360 won't read discs?

So, for some reason, my 360 decided to not read discs of any form. XBLA games work, but nothing involving actually reading a disc works. Anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong and how I could get it working?

I think you are screwed. You'll have to have microsoft repair it which probably won't be free.

Sounds like your disc drive has failed. If you eject it, you can find out what type it is an buy a replacement yourself if you're off warranty.

I think these are all the types. Looks like it's a pretty complicated process, though. You may want to check local ads (Craigs list, Kijiji, etc.) and see if there's a local dude who can do it for you.

I've had the same issue though it would occasionally read discs and most of the time when it did boot up a game the game would then freeze up a few minutes in. Seeing as how I'm fairly broke so couldn't afford a drive replacement and the Xbox was already out of warranty.

No idea if this actually helped but I'd noticed that because the Xbox was sitting on top of my dish DVR that the bottom of the Xbox was getting extremely hot even when the system wasn't on just from the heat bleedover from the DVR. I moved the system to a new location where it was completely by itself with better airflow and now it works fine. Admittedly, it still has the disc read error every dozen bootups or so but generally I only have to restart the system and it will kick in. I harbor no illusions, however, that this is only buying me time before my second Xbox decides to kick the bucket.

You can buy a replacement laser for the drive for around $15. They are not that hard to install but it will void your warrenty