DJ Max Series Catch-All

As I searched through the forums, I noticed that the DJ Max series of games doesn't seem to have a dedicated fanbase in the Goodjer Community.

For people unfamiliar with the series, DJ Max consists of several rhythm games brought to us by Neowiz and Pentavision from Korea. Most of their games are, for the most part, Beatmania clones. DJ Max began as an online game in Korea, but they later branched out to the PSP, releasing DJ Max Portable. Three more PSP games succeeded Portable; Portable 2, Clazziquai Edition, and Black Square in that order. In 2008-2009, DJ Max Technika arcade machines started popping up across the world. The arcade rendition of the series broke out of the Beatmania mold and crossed into the DS's Oendan's touch-screen style gameplay. In fact, DJ Max Technika IS a touch-screen game. Just a few weeks ago, the sequel, titled DJ Max Technika 2, was announced.

A North American version of the DJ Max Portable series of games has been released under the title of DJ Max Fever. This can be found in stores or through certain outlets in the form of a download. Keep in mind that the Korean PSP titles have no region protection on them.

I am an avid fan of the DJ Max series. I personally own DJ Max Fever and an updated version to the PC version of the titles, DJ Max Trilogy. I just put in my order for the Clazziquai and Black Square bundle through Play-Asia (for approx. $55 w/ shipping) this morning. I also absolutely enjoy playing Technika whenever I get the chance.

Enough of my blabber, I hope there's a few of you that have either already fallen in love with the games or soon will!

(NOTE: If you absolutely hate Asian pop music, then this is DEFINITELY not the game for you. ;-))