Zero Gear Catch-All.


Remember Wacky Wheels? Well this is pretty much Wacky Wheels mixed with a healthy dose of Mario Kart. Parallax and I gave it a shot this evening and it's pretty decent fun. It's free to play until sunday (you should see it at the bottom of your Steam list). If you see me on fire me an invite!

From the developer forums it looks like if this game gains a following they are interested in adding free maps and more karts/items.

Developer Website:

I don't think this is something I'll care about but since you are interested enough to make a thread, and the fact that it's only 240mb, I'll try it.

It's the closest thing we're gonna get to a PC Mario Kart I think

Hopefully we'll have a few people give it a shot over the weekend.

I have to say that this was an absolute blast. I went in not expecting much but just wanted to keep playing. It's just simple online kart racing fun. If bought in a 4 pack, it's only $7.50 too! I'll definitely get in on one if a couple of other people like it. Seriously though, give this a shot.

I seems like most people are playing variety/mini-game modes, of which I haven't found a fun one. When I try to join a race it's usually in progress. That's fine, but there's a wait involved and there's no telling if the next round is a variety mode, to my knowledge. Honestly, specing the race mode it didn't look too fun anyway. The karts don't have much weight to them so it's unnecessary difficult to steer and, in the case of mini-games, hit someone.

Even if this were a free browser/mmo game I wouldn't play it.

I just put a few rounds in vs some AI. The tag games I found very difficult since I could never hit the correct AI except once. The race I played was just going around in an oval basically. Also a bit bland.

I had a pretty big grin on my face during the sports-based games. (except in basketball, when the camera didn't always face the way I wanted it to)

Yeah I only keep the races (and football) in my map rotation. I hope for future maps they make more tracks with elevation changes, as my one big complaint right now is how flat nearly every level is.