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I ran out of space in my Christmas decorations box. Instead of buying a new box I just used a amazon box I had and covered it in wrapping paper. Then I covered it in mod podge glue that dries clear. Did you know that if you put put glue on something then put it on a table that it will stick to the table. You probably shouldn't do that but don't let me tell you what to do. Maye you want your box to stay on the table forever, I didn't. I wanted to put things in the box and then put the box in the closet until next Christmas.

I would take a picture of Xmas box stuck to the table but I wanted to derail the thread and cause chaos. You'll just have to use your imagination. Also it is just a box cover in Christmas paper. A little kid could have done a batter job.

I should have just bought a box.

So, the Seattle Garages just released an album of 80s songs which is a mix of Garages covers and original tunes. I did a cover of a Garages song for this release in the style of Erasure and I am so happy with it.

You can stream it on YouTube in its entirety here:

(My track is at 32:10)

You can buy or listen here:

NGL, this album is frickin’ good. It could have been cheesy fun but it is legit full of great songs.

And speaking of Blaseball, I added Postseason series chances to my fan site.

I've been curating a gaming newsletter for just over a year.

It's mostly for people that do not have the time to keep it up to multiple outlets and the huge amount of news/reviews/features that we have each day on the gaming world. I curate every week over 50 news outlets and send every Friday an email with the most important and best content that I can find from those sources.

The idea for the subs is to skim through the links on the newsletter and open those that catch your eye.

You can take a look at the project here. There is a link to every single past issue at the top-right if you want to have an idea of what the newsletter looks like.

Something like 10 to 15 years ago, my brother-in-law got me a battle axe for Christmas. Ever since then I've been wanting to put it in a nice display case and hang it one the wall. I had a few aborted attempts due to lack of skill and tools. Well now I have the tools and sort of have the skills, so I've finally finished this long-ass project. It's not great, but it's done. Though it may look "distressed", it's not, those are just areas where I f*cked up.



Do you have a smaller axe to break the glass in case of emergency?

Of course, but it's locked inside a smaller display case. And so on, and so on, and so on....

Needs more gore.

It just needs to say:

Display Case

Need another axe so you can put it in a weapon plaque in your basement!

We've had some cold weather here and our local neighborhood association has been looking for someone to setup a natural ice rink in the park. In the proud tradition of "how hard could it be," I present my first ever outdoor ice rink. Brought to you by several nights of reading weird boomer websites and the City of Toronto's water supply.


The bottle opener for our bar got misplaced, so I decided to put something together with the new small circle router jig I got for Christmas. This is a 7" circle of red oak with a dark walnut stain and 2 coats of poly. The bottle opener itself is gunmetal black with a magnet in the base.


Cross-posting for relevancy:

Eldon_of_Azure wrote:

I'm pretty sure the weekly drawing thread isn't the place for this (Maybe the Post a Picture - Something You Created thread?)
So I'll take my HF creation over there to share it...

I helped Kickstart the Hero Forge color figure options a while back and created this figure:

When it arrived on my doorstep, it looked like this:

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Unfortunately, the D&D campaign I bought it for got cancelled practically after I ordered the figure and I haven't gotten to use it yet.

That looks terrific!
Unfortunately not $45 terrific
(especially for a 30 cm figure)
But terrific nonetheless. I did not know that trunks could carry things but of course they can! (I knew tails could...)
Lack of scaling options is my main gripe. Many of the satchels are too small and many of the items like tomes are too big.

I made Mohawk Storm!


If you are playing your RPG remotely these days and want to have an "action" token that represents your character well, here's a neat trick:


I think Epic's MetaHuman program will be good for this type of thing when it releases. Kind of reminds me of Poser 3D from back in the day.

Rykin wrote:

I think Epic's MetaHuman program will be good for this type of thing when it releases. Kind of reminds me of Poser 3D from back in the day.

Wow. Throw some RPG assets into the mix and that is pure gold. I look forward to seeing what people/companies do with it once it's available.


I found several clones of Hero Forge. Desktop Hero Maker is one of my favorites for several reasons. It actually allows you to see and manipulate the characters bones. Also items can be rotated, moved and scaled on any or all directions.
DHM lacks some of the items/weapons/poses in HF and it does not have a coloring option. However there are a lot of free pieces where you can download the resultant character stl for free. (for personal use... you cannot sell the prints you make from the stl... they are considering a commercial license...)
DHM is free to use, you only pay for "packs" which contain items based on "fantasy" or "modern" or "space". Each of those packs is $25ish. Once you pay for the pack, again any stl you download is free. They only charge if you want to use their 3d print service.
DHM does lack some selection but they make up for that with some very unique pieces like this character's chakram, and scale sleeve. The layering of items is much better as you can see how the leather, fur, feather and scale work believably together. The "skirts" fit the body types much better as does the overlapping of taller boots with longer pants.
This character was free to make and download the stl:

*internal monologue**t, i've not posted anything here for AGES, quick, brain, think of something....

Uh well ok. So here's a couple of images for a MegaDungeonJam (link) that i'm going to be attempting. So far it's literally just these two images and some rough scribbled notes, but it should be an interesting project to tackle I think. Also the deadline is currently 11 months away kind of deadline!



I printed a few dinosaur puzzles for my 4yo, and my wife asked me to print a box to put them in. I could have found a model on thingiverse and printed it out, but I wanted to try and learn some modeling, I made a box in TinkerCAD. I even designed the hinges, because I like making things difficult. It didn't print out entirely like I wanted, and I had to compromise for printability by printing the top upside down, so I lost most of the detail there. But it was fun and came out surprisingly okay.



Nicely done!

Took me a year and a half, but I finally finished this thing. Standard reference banana for scale. Now I just need to build a frame for it.


Something like 36k full stitches, give or take. Let's see if I can do the next one any faster.

Damn fine work! I’m impressed!


How will you manage to build a frame for the banana?

Is that a stained glass design for Mario Jesus?