Recommend me a 3 in 1 printer

After many years of faithful service our printer finally died. I don't know much about printers so thought I'd tap into the GWJ brain trust for help.

Any suggestions for a good quality, inexpensive 3 in 1 printer to be attached to my home network?

We have a Canon Pixma MP780 at home that sees a fair amount of use, and it works pretty good.

As mentioned in the thread about why printers suck, my Canon MP610 has served us very well. It is nice having a color copier around every now and then, and the printer does plenty good enough for basic home printing. That means mostly mine and my daughter's homework, and various web stuff like maps.

Because I have a Mac, I have not used the scanner portion of the device, as it doesn't support it. I could boot into Windows if I really needed to do some scanning, but I never really need to.