Smack Talk: Tboon vs Quintin Stone

trichy wrote:
[09:35] <+CptDomano> Ah jeez...who let Minarchist in here
[09:35] <+Minarchist> CptDomano: blame Q
[09:35] <+Minarchist> Q-Stone, even
[09:35] <+Q-Stone> he's so witty, how could I keep him out?
[09:35] <+CptDomano> -.-
[09:36] <+Minarchist> CptDomano: don't play coy. You know you love me.
[09:37] <+CptDomano> Minarchist: But if I don't play coy, then that takes all the fun out of it
[09:37] <+Minarchist> you keep telling yourself that. I know you wore the pink lacy panties today.


[17:32] <+Nuean> im just about to go to plan b party!
[17:32] <+clover> Nuean: birth control party? thats weird
[17:36] <+clover> Goodjer: Nuean's going to a birth control party!
[17:36] <+Goodjer> clover: Nuean's going to a party in hell with psych and dan qualye - separated at birth?

Oh, well. Secret is out now, I suppose.

Psych wrote:

Oh, well. Secret is out now, I suppose.

What's the vegetable french fries are made out of? Your answer will prove it once and for all.


His story checks out.

11:48 boogle real anal
11:48 boogle the cool stuff

[15:32] <@pneuman> "zelda for grownups" implies that zelda isn't for grownups
[15:33] <@pneuman> which is kinda stupid
[15:33] <+SixteenBlue> yeah the phrase is insulting on multiple levels
[15:33] <+SixteenBlue> also that blood and gore = things grownups like
[15:33] <@pneuman> yeah
[15:33] <+SixteenBlue> it's zelda and not for children though, that part is true
[15:33] <@pneuman> it gets back to that whole thing of calling games like GTA "mature"
[15:34] <+nel_e_nel> what, killing hookers running over cops is E for Everyone?
[15:34] <+blind_evil> F for fun
[15:34] <+blind_evil> kidding, GTA kind of sucks.
[15:34] <+RNG> blind_evil: kind of?
[15:34] <+nel_e_nel> yep, Sleeping Dogs > GTAIV
[15:34] <+SixteenBlue> nel_e_nel: ...not sure if serious ... .jpg
[15:34] <@pneuman> a game can be not-for-kids and also incredibly immature
[15:35] <+RNG> pneuman: SR3
[15:35] <+Tanglebones> pneuman: Saint's Row!
[15:35] <@pneuman> exactly
[15:35] <+Tanglebones> RNG: o/
[15:35] <+RNG> Tanglebones: \o
[15:35] <+RNG> and incredibly awesome
[15:35] <+nel_e_nel> I think you guys are taking the definition of mature a bit too literally in this context
[15:35] <+Tanglebones> IRC - it's like the forums, for grownups!

<+RubbEd> IRC: Come for the homoeroticism, stay for the homoerotic clown slashfic.

[07:47] <+SallyN> so i met this really hot girl on the internet
[07:47] <+SallyN> totally not a guy
[07:47] <+CptDomano> Are you sure?
[07:47] <+SallyN> her name is Quentina


[11:07] <+boogle> is this rage game coop?
[11:07] <+carrot> no
[11:07] <+boogle> I'll just pretend you're there then carrot
[11:07] <+carrot> just like every other night?
[11:07] <+boogle> shhh
[11:07] <+boogle> don't talk pillow carrot
[11:08] <+boogle> don't ruin the moment

For Boogle!

[12:29] <+Tanglebones> Heh, it's actually here at the office; needs a bit of a wash before I'd stick it in my mouth, though


OOCT presents:

ZaneRockfist: Rubb: Yeah, they are going through the old races and updating the models.
[10:27pm] RubbEd: Oh nice!
[10:27pm] ZaneRockfist: Rubb
[10:27pm] RubbEd: Hm?
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist: Here's a picture of what they might end up looking like, at least for Trolls
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist:
[10:28pm] RubbEd: Oh wow!
[10:28pm] RubbEd: Very nice.
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist:
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist: and that.
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist: So yeah...
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist:
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist: Quite excited.
[10:28pm] RubbEd: Very nice. I think that's a good update, especially since it's a little closer to the style they're using for the Pandaren, quality-wise.
[10:28pm] • ZaneRockfist nods
[10:28pm] ZaneRockfist: Long overdue.
[10:29pm] katisu: it seriously cant be that hard to get someone to have sex ith you!
[10:29pm] RubbEd: *blink*

EDIT: Reading the scrollback, I still can't figure out what caused katisu's outburst. So.... yeah.

I dunno, it doesn't sound that OOC!

[16:06] <+RNG> Minarchist: first time i encountered a condom was when i was putting one on

[16:06] <+Minarchist> RNG: first time I encountered one was 6 years into my marriage

[16:06] <+notcube> Minarchist: I don't remember that at all :(

<+SassyN> i needed you last night, kannon
20:00 Asz joined
20:00 Q changed mode +v Asz
20:01 <+clover> Goodjer: stop talking sh*t about Asz
20:01 <+Goodjer> clover: Is aperebus a blumpkin is receiving oral sex while taking a sh*t, ass, sh*t, I can't stop.
20:01 <+clover> wow
20:01 <+Asz> Goodjer: Aperebus is doing WHAT?
20:01 <+Goodjer> Asz: Aperebus. Or penguins.
[20:09] <+clover> so what's all this about StoneGONE being in a cardboard box outside?
[20:10] <+VeggiePirate> wha
[20:10] <+clover> it's in Goodjer's list of chatter
[20:10] <+Goodjer> clover, S/q-stone/some asshole/g. Folks like jakeleg and atlas wouldn't be discussing them if they're doing it quite a few games of the list.
[20:10] <+clover> hahahaha
[20:11] <+VeggiePirate> ok people, stahp
[20:11] <+VeggiePirate> do NOT teach him regular expressions
[20:11] <+VeggiePirate> that's too much power
<notcube> SR3 has completely ruined the karate kid for me
<VeggiePirate> hehe
<Nuean> karate kid?
<notcube> Nuean: you'll understand when you get to it
<Nuean> ahh
<notcube> the last few missions are like a love letter to the 80's
<Nuean> i still laugh every time i whip out the dildo bat
<pneuman> and then you play saints row for a bit?
[3:16pm] < clover> Goodjer: I'm sailing... awaaaaaaaaay...
[3:16pm] < Goodjer> clover: How about sailing the skin boat to tuna town then?
< SallyN:> i know that is going to be taken in the worst possible context, but I do love fish tacos

Removed because stupid.

muraii wrote:

Removed because stupid.

Doesn't that mean it's perfect for this thread?

[11:12] <+RNG> clover: for unfortunate folks this could be one of the 3 days a year they get laid
[11:12] <+clover> RNG: or dumped
[11:12] <+Minarchist> RNG: those poor people
[11:12] <+RNG> clover: i said unfortunate.
[11:12] <+clover> RNG: it's just not working out between you and me
[11:13] <+RNG> clover: it's not me, it's you.
[11:13] <+clover> RNG: it's not me, it's you
[11:13] <+clover> DAMMIT

[09:12] <+tboon> Wembley: 1965 Mustang
[09:13] <+tboon> man that car was fast as sh*t
[09:13] <+tboon> could bring her up to 70 in no time
[09:13] <+tboon> lay some nice rubber
[09:13] <+tboon> big back seat
[09:13] <+tboon> awesome 8 track deck
[09:15] <+tboon> i replaced it with a nice cassette deck and ginormous speakers
[09:15] <+tboon> could hear me about a mile away i guess
[09:15] <+Wembley> "Oh god, tboon is coming! I can hear him! EVERYONE INSIDE!!!"
[09:16] <+tboon> haha
[09:16] <+tboon> inside will not save you

Oh god. I am still laughing.