xbox 360 and status code: 80072ee2

OK, strange things are up with my recent new 360 - specifically. most of the time I can't connect to - or even see- the marketplace (or anything other than the first two 'tabs' - friends and my games, etc). The error code status code: 80072ee2 pops up which with a bit of digging seems to suggest that parts of Live are either down or under pressure from too many users.

This has all coincided with getting the new 360 however. Before that everything was working fine and I never had any trouble on the old one.

Is this all just coincidence and the servers just happen to be getting hit hard over the past couple of weeks or could there be something wrong with the box? The connection seems fine as it shows up green when testing and I find it hard to believe that everybody is having this problem or I'd have read something about it somewhere.


Actually, never mind - think i might have found the culprit (touch wood) , the harddrive might not have been sitting in correctly. Quite why that would stop me connecting to the online store but still let me connect to live and play games I don't know but there ya go.

93_confirmed posted about this error here: Strange Xbox Live Problem. For him, the problem was his X41 base.

I get the same problem from time to time (it's actually identical to 93_confirmed's erstwhile situation), though the error code is 8007274C. I share my Internet connection from my iMac through ethernet, and occasionally for no discernible reason I would have the same problem you describe, or what 93_confirmed described (booting up MW2 and getting disconnected). Either giving it time, or rebooting the iMac resolve the problem, though it comes back.