Google Android catch-all

Yeah love wyze for baby monitor. That would be a fun use of my old phone.

If I end up with a bunch of old tablets over the years I'd like to set one up in every room for various uses related to that room.

After a month of using the Asus ROG Phone 2 I've gotten in a good battery rhythm. I was charging every day and a half from almost zero to 100. Now what I do is put it on charge in the morning when I am getting ready and that gives me more than enough battery to get through the day. This morning I unplugged at 85% and I am about to head home and I'm at 47%. Today has been a typical use case. All day podcasting, Bluetooth always on, some YouTube, and a bit of low stress gaming.

At this point my only real complaint with this phone is that the camera is just bad. Like...bad. 2014 phone camera bad. That's not a deal breaker for me because I never take pictures, but it is saying a lot when I think the camera is bad.

Does it run the standard Android camera app?

No I think it uses a proprietary app.

Try to get the stock Android camera app. Half of the quality on the pixel phones is software. Maybe it will help.

I just thought I'd pass along that my opinion has only strengthened with time: if you're not buying phones as a status symbol, if you don't buy The Very Best Chipset, no matter how little that actually gives you, the Pixel 3a is a remarkably good phone. It's reasonably priced, snappy as heck, has an excellent screen, and offers a superb camera. Its battery life is good and it charges very rapidly. And it has a damn headphone jack, which I use all the time and am very upset about losing in most flagship devices. (the headphone jack was probably the single biggest reason I settled on the 3a.)

It's probably not the best pick for gaming, but for almost anything else, it's an exceptional product that's priced reasonably. It's easy to buy unlocked and works pretty much anywhere in the world.

I see an awful lot of people on dev forums obsessing over the latest and greatest chipsets, but that just seems silly to me. You don't actually get anything from those chipsets, really, at least not that I can see.

The only real problem I see with the 3a is that they're having trouble getting LineageOS working correctly with it; the new Android 10 is apparently a lot less open in its design, and things are getting challenging on that front. If you'd like extended support for your phone, past when Google decides to drop it, there may be better options.

Of course, by the time they do drop it, hopefully the Lineage team will have figured it out. It's really sweet hardware, and it would be a shame to throw it away in three years.

Yeah, I really considered the Pixel 3a and probably would have gone with the 3a xl if the service provider I went with had carried it but I ended up getting a Galaxy A70 and I'm pretty happy with it.

More storage, thinner top & bottom bezels, the big screen and the microSD card slot won me over. The camera's not as good and the software updates won't be as timely but it does what I need.

I never really considered a high end phone; cell service is expensive enough in Canada as it is.

My only big complaint is it's too wide for me to comfortably use one handed but I have small hands.