Bayonetta Catch-All

fuzzyb wrote:

I tried the demo last night and I was thoroughly confused. I told my girlfriend that my experience was probably akin to what non-gamers experience when trying simpler game. I button-mashed my way through it, but the confusing story and massive amounts of visual flair didn't really appeal to me. Plus the J-pop blaring in the background seemed really incongruous. Perhaps it's just a crappy demo or I'm not one for this style of game (I've only played the original DMC and thought it was just ok). It was really pretty, though.

I read this and realize that I can't wait to try the demo. It's either a) going to make me feel tons older than I am or b) I'm going to love it.

50-50 shot ain't bad, but if I had to guess, I'm going to end up in a)

The first half of the demo, on the falling clocktower, was a confusing mess and made me feel old and blind. The second half was actually quite manageable.

Ok, got a chance to play the demo tonight. Was it what I expected? No, it wasn't, and honestly... I can't believe I enjoyed every heel-shooting minute of it. The finishing moves were brutal, the fighting wasn't too much, and even though I didn't play the tutorial but jumped right in on easy, I definitely had fun and this has been promoted from a "full ignore" to a "hope to catch it on sale" or "solid rental" status.

First review is in.

Definitely a day one buy for me.

Hey, I kinda liked it. I think I'll buy it.

IGN weighs in. -


9.5 -



That's a pretty big disparity between the two platforms. I guess IGN felt so strongly about the difference that they produced two separate video reviews for each console. After watching each, it kind of makes sense.

I'm going to have to give the demo a whirl. After having sworn off the genre due to my old-ass reflexes utterly failing at these types of games, I have to admit that my interest is piqued with Bayonetta.

The fact that it does seem to embrace its over the top silliness is a big selling point for me too. It reminds me of an Earth Defense Force 2017 of DMC/Ninja Gaiden titles.

DMC embraced it's silliness pretty heavily. My favorite example is that one of your weapons in that game is a naked woman who turns into an electric guitar that you use to rock battle with demons and shoot lightning bats. Also, the Taunt button that the reviews have been mentioning is a DMC mechanic as well.

The reviews, at least on the 360 side, are looking really good. Maybe Famitsu is right.

Sold. I'm a bit bummed that 360 has such an advantage over PS3, not due to any emotional attachment to the PS3, but rather to a plan I made early on to collect a purely PS3 library of single player games for the current genre. This will end up breaking that plan.

Sigh, as much as I try to resist of getting the game... (plus, the whole Mass Effect 2 release and Forza 3 sitting un-played :cry:) ...with the rave reviews, fun demo, and the oddest thing... that my girlfriend though that the game was awesome, looks like I'll be picking it up on release.

This game while mechanically tight represents everything immature within the industry. "Japan the game" is a wonderfully accurate description of what to expect. After playing the demo, my roommates and I were bowled over laughing after the game go more and more absurd. It was bad enough the game's subtitle is "First Climax", even worse when you limp-wristedly shoot with an arm on your hips while strutting like a model, to downright shameful when the camera zooms in between the legs of the character to show off what the inside of her thighs and buttocks look like. I probably won't be buying this game because it just crosses a new low of objectifying absurdity.

the Japanese have the best game related Oogaba.

This game is rocking my world. Re-damn-diculous.

scrub wrote:

This game is rocking my world. Re-damn-diculous.

Tell me more, Scrub. Totally justified impulse buy or wait for it on sale?

And would it be a good game to go "old school" on and pass the controller around for lives/stages?

GameTrailers review is up. Definitely going to play it, but I'm going to wait and see if I can get it through GameFly first, simply because of the huge pile I've built up.

Mister Magnus wrote:
scrub wrote:

This game is rocking my world. Re-damn-diculous.

Tell me more, Scrub. Totally justified impulse buy or wait for it on sale?

And would it be a good game to go "old school" on and pass the controller around for lives/stages?

I like the pure over-the-top ridiculousness of it. I totally impulsed it as my pile has become friggin' epic. But I'm still playing it. As for old school I think you can, if you stage select and redo parts for time challenge. There's a demo if you're reticent to take the plunge.

Wow, GameTrailers makes a point of showing the PS3 load times. 6 seconds just to bring up the Pause screen? They did something seriously wrong with that port.

Back to the game, I'm darn near sold. I'm totally with scrub, the completely insanity of the whole thing is a breath of fresh air. I seriously gotta get the lance so I can do a pole-dance AoE attack.

Played the demo and liked it. It's a definite purchase for me at some point, the only question is whether it's an impulse buy (I have the itch, but should sit on the resources) or an Amazon Deal of the Day.

My pile is also much too large, and I've been having a great time with a first-time runthrough of San Andreas, but something about the game is beckoning me.

Someone sell me on it or cool me down. Please.

Wait for a deal. You know it'll happen pretty soon, and in the meantime you can finish your San Andreas game or some other pile item. I will be very surprised if this isn't on some kind of discount from Amazon within the month, if not sooner.

>sigh of relief and diminished fever< Thanks, ahrezmendi. Instantly better.

+ 360 version installs to drive and load times are very short
+ If you like DMC then this is seriously your game
+ It's got a great sense of humour
+ OVER THE FRIGGING TOP in every sense, music, action, graphics, combat, bosses, etc.
+ Bayonetta is hot
+ load screens have combat practice
+ Very easy mode available for you pussies
+ Leaderboards

- It's a pricey bugger right now

Just buy it.

I'm torn on this. I want Bayonetta. I also want Mass Effect 2.

I have also resolved to set my self a strict gaming budget this year, and it means that I'm only buying one of them.

The sci-fi geek part of me that loved Mass Effect says I should get that, and adds that it'll give me a solid 50 hours of fun that will tide me over most of the way until Final Fantasy hits.

The Japanophile in me that recently discovered a latent love for Devil May Cry says I should get Bayonetta, and adds that as a responsible game consumer, I should vote with my wallet, support the underdog, and encourage more bonkers Japanese developer/publishers to make and release games in the West.

The sci-fi geek points out that I never did get around finishing up a second playthrough in DMC4, and I could sate my action-need with that.
The Japanophile points out that I still haven't played the Bringing Down the Sky content in Mass Effect, and I could sate my space-need with that.

The Keeper Of The Funds in me notes that I've already got a pre-order in for Mass Effect 2 with Amazon, and they're running a $10 coupon offer on it, which tilts the balance towards that.

I used to somewhat frequent gametrailers, but it's filled with 13 year olds who jerk off to everything that casts a shadow. Suffice to say, the site reviewed it with a solid 9.

I get my jollies from other things, but I guess I can see the appeal this crap can have over 13yr olds.

Now I travel to a safer, saner, more adequate site, GWJ. The youngest user is probably, what? 25? 26? Christ, it's even possible everyone on this site has "been" with a woman by now, so I thought it would be safe to say that I would find like-minded people when it came to this "game".


I know not all of us need any substance whatsoever, but this just crosses the line. Even for a game that mocks itself and is over the top in every which way, this is too much.


"Great!" "Loads of fun!" "Day one-buy!"


If you wanna have a ridiculous story, make it funny and fun. See 90's adventure games on how to succeed.

Want pixelated boobies of whores dancing on poles? f*cking download Poser. Yes they even have textures for the labia if you're so inclined.

No story, flashy colors, quirky music, "interesting" gameplay. Bayonetta? No! Tetris. It's far better. Get Porntris if you need the boobies.

I'm seriously losing hope in humanity....

kexx wrote:

< walking stick shake >

I can't speak for everyone, but what interests me about the game is playing a fast-paced, well balanced brawler. You could change the character of Bayonetta to a middle aged man in a trenchcoat, and I'd be just as interested.

Everything I've read about the game emphasises how tight the controls are, how flowing the combat is, and how satisfying it is to play. That's what's got my interest, not digital titties, because you're right - I've got the internet, and there's much better titties on there.

Kexx, you seem angry.

I love me some over-the-top sexuality, be it in movies, comics, video games, television or real life.

I enjoy fun games. I enjoy fun games with attractive protagonists more.

I enjoy escaping to worlds of fantasy when I play games. I say, heap the fantasy on!

From what I've read, the substance you're looking for is in the gameplay. That's good, right? I think so.

I suppose I'm some sort of download poser. Whatever. That doesn't really make sense to me. But that's ok.

swiftly moving along...

@Jonman: Bringing down the Sky probably won't fulfill any needs you have, unless those needs are 50 quick and easy achievement points.

@Scrub: AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! What are you, a plant?!?!?!? Back... to fighting... urge. But seriously, I'm gonna give it a few days to a week. San Andreas is great and still holds up. I'm also hopeful that San Andreas will help push me toward the GTAIV DLC I've been holding off on. Also, Netflix delivered Drag Me to Hell today, and I'm excited to sit down and check that out.

Jonman wrote:

You could change the character of Bayonetta to a middle aged man in a trenchcoat, and I'd be just as interested.

Whatever, I'll say it: I'm MORE interested in the game cause she's sleek and has long legs. I don't really care. I've got a crush on Princess Peach, too. So? It's not new that sexy makes things better.

Valid points Jonman.

I've always had a huge problem with games that are pretentious. Games that are "bad-ass" just because they are "bad-ass" without any motivation whatsoever behind its creation.

Even God of War is guilty of this. The gameplay is fun at bets, the level design is jaw-dropping gorgeous, but the story, characters, character development is null. It basically runs down like this:

I kill! I love blood! I enjoy murder! feeble humans, follow me! I kill more! Oh no, now I'm gonna get killed! *sells soul to devil* I kill more! I love blood! I love murder because murder and blood and gore is cool! Let's kill more! Oh no, after killing so much because blood is cool, I accidentally kill the family! Quick, player! Feel my anguish and pain and now root for me because I'm buffed, bald and have a bad-ass goatie! Lets kill more! Blood! Gore! Yeah!!


Bayonetta? "This game is awesome because our protagonist doesn't wear clothes, its hair that wraps her, and if you carefully look, you'll notice our booby-juggling technology. She's cool because she oozes sex, and nothing else. Sex and guns."

C'mon, I thought we were past this during the 80's movies. Blagh....disgusting sh*t...sorry, no amount of intricate gameplay can interest me into getting into something like this.

BUT, that caters to my tastes only. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I do look for story and character growth in some of my games. Gameplay becomes secondary all the way. I'm in it for the story. I'm probably alone in this. Sorry for rant.

You do offer valid points. They're just not points that cater to my tastes, is all.

EDIT: Yeah, I know...I'm too old, angry and bitter for 28. I need to reassess my values or something......RAGE!!

kexx wrote:

Blagh....disgusting sh*t...sorry, no amount of intricate gameplay can interest me into getting into something like this.

You know, statements like that I just don't get. I have no problem with you not appreciating the camp value of overt sexual objectification that's played to be deliberately silly. After all, humor and irony are subjective and if the joke doesn't work for you then it doesn't work. But honestly, if there was ever a game where you should let the experience of play overrule your stuck up sense of prudish self-righteousness, it's this one. Seriously, it's good. It's very good.

kexx wrote:

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I do look for story and character growth in some of my games. Gameplay becomes secondary all the way. I'm in it for the story. I'm probably alone in this. Sorry for rant.

You're not alone. But your tastes certainly aren't universal. And that's what they are: tastes. Preferences. And everyone has different tastes. So that's fine that the game is not what you're interested, just please don't have a meltdown just because others enjoy it.

80s movies, 90s adventure games... seriously, it's 2010. I don't even know what that means, but kexx, you're killing me here.

Have you discovered the "things you loathe" thread?