Way of the Samurai 3 Catch all.

So I picked this up on Amazon over the holiday's for the 360, where it was 50% off its already budget $50 price.

I have to say I'm enjoying it. The game is quirky, both on purpose and by virtue of its translaiton and design flaws. IT gives a very PS2 vibe.

That said, mortality seems meaning full, both for your self and for the NPCs. You only get one life, they only get one, and everybody can die -- read that you can kill everyone. You can ignore the clearly hinted at backstory filled with chanbara cliches and just kill (or try to) kill everyone. Or you can talk to everyone instead, and the game will label you " the chatty samurai."

The combat system is out of date in some respects, but all the different schools of sword styles avaiable add alot of depth, and frankly is nesscicary considering the subject matter.

Has anyone else checked this out?