WCG - Ultimate Gamer Season 2

Oh man, this is an embarassing topic to make. I feel like prefacing this with ten paragraphs explaining how I rarely watch TV and detest reality schlock and really honestly I have good taste yadda yadda yadda. I won't bother because we all have guilty pleasures and it so happens that the WCG was one of mine last year.

I stayed home from work sick one day last year and I was feeling too muddled for games so I went surfing through Hulu for something to watch and I happened upon the entirety of season one of this show. I checked and Hulu still has the entire 8 episode season available for viewing.

Essentially the show is your typical reality type show where they take a dozen 20-somethings and stick them in a house together. All of the entrants are described as gamers with each of them specializing in different genres. There is a good mix of races and genders and it seems like they chose real honest to goodness competitive gamers which was a nice touch. The contest did seem very slanted towards consoles but that is to be expected.

Each episod the house takes part in a real life challenge that mimics a particular video game. For instance doing stunts in a car or getting up on stage at a club and actually trying to lip synch a song in front of crowd. They are given scores based on their performance of the real world activities. When they get back to the house they are given copies of a game to practice on and then they have to compete against each other in the chosen game for that week. The winner is the person who has the best combined score of real world and gaming. That person can then pick their opponent who they will face off against 1 on 1 in an arena setting with a huge screen and a raucous crowd that is no doubt paid to sit there and go apesh*t.

There is definately some of the usual reality show drama on display but overall I found the competition to be done much better than I thought it would. It is geared towards a slightly younger (than me) crowd and, as stated, it is pretty consolecentric. The poor RTS expert of the house was really screwed with the games they selected for competition.

I assumed the show would not get a second season but lo and behold it appears that season 2 will be coming out this summer.

I just figured I'd put this out there since they just announced season 2 this month and I haven't seen any mention in the forums about the show. THere isn't much else like it on TV in regards to treating gaming like legitimate competitive activity and despite some of the reality drama overall I found the show to be really put together well with good production values.

Uh...I'm going to go back to reading war of peace and watching PBS now. Excuse me as I replace my monocle and don my smoking jacket.