Neptune's Pride

In their latest podcast, the RPS guys were talking about Neptune's Pride, an online slow-real-time space sim. It's being developed by some ex-Irrational devs, and it's currently in beta. Anyone else fancy giving it a try? It looks like one of those browser-based play-once-a-day-thingy. It looks a bit Stars! ish to me, which I consider to be a good thing.


I'm playing with a colleague in the same game.

Seems good, but very slow moving. It's hard to get my head around how little you actually do each day. I'm only one day into my first game, though, so it may speed up as empires get bigger.

If it's real time, won't it take about a decade to do anything?

It's an heirloom game, Lobster, get with the program.

I'm in the game. Look for Clockwork House. There's one slot left in the Upsilon Ruhk game, and there's a completely open Omicron Ain game. Think we could fill the eight slots in the Omicon Ain game with GWJers?

I had a space battle, and won! Woohoo! There might be another one in a few days I guess.

I'm glad you won, Mike. I lost. I lost badly.

Anyone still playing this? I just found out about it today.

TempestBlayze wrote:

Anyone still playing this? I just found out about it today.

Not sure, but I think a couple people were trying to get a game of Neptune's Pride II (the sequel they just announced this week) up and running in this thread.