Grim Dawn Catch-All

Yeah, I thought that was a fantastic writeup of everything.

Agreed, he could take a second job teaching a class about how to communicate with your customers.

Copingsaw wrote:

Agreed, he could take a second job teaching a class about how to communicate with your customers.

No, because that would slow down development even more.

Early access codes went out.

Rolled me an occultist.

They... really need to change the flapping sound the raven makes.

I had to jump through some hoops, but activated on steam. Thanks for the heads up

Dunno if it's happened to anyone else, but I'd advise against trying to use your shared stash. It swallows items.

Been playing since alpha. Game is coming along quite nicely.

SpyNavy wrote:

Been playing since alpha. Game is coming along quite nicely.

Huh. I completely missed that announcement. Ah well, such is life.

Grabbed the Steam Early release and I'm liking this a LOT so far. Definitely ticking all the right ARPG boxes (and reminds just how much I enjoyed Titan Quest).

I also found a gun called Aggressive Tarnished Pepperbox Gun of the Desert. Which is rather amusing

How is it compared to PoE? I am an idiot and didn't get the early access when I kickstarted the game. I don't mind waiting as I already have too many games to play, just curious how it compares.

I've not played a whole lot of PoE so can't really compare the two yet, but if you've played Titan Quest this is pretty much EXACTLY that, right down to the inventory system, rune items, interface, skill system, etc

* * * *

Ok - finished the available content (i.e: Act 1) of the game. Liked it a LOT but there are a few things that need work in the balancing department. I was REALLY struggling to get through the last couple of areas, mostly because you get so little cash dropping that keeping stocked up on healing potions is next to impossible (let alone saving cash for equipment) and so I found myself dying, corpse running and slowly taking down areas by attrition.

And then when I DID get to the final boss of the Act, I kited him around the room and killed him with very little danger to myself. Some of the random named mobs wandering around were tougher than he was.

So, yeah. Needs a bit of work yet, but it IS still in Early Access. Think I'll uninstall now and wait for the final version.

I've been really enjoying this. I've finally killed the Warden, cleared out the Depraved Sanctuary, Hallowed Hill, and killed Gutworm the Maneater.

I'm not ready to be done yet. I've got a couple more levels before I hit the cap and I'm sill enjoying running the dungeons. It took me a while to get the hang of things, my first character (Demolitionist) sailed through the regular mobs but couldn't kill the Warden. Then I tried a Nightblade and built a better character.

I think this game has wheels for me. I'm hot/cold on arpgs. Diablo 2 was Diablo 2. Titan Quest was

I just noticed something downloading on my Steam client, and when I checked, I saw that it was Grim Dawn. So I checked my inbox where I found an update email saying that Act 2 has just been released. I still intend to wait until the game is done before playing, but wanted to give a heads up to anyone who has been playing it.

In addition to Act2, this update inludes:

a number of other improvements, including the updated HUD and UI, a move key-binding, a force-move key-binding, the lore codex, ability to view / compare items on ground, new world map, larger mini-map and much more.

Cool. Played for a couple hours when I first bought it and really enjoyed what I saw. Not sure I'll play more before they release the final game, but I like what they've put out so far.

Thanks for the heads up. I've played through Act 1 a couple times, and can see myself playing through a ton more. This scratches the same sort of itch that Diablo does, but is different enough in feel that I don't feel like they really overlap.

AnimeJ wrote:

Thanks for the heads up. I've played through Act 1 a couple times, and can see myself playing through a ton more. This scratches the same sort of itch that Diablo does, but is different enough in feel that I don't feel like they really overlap.

Agreed - I have really enjoyed the game. I keep defaulting to playing the engineer - I want to like the other classes but so far it they havent grabbed me. Same reason I keep going back to WD in D3.

This is currently 33% off ($20) on Steam.

The game isn't actually out yet is it? My dad picked up a couple of keys at the lowest tier and is going to pass one my way- want to make sure he didn't miss any announcements. Looks like it's still those who opted for Beta but not sure, since I didn't back.

It's still in Early Access (ie. beta) on Steam.

I was a Kickstarter backer and a big fan of Titan Quest. But, each time I tried the beta, it just didn't really click with me.

A couple of major patches have come out though, and I just tried the game again with a new character (Demolitionist). I found that I was having a lot of fun. The guns have a very satisfyingly chunky feeling. There's a hard-to-articulate sense of flow that was missing before.

I tried the beta when act 1 was first released for about 1/2 an hour. It was fun but not in the addictive sort of way TQ or Diablo grabs you. I've been thinking about picking it up again with all the changes. Your post will be my motivation.

Personally, I think what I played so far (an earlier version of the first act) grabbed me more than Diablo 3 did, which I found incredibly dull. I'm just waiting for the full release now before going back to it because I don't want to end up burnt out on the first set of areas before it's even released.

Is it still in Beta?

Yep, looks like they just released a new build last week.

I've eyeing this again since the start of the Steam summer sale. I think I want to pull the trigger but those comparisons to Titan Quest...

TQ is a fine game in its own right but playing it now it just feels very plodding and dated. If the feel of this game is extending literally to Grim Dawn - a game that I would expect to smartly implement modern concessions where it makes sense rather than cling to the past - then I'm not so sure any more.

Is the game baked enough now to be worth grabbing for $12.50 during the summer sale, or is it still 'too beta'? I love D3 (probably have 500 hours in), but TQ just didn't really grab me.

Mechanically, I think it's pretty solid. But then, I also bought the Legendary version of it 3 years ago.

Titan Quest is an interesting beast. It's a perfectly fine, mediocre ARPG that helped Diablo starved fans get by during the aughts. Single player wasn't perfect, it could get very grindy and come to a complete halt if you weren't geared for single player. Multiplayer on the other hand was an absolute blast, and I feel that was the intended way to play the game just by the nature of the class abilities.

I loved Titan Quest overall, despite its flaws. It scratched an itch I didn't know I had at the time, and it had enough enemy and environment variety I remained pretty well engaged all the way through the Normal campaign. Even to this day it still looks gorgeous in my opinion, the art design has held up surprisingly well over the years. It's my go to LAN game even a decade later, so there must be something within that game code that keeps me coming back.

I'm hoping Grim Dawn brings more modern contrivances to the table because TQ's loot and combat do feel a bit clunky in this day and age. I just bought in because frankly I feel like I robbed that studio what with playing TQ for hundreds of hours, they deserve more of my money in my mind. Can't wait to give this a spin.

How is this single player only wise? Still fun?

Okay so I did end up biting. I was too demoralized by my poorly geared Level 70 characters in D3 and needed a different click-click-click fest to jump onto.

7 hours in so far and I am liking it. The combat feels nice and chunky and thankfully an improvement over TQ in this regard. This is helped by their liberal use of camera shake (which can be disabled). I tend to favour ranged attacks so I've been tailoring a Demolitionist/Occultist hybrid character. The feel of exploding zombies with explosive shells fired from a steampunky hunting rifle has been magnificent.

The skill tree is done in pretty much the exact same fashion as on the one found in TQ. It provides some interesting choices without becoming overwhelming. The restrictions to respeccing seem fair but I've only tried that option out once so the jury's still out on how badly I might paint my character into the corner at the higher levels.

My biggest complaint may be one that's not shared by as many players. I game on a HP laptop, so I had resigend myself to playing old or indie games for the most part. However since D3 I had come to realize I can run modern games so long as they're optimized well. Grim Dawn is still in alpha, so I would have to say their game is not optimized well at all. D3 on medium detail runs like butter compared to this game on low settings.