From Nexon which isn't the best but the game is already out in Korean (Mabinogi Heroes). Yes it is related to Mabinogi but the gameplay and style is totally different.

Its going to be a Diablo style action RPG with a world a lot like DDO. (central hub town, instanced dungeons)

Its going to have partially destructable environments. It takes a page from Champions with the ability to use the broken bits of the environment as weapons.

The combat in the video looks really good for a variety of characters. Its got a God of War vibe with the combos and the heavy gore.

I also got a little Monster Hunter vibe from the polar bear boss.

Yeah... the jury is out on the boss fights I've seen in videos. (not because it reminds me of monster hunter) They look very grindy to me. Everyone rushes in, takes a couple swings and then risks insta-death if they don't block fast enough. This goes on for 10-15 minutes in 3 videos of boss fights I've seen. (2 polar bear, 1 spider)

They are going to have to fix that or incorporate more of hurling the destructible pieces at the boss.

Also, boss fights without a boss hp bar are a no no. I could give a rats ass about immersion. If you are going to have something take 15 minutes, I need an indicator that provides feedback on what strategies are working.

Does anyone play this? I'm still yet to decide between this, Atlantica, DDO and Pangya.

I would, if they didn't block European IPs. I think I managed one session with a proxy.

Oh, bugger. I'm in Japan, and it's letting me download it and whatnot. Fingers crossed!

Vindictus is a lot of fun: I still play it occasionally even though no other goodger, that I know of at least, does.

Hmm... it's telling me to log in through the website whenever I connect (that's what I'm doing). Not sure whether the servers are being screwy or it'll never work. I'll keep checking back as long as I remember to I suppose.

That sounds familiar. I think it's IP filtered to only allow North American IPs, hence why I was trying to use proxies.

Sigh. Uninstalling Expat Shield, reinstalling Hotspot Shield. Report forthcoming.

Arise! But I was just curious. Got to play this game, and so far it's action-y enough for me. A few bugs here and there, but haven't meet something that prevent me from enjoying it.

Does a few of goodjers still dabble in the game?

I might throw 5-10 more hours to it.

The game has a great amount of polish, and the action is very good, but for me there was a definite lack of mission variety around the game's launch. I think I played around 7 hours and put it down.

Level 12 atm. So far, I still like it.

Some control can be tough in combat, but I can feel the loom of the grind nearby.

Well, I didn't throw money at it so far. Looked at what was the value of item, and can be costly for upgrades, but as long as I am not press into spending anything, I'll keep an open mind.

I really enjoyed this game when they first released it but it just kind of faded away for me as newer games were released. It's definitely a grind game, or at least was, but I just looked at the same I would if I were jumping into a FPS multi-player map here and there. I think if I'd sat down and played it for an entire day like I do some MMO's I would've burned out pretty quick but by playing an hour or two here and there it stayed fresh for me.

Yeah, it's 1-2 hours per day at most for me. I'm already level 15.

There is an auto join guild option now, and casual guild recruit that way. The gm is the guild I was assign is helpful so far. He even went out of his way to get me an armor set. Love that kind of behavior. He did told me there was more grind before, but nowadays it's easier.

So, now I'm level 20 on the main character I created.

I am not feeling the grind yet, but do find the dungeons to be repetitive, they don't have much variation, but do use the physic engine of Source nicely. Like there are traps that got lever to activate them, and do squish yourself or enemies (enemies do use those traps as well.) or bridges that are held up with rope, you can cut them, and the bridge drop

I'm playing in east server, so if anyone is intrigue or interested, hit me up.

So, I'm now level 30. And still love the game.

There is something so sastisfying with the action in this game, and the smashing of stuff, I can't explain it.

I haven't drop a cent in yet, but I am now thinking about it.

Since a week, I haven't had any major issues or bugs now. And season 2 episode 3 start today.

I did hit a plateau tho. I was always over 1-2 level the dungeon I was going I to, and now I am under level for a few of them. Tho, I hop between season 1 and 2, matchin my level that way, with 1-2 raids a week, which unlock at level 20.

Anyway, I'm still having fun.

Well, this game became my goto game rather quickly. I know I'm the only one posting as of late, but darn I'm having fun, and it's been a while since I had that much fun in a MMO.

I dropped some money in the game. Those little shinies caught my eye, and I don't care.

They don't give you anything after level 28 or so. They kinda put the gameplay in coop mode at that moment, and so far, pub game have been pleasant.

Well, hope this game will continue to deliver.

Nothing wrong with digging a game the community didn't get into. All-Stars had my heart for a few months, but only a handful here were playing. I also don't have a problem with spending money in FTP games, as long as I'm getting enough enjoyment out of it and/or don't feel punished or slighted being a free player. There were a few months when I had a crush on Dragon Nest. I bought wings that gave my character a speed boost out of combat, and a few other things. Unfortunately, despite double security, my account got hacked and Nexon never responded to my ticket.

Played some tonight and had fun. I'll probably play more just the problem with a lot of free play games is you HAVE to spend money or grind mercilessly at higher levels...