Grim Dawn Catch-All


I remember hearing some time ago on Gamasutra that devs formally from Iron Lore were working on a new RPG. Well, they look to have made an announcement for the new game, Grim Dawn. It sounds like an interesting game, but what is also worth mentioning is that they are trying a finance model based on pre-sales of their game. Its similar to the model used by the creators of Natural Selection 2, and somewhat similar to the method used by the Torchlight developers to finance their MMOG with the single player version. It is also an idea which Gabe Newell spoke on some time ago.

I think that after the nightmare of game purchases that await me in the next 2 months, I might check this out. Might be worth taking a look and supporting a small dev making a quality game (or at least made one or two).

What a neat idea. I'll probably get in on that.

It sounds alot like the method Mount & Blade used to get started.

This sounds interesting - and they are working from a proven engine, so the development is going into the game itself without worrying much about infrastructure.

EDIT: need to find out if they are planning on any DRM, since TQ had it (probably through no fault of theirs, though).

Wow, looks good. I want to know a little more first but I might pre-order.

Will be watching this one closely. If it is anywhere near as good as Titan Quest, I will be all over it. However, I am not really interested in pre-ordering a game without any sort of release date or progress indication.

It will be really interesting to follow how this game is treated by the fan-base if they indeed make the fan base their source of funding. I can only imagine the sense of entitlement some fans will feel.

LobsterMobster wrote:

I want to know a little more first but I might pre-order.

Ready and willing to support a new payment model.

Thanks for the heads up. I'd like to see some media, but I think I could be enticed to part with some preorder cash.

Maybe the podcast crew can try to get someone on the show for an interview!

You can pre-purchase again. Also, they've clearly stated that there will be no DRM if you buy directly from them, except for a key authentication for internet play.

They've got some screenies up and the game looks very dark, even depressing. Will keep watching but I need a lot more if I am going to pre-purchase.

Sounds interesting, will have to keep an eye on it. Thanks.

Hm, it looks like something interesting enough for me to pre-order once I get a chance.

That looks more my speed than Diablo III, art direction wise. I'd like to know more.

I signed up for the forums and will pre-purchase when I get my next check. Anticipating that, I made a post regarding what I thought the glaring problems that plagued TQ's skill system were.

Hey, they state they want the community to be involved in the development. So, my comments are thoughtful (stuff I have been developing over years) and I am not pulling any punches. Hell, as far as I'm concerned, I am paying them $20 to work on (fix?) their game.

Pre-payment is down, unless it's glitching for me.

NathanialG wrote:

It sounds alot like the method Mount & Blade used to get started.

Except that $20 is the cheapest option. I paid something like $6 for Mount & Blade years ago. *sigh* Come on people, don't you know I only want to pay $6 for your hard work. Sheesh. It's all about my needs here devs. Duh.

Seriously, I love the prepay idea. It worked wonders for me with M&B and I may be willing to give it a go here.

Edit: And props to the devs for mentioning Diablo in their introduction.

I found out about this when it first started and have been patiently waiting to see what comes out of it. I am very interested in the game and it's a shame that they were closed despite somewhat steady sales of TQ and they couldn't secure a deal for a multiplatform game. There are some new screenshots on their site and an interview from a week or so ago on BigDownload which is quite interesting.
I hope that this gets released soon. It kinda looks like the Diablo I originally wanted Blizzard to make with D3 and it will also have, like Torchlight, mod tools, multiplayer and they'd love to add new content every 6 months or so post-release. I'm actually thinking of pre-ordering it after the holiday season (saving up 50-60 extra bucks for the Steam/Impulse sales).

Nice post liquid.

This is a really good interview. It covers a lot more than just Grim Dawn. He provides a lot of detail on the closing of Iron Lore and the PC game industry in general. Good stuff.

Definitely looking forward to this game. I really think it will be better than Torchlight.

Read that interview when it was linked to from either PCG or RPS. I think the game is at least a year away based on the fact that there's no footage, the frequency of updates, and it was just announced early this year. Or, it's been a year already. Time flies.

A PAX appearance would be grand.

That really is a great interview. Quite illuminating.

It's nothing much but it is the first video they've posted (I think). Looks pretty.

liquid wrote:

It's nothing much.


The world looks great- though who knows how it'll actually look in a game. Still, yeah-- pretty.

Finally, some real footage.

Looking great, if a little too brown. There are so many arpgs coming out this year, but this is one I'm quite looking forward to.

So Diablo 3 get's criticized for being too colourful and this one get's criticized for being too brown?

Not to single you out, ebarstad, but it just seems to me that no matter what developers do they will get criticized.

Well, nobody said boo about Magicka's graphics, except "wow, nice!'

I'm not a big ARPG guy, but this...

I don't know that it is an important feature but I love our new dynamic weather system... The way the system works is that designers paint regions of the world with different climate types. The climates are controlled by climate files where designers can add different weather patterns and set probabilities for each to occur. The weather patterns, in turn, are built out of individual weather effects such as wind, fog, thunder, dust, etc, that can be set to varying intensities. I have to admit, I get a bit of a tingly feeling when I'm running through a wheat field and then the sky darkens, rain starts to fall, gently at first but then it starts pouring, the wind picks up and blows the grass around and then there is a sudden boom of thunder.

... makes me want to give them money. Just to show appreciation for someone paying attention to details like that. Puts a different perspective on that first video doing its weather cycling.

Looks like Titan Quest reskinned, sign me up.

For those of you who want to give them money, they *are* financing by preorder. I'm thinking that $48 is pretty cheap for Holy Reverence.

Aaaand, self enabled. Do some good, guys.

I signed up for the middle tier yesterday. I was waiting to see gameplay first and this looks like a very good start. And if it's made by Titan Quest dudes, I'm sure it'll be worth it. I look forward to seeing my name in the credits.