Travel Books

So... my mom is an award-winning travel writer, and when magazine assignments started getting thin not too long ago, she started up a blog. If you're at all interested in travel books, you might want to check it out. That's not really the reason I'm starting this topic today, though. She was nominated this year for a "bloggie" award (god I hate those stupid website award names). She's worked her butt off on that site, and I'm proud of her for the recognition.

Now, I'm not suggesting you go vote for in the category of "best travel weblog" on the bloggie award site, because stuffing ballots is wrong. But if you have any interest in books, travel, books about travel, or books that inspire people to travel, you could do worse things than check out her site.

And if you have other travel sites you visit regularly, I'd love to hear about 'em, so I know where to aim my denial of service botnet!