100 Gaming Cupcakes

Some really cool and well executed designs on these cupcakes. Plus the made it into a guessing game, with mouse over reveals of the game.

#92 makes me sad as they used the title of just the current game, and not the franchise, like they did with Halo or Mario Bros. and others.

Aslo, I thought 95 was what 99 was.

I guess the same on 95 & 99. Those are really well done.

Those are really cool. It makes me want to make cupcakes now. Or epic looking cakes.

Now I want cake.

I was JUST going to post this. It filtered into my regularly-visited Halo website because of #77.

Quake, Mortal Kombat and Frogger were my personal favorites.

I personally like the retro sprite ones most.

I looked at 10, and despite loving that game growing up, thought to myself, "X plus Y?" and thought 11 would be Pass the Pigs.

The Resident Evil one was great because it showed a very prominent symbol from the series and didn't have to abstract too much.

The Halo cupcake looks like someone put a green turd on it.

Now I feel like baking.

Now I feel like Quake.

Awesome! Thanks for the link. Some of those games were new to me.

I thought the Munchkin one was done particularly well.

So how many did folks get? I got 79 correct, and only 1 miss on a game I knew.

The cupcakes were awesome, some I thought were done better than the rest. I loved number 34 and number 8. A lot of games I wouldn't have thought of and therefore I was impressed. Now where's my cupcake?

That's an awesome set of cupcakes.

68 correct, 7 that I should've got, and the rest I hadn't played or recognized.