Post a Picture - Something You Created!

You didn't make that cast.

He might have made the mess it contains, though.

Actually, if he DID make the cast, that'd be the most hardcore entry of this thread.

Yeah, I just put it here as a follow up. We probably have a dedicated topic for people who break a limb, but I'm not going hunting for it.

Guava pastelitos


I'm currently working on my first "encounter pack" for D&D on my Patreon Page and i've released the raw maps to my $5+ backers for use in their own games. Here's a preview of one of the maps included...

This is the first floor of the three-floor tower ruins, and there is a small dungeon beneath it.


The Outcast's Tower is a small community of goblinoids, kobolds and other small folk who have been exiled or discarded by the rest of their respective communities and rallied around a charismatic - if eccentric - Gnome leader to form a small clan of their own, in the ruins of an old wizard's tower. Unfortunately...they didn't check the basement beneath the tower before settling in...

BadKen wrote:

I chose black so that there would be NO WRITING, DRAWING, OR ART PROJECTS OF ANY KIND ON MY LEG.

Silver sharpies are a thing, you know.

sounds like a challenge to me!

Very nice map.


haven't posted anything for ages so how about I post the prototype RPG book I just wrote and illustrated in about 3 months for my Honours Degree (ndb or anything ). Just got a first print proof of it today.







Gorgeous art and layout, pyxistyx. You should be very proud of that!

Your art is DOPE !!


Super dope. I would even go so far as to say it is sick.

I love the last one, conjuring a green smoke monster. The sense of motion in that image is great.

There is a real sense of focus in that one. The green lighting is a nice touch too!

I LOVE IT! The NPC portraits are great.

The Brusier's eye makeup makes me think of Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES.