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The official catch-all for Left 4 Dead 2. I know it sounds a bit silly, but please keep the coop experience spoilers (at least BIG events) spoiler tagged.

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20 minutes to go. (theoretically) Anybody know if there's an actual order to the campaigns? I would like to try out the "first" one tonight.

They'll probably make it explicit, since the campaign order is more relevant in the starts/ends this time. But Dead Center is first, then Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, and The Parish.

I'm going to bed early tonight guys, so won't be able to join in on the fun. I'll be there with baited breath tomorrow night

Dead Center, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, and The Parish.


Dead Center - In Savannah, GA, four complete strangers find themselves caught up in the chaos of a recent outbreak of the deadly Infection currently sweeping across the United States. Banding together to stay alive, the Survivors have to shoot their way through the still partially functional city to a shopping mall, where they hope to use a famous race car being exhibited there to make their escape.

Dark Carnival - Upon finding the freeway out of Savannah blocked by abandoned cars, the Survivors are forced to leave their vehicle and make their way on foot through the Infected-swarmed Whispering Oaks amusement park to a nearby stadium, where a half-built concert stage may provide them with their only means of signaling for help.

Swamp Fever -The helicopter that rescued the Survivors from Savannah has crashed outside a small town in rural Mississippi. Now they have to fight their way through the nearby swamps, an airliner crash site, and a ramshackle shantytown until they reach a giant plantation house, where they must hold off the relentless hordes of Infected until a rescue boat arrives to take them to a rumored safe zone in New Orleans, LA.

Hard Rain - As the morning sun begins to rise, the Survivors learn that their rescue boat doesn't have enough fuel to reach New Orleans. Their skipper drops them off in the derelict town of Ducatel, MS, to look for more. Their situation is further complicated by forgetting their gun bag with signal flares to get the boat back. Plus, torrential downpours suddenly start to pop up, the first sign of an incoming hurricane. The Survivors must move through suburban streets teeming with Infected and a half-demolished sugar mill to reach a gas station, and return to their boat's dock with more fuel and signal it with a Burger Tank sign before the full force of the storm hits.

The Parish -Virgil, who rescue them in Hard Rain and Swamp fever leave them at New Orleans as he went out to find more Survivors. The Survivors find the city completely overrun by the Infected. They have to make their way through the streets of the French Quarter, the military's abandoned quarantine zone, and a local cemetery until they finally arrive at a partially collapsed table bridge. On the other side is a military helicopter waiting to take the Survivors out of the city to a flotilla of commandeered cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico, where the last remnants of humanity in the area have regrouped, safe in the knowledge that the Infected can't swim...so far...

*crosses fingers.

5 minutes

I probably shouldn't do this, as I need to be able to think - but time to get a beer and watch the first delays come down the pipe!

>2 Minutes

Please Please Please

hmmm, nothing so far....c'mon please!!

Well, the icon in My Games has changed.....

Still an hour, goddammit. It said 9 hours 9 hours ago.

I know what a meth addict denied his fix feels like! 2 minutes overdue!

Pre-load completed an hour ago, haven't seen the last few percent reloading that others have reported.

And now the steam forums crash predictable.

F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5
Come on...

Lobster's a freaking comedian.

I'll give it a half-hour, then I'm calling it a night. Stupid Valve time.

Well, the store no longer shows the countdown. Still showing preload in 'My Games'.

Steam ate my pre-load! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Also, this is on Valve time. Won't unlock till 3am

Burnt Toast wrote:

(Remember, kids - being a pessimist means never being disappointed! Always expect the worst, and you will either be vindicated or pleasantly surprised. Trust me - it makes the years of bitterness feel like sweet angry nectar.)

I just restarted steam in the hopes that it'd update it and be playable...

Instead it's Pre-Loading again.

The event comments are hilarious as always.

░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█ ░░░ ░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█ ░░░ ░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░▀ ░░░▀░▀ ░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steam Community down. Good sign?
Maybe just a spam overload.

The comments are going at 1-page per second.

The 12 minutes overdue now don't even bother me. I'll start getting actually disappointed when it hits 30+ minutes overdue.

Notice that I say "disappointed" and not "surprised".


I hope Valve makes every person who spammed that page wait another week.

G'night, all! There's a reason I didn't schedule my L4D2 time until tomorrow night.

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

I hope Valve makes every person who spammed that page wait another week.

A month for the people spamming penis pics.