.

I'm out this month. Final Fantasy XIII is out next week, and that will destroy my life.

GTA: Vice City (PC/multi) - I finally "clicked" with GTA III in last September's pile thread. Now it's time to visit video game Miami. I already completed the mission I stopped at (country club) back in 2004 (?).

Final Fantasy IX (PS1) - 9 hours in so far and liking it, although the overworld maps are butt-ugly by today's standards.

Low G Man (NES) - A side scrolling action game with some slight control issues, but I've purchased three copies (one thanks to the moving company stealing all of my NES games, and I can't explain the other extra copy) of this in my lifetime and something keeps me coming back. Just last night I finally got past the stage 2-3 boss, and stage 3-1 ripped me a new one. I'll only be doing the first quest (normal mode), even though the second and third (and progressively more difficult) run-throughs of the game supposedly give better endings.

I'd like to carry over King's Bounty for PC please. Hopefully I'm far enough in that a few more big play sessions will push me over the edge.

And as insurance, I'm working on Prototype (360). I can't possibly fail at both console and PC, right?

I'm actually not sure what I should focus on right now. In the past two weeks I've finished GTAIV (figured it was time), Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and two books.

I think it's time for me to finish watching Yamato in preparation for Infinite Space.

So, that's not gaming. Moving on then.

I'm carrying Borderlands forward from last month. Enjoying it mightily, although if I don't finish it by 3/9, I'm probably not going to this month.

Man, I don't know how you guys have been doing this lately. After an AWESOME 2009 for pile games, I've been cranking new release after new release since early January. This is no good!

Anyways, I'm back on the wagon after a blazing playthrough of Heavy Rain. Put me down for Brutal Legend! (PS3)

I started Psychonauts last night. Only about 45 minutes in, but so far having a blast sorting out emotional baggage

My PC pile of shame is going to go untouched. I just can't get into PC games these days, for whatever reason.

Put me down for Super Paper Mario on the Wii.