Post a Picture - Something You Created!

Thanks! It's a foetid bloat-drone.

Tyranids are suitable gross for my liking so I'd like to paint some up eventually, but I'm all about the Deathguard at the moment. Think spacefaring zombie necromancers.

Do this bad ass next
Or anything Adeptus Mechanus (has to be my favorite army)

I do want to try a Blight Hauler at some point, they are one of the cheaper models in the army

And Adeptus Mechanicus is one of my favourites too! I would really like to build a Kill Team of them. I just love their design so much.

I love the steralizors and the ruststalkers but top to bottom the units are solid:

Nothing compared to some of the craftsmanship around here, but I had never used a table saw or router before and I have both in my toolkit now. There’s a few things I learned that I would do differently, but overall, I’m happy with it.

Disclaimer: just the post is my work. The mailbox is old and I don’t claim credit for it.


Nice work! I'd never short myself when it comes to wood working. It is definitely something that it way harder than it looks. Scale certainly plays a factor. You are not playing with tongue depressors or legos.

Got a Battle Map commission this morning for an upcoming Icewind Dale adventure...super happy with how it turned out. I don't often get the chance to do detailed battle maps.


Looks great, Pyx.

Colors are fantastic!

So this might be my favourite of the maps i've drawn to date...


it's an (unofficial , just done as a fan) world map for the TransplanarRPG actual-play campaign (a new D&D stream with an all trans/nonbinary and POC led cast which focuses on an a colonisation-free, anti-oriental setting).

I love the squid!
I will say the map does have a Europe+Asia vibe though. (if you are going for an anti-oriental setting...)

not my map, just my redrawing of it. you'll have to take that up with the DM who made the world!
(if it were my map, the rivers would actually work properly )

(or do you mean the squid? 'cause that IS my embellishment, but it's all i had to hand at the moment).

The map is Eurasian. I edited for clarity. I see India, Scandanavia, Siberia, Gobi desert, a Mediterranean/Black sea and Korea/Japan.
The squid is genius! Worthy of making a shirt of if you sell those things online.

the squid and serpent were actually from a different map for a campaign that never really took off, and i needed something to fill the empty space, so i figured waste not, want not

Finished my map of Northreach, the city in my current homebrew campaign. Next up - the megadungeon city ruins that lie beneath!


And here's the world map of the overall setting...


Please never stop posting these maps!

Holy cats! That’s awesome!


The dungeon level is looking pre-tty sweet too! Will finish that soon.

I love the dungeon map that matches up with the city above it. Super cool.

Here is the finished, coloured dungeon layer!


The full A3 version has a bunch of blank space i'm pondering what to do with. So there's still more to do to this map

Geeze, I've seen physical pack-ins that weren't anywhere near that nicely done.

The city reminds me a bit of Baldur's Gate. Do you have a slums yet? All the interesting stuff happens in the slums.

The Oaks is technically as close to slums as it gets (more of a "workers district"). tucked between the commercial and military districts and as far away from the upper class high district as they can be pushed. This setting is high magic and post 'a great world war' so is riding on the high of that in the way people did after WW2 so it's a relatively prosperous time.

...would be a shame if anything happened to change that.


That looks like it would be a great deal of fun to explore.

Reminds me of Blades in the Dark maps, too. I can almost feel the territorial factions. Extraordinary work.


Let my friend pick out a box of miniatures for this month's paint klub, and I'm cursing that decision because this is so far out of my comfort zone. It's been a great learning experience, with bones, cloth, and metal armour all being things I've never painted before.

Still a WIP. I need to bring out some of the colours, highlight the bones, go over the flag and pole again...etc, but it's finally gotten to a point where I feel it's coming together! I've gone over it so many times I'm amazed you can't see the paint layering (pays to thin them beforehand!).

Got 9 days until deadline, so I'm excited to see how much more I can make it pop during that time!

And here's a closeup of the base, which I'm really proud of!



I wonder if some of you miniature painters wouldn't enjoy something digital like Armor Paint (PC) or Nomad (ipad/android)

There is also Zbrush, Mari, Substance Painter, and the like but those are way too complicated and/or expensive. Nomad has a free version or is $13.99. Armor Paint is based off Blender game engine and is free IIRC.
Armor Paint (highlights texture making but it does have hand painting capabilities)

Nomad (sculpting app but hand painting starts at about 3:30)

Nomad looks great but at least on my App Store it's 16.99€ and no free version.

What I'd like to do is take a picture or get a picture online for a mini I'm about to paint, and import into an app to test out color schemes prior to actually painting. Any idea if such an app exists? iPad preferably.

Nomad looks great but at least on my App Store it's 16.99€ and no free version.

What I'd like to do is take a picture or get a picture online for a mini I'm about to paint, and import into an app to test out color schemes prior to actually painting. Any idea if such an app exists? iPad preferably.

This app is frightfully good. Fairly cheap, and handy to test colours with

And here's a little bit more progress on my skeleton!


What started as a very careful glaze turned into a whole 2 hours worth of experimenting with wet pink/white blends. Perhaps it's not as clean as before, but it's more interesting and I learned a new skill (or started to ).

I liked the darker tone better for the figure, but that's a very nice blending of colors you have in the later picture. Can't really make out ]the outlines of the colors, they blend so well. What are you using as the stones in the base? Looks really good.

There's a mini painting thread as well, would you mind posting these there as well? I started painting last winter and have been mustering courage to post some of my stuff there, would be great to get the thread going again.

I bought the app you mentioned, haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Bummer it doesn't have GW colours though. I'm trying out the app PaintMyMinis that can track different blends and colors for you, and that has GW colours in it and that makes it very handy.