Madden 10 GWJFL (360): Rookie Draft Thread

Draft Date: Friday, February 5th @ 8pm EST

Once the draft starts, each XBox controlled team will select a pick within 3-5 seconds. All human controlled teams will have 60 seconds to choose their player (This is the max setting for time of pick). I would like everyone to try to log into the XBox 10 minutes early if possible. I may wait a couple minutes, but don't bank on it, try to get there early so you don't miss your first round pick. There are 7 rounds, you can stay for all, none, or however many you like. Once the draft completes, the weekend will be used for a free agency period, 1 pickup per team, standard free agency rules for this league will still apply, tie-breaker will go by last year's record, you must post your selections on the board, and you can list more than 1, but will only be eligible for 1 free agent.

14 teams of 18 voted on a draft time, very good turnout. Please let me know here if you will attend the draft or not. Obviously, the draft date does depend on the completion of the final 2 games, I have confidence that we can get both those games in by Friday.

I don't suppose we can pre-rank like in the fantasy draft...

I believe that is an option

OK, with the NFC Championship played, we are down to 1 game, Kolbo (Eagles) vs SpyNavy (Chargers). Good luck to both! Since the NFC Championship took 17 days to play, I can't sit here and force the Super Bowl to be played in 4 days to fit the draft in. I am also hoping it doesn't take 17 days to play, but if it does, so be it. So with that said, here's the deal.

I want people who can't make the draft to have time to set their draft list up. I would like to give people 2 days to do so, I think that is a fair amount of time. So here is how the draft date will go:

If Super Bowl is played Mon-Wed: Draft is Fri @ 8pm
If Super Bowl is played Thursday: Draft is at Sat @ 1pm
If Super Bowl is played after Thursday: We will have another vote for a draft date