Killing Floor Catch-All

We played a lot a couple weeks ago, we always come back to it whenever there is a sale and the regular models get re-skinned. Still, you can both post a link to your steam's id and I'll send you an invite to the KF group.

There is a Halloween update! I'm reinstalling it in hopes it will get me in a Halloween mode. Let me know if anybody is interested in playing this week.

For those too lazy to enter the tunnel-fulla-links:

Killing Floor wrote:

The Killing Floor Halloween event is back for a limited time with all new Hillbillly themed monsters!

Event Details

Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor - auto downloaded through Steam.

All new level, Hillbillly Horror, surrounded by heaps of redneck trash you and your friends must defend yourselves from monstrous hillbillies in the North Georgia mountains.

Replaces all specimens with Hillbillly themed monsters

15 all new achievements. Six of which are only available during the Hillbillly event

New official weapons: MKB42 assault rifle (a favorite of many heroes in the battle of Stalingrad), WWII Trenchgun with dragons breath incendiary rounds, Nail Gun with nails that can bounce around corners and nail the heads of zeds to the wall, Medic Nade that will heal teammates and poison zeds

Four additional weapons as part of the first ever community weapon pack DLC: Scythe, Flare Gun wild west pistol, Thompson SMG, Saw Blade Crossbow with bouncing retrievable blades.

“Grim Reaper” playable character unlockable for the duration of the Halloween 2012 event (To unlock players need to gain 6 Halloween 2012 achievements and 1 Hillbilly Horror map achievement)

“Chickenator” purchasable playable character DLC

+Bug Fixes

There is a handful of people whining about a paid weapons DLC pack for the game. I offer this rebuttal:

1. Tripwire has released free maps/weapons on a regular basis.

2. It's a co-operative game. There is no "competitive edge" given to players in a PvP sense. You're all on the same team here.

3. Tripwire released four new weapons for free with this update.

4. It is a "community weapons" DLC release. The people who made the weapons are getting a cut of the sales.

Killing Floor wrote:

Straight from the talented community modders of the IJC crew comes the first DLC weapon pack for Killing Floor. Featuring a diverse set of new weapons the Community Weapon Pack brings new game play options for your favorite perks. Best of all the community modders in the IJC crew are going to be making real money from the sale of this pack – a first for the Killing Floor community.

Entitled buggers.

They always do this, halloween maps, christmas maps... nice to see the support. I guess someday I should get back in and try to finish my perks.

We live in a time when people whine about getting stuff for free anyway you cut it. "But I have to download it..." I don't quite agree with going to the other extreme (the LouisCK "everything is awesome and everyone's complaining" side) but I think you do need to read whines, then immediately pass it through a filter and not give it any more brain-time.

Even thou I'm finding zero time to play anything lately, there's no way I'm gonna miss this event.

Picked up 5 out of the 6 special achievements needed for the Grim Reaper, getting that last one is annoying. Every time I line up the shot, someone runs in and shotguns the husk, sigh.

I'm in for this, when I can squeeze some gaming time into my schedule. I'd be up for achievement-hunting on the GWJ server. Also, I think you're able to get the achievements in single-player, at least you could in the past.

A friend picked this up for me during the Halloween event. Any chance I can get a GWJ group invite?

I've really enjoyed what I've played of this. During the event, I played mostly solo beginner to learn a bit about how the weapons work and the various enemy types. Thankfully, beginner is easy to solo I've also jumped into a few public games on normal with mixed results. During the event, it seemed that there were a large number of typical internet asshats, and it was't a good experience. However, I was able to drop into a long campaign last night with nice folks and had a good time.

Long term, I think I am interested in playing melee or pyro, but as a newbie, I really don't want to get in the way of the other players. So last night I simply chose medic and took up a position behind and to the left of the melee guy who was the frontline offense at a doorway/chokepoint and healed him as fast as the injector would refill while occasionally running back and healing up other player's when they called for a medic.

I also think I need to run a few more beginner solo rounds now that the monster skins have reverted back so I can reestablish what creature does what. After only knowing the event skins, the normal monster skins look a little rough.

Any further advice for a newbie?

Jasonofindy wrote:

Any further advice for a newbie?

I always found it helpful to change classes early. Maybe the first round or two go as melee or sharpshooter (for pistol bonus), and then when you have enough money switch to your preferred class in round 2 or 3, before shopping of course, so that you can get a discount on your new weapon.

Stele wrote:
Jasonofindy wrote:

Any further advice for a newbie?

I always found it helpful to change classes early. Maybe the first round or two go as melee or sharpshooter (for pistol bonus), and then when you have enough money switch to your preferred class in round 2 or 3, before shopping of course, so that you can get a discount on your new weapon.

This is very helpful since I didn't even realize you COULD switch classes between rounds. Do you switch somewhere in an options menu or somewhere in the store?

I also don't remember any sort of round information in the server browser, so most of the games (besides solo) I've ended up in have already been in round 3 or later. I usually use my meager funds at that point on body armor and wait to get weapons the next time around since I have been playing medic.

I still remember my horrible first attempt at a multiplayer match back during the halloween event. I joined in round 3 or 4. Since the other players wisely were near the shop at the end of the round, but you spawn far away from it, I equipped the knife and high-tailed it to the shop. By the time I was there and bought my armor, the other players were long gone and fortified somewhere else on the map. I then died trying to find them and fight my way to them. Rinse and repeat 2 more rounds with the deaths leaving me with only enough cash to replace body armor. Thankfully, the next round I was able to finally link up with them and didn't die again until the final boss confrontation.

Recommendations for new players?

- You can switch classes in the store by clicking on icons in the upper left of the shopping screen. You can only switch once per round, so click carefully.
- Do NOT buy body armor until you have a better weapon.
- Use the right mouse button to bring up your gunsight.
- ALWAYS aim for the head.
- While reloading, take a moment to look around. Move to a new spot if you're being flanked.
- You run faster with a melee weapon (e.g. the knife) equipped.
- Don't shoot scrakes if someone else is attacking them with a melee weapon.
- Scrakes will charge when they are at half health. Until then, they are very slow and easy to outrun.
- Fleshpounds take double damage from explosives and reduced damage from headshots.
- Don't waste ammo shooting at headless/burning enemies.

Rule #1 and #2: STICK TOGETHER.

90% of deaths are from people getting lost and isolated from the main group. It's very easy for this to happen if you die in a previous round and get to the store late after everyone leaves.

Tamren wrote:

Rule #1 and #2: STICK TOGETHER.

90% of deaths are from people getting lost and isolated from the main group. It's very easy for this to happen if you die in a previous round and get to the store late after everyone leaves.

Ah, but the tricky part is that the other 10% of the time, staying with the group WILL GET YOU KILLED.

Always sell weapons you won't use (usually higher-tier stuff) before switching classes. I've had expensive items outright vanish from my inventory after changing classes.

You don't need to watch the full healing animation when you quick-heal. Tap Q, then hit your weapon button again.

Don't use ironsights on shotguns. Using ironsights decreases your firerate(?) and limits your FOV, both of which get you killed as a short-range class. When you start using the basic SG, turn your flashlight on: the halo of light from your flashlight approximates the kill-zone. The main difference between shotguns is the rate of fire and number of pellets. If you train yourself to use the basic shotgun without ironsights, you can easily use the others.

Yeah, I love that game but I have not played for awhile. I usually go..hmm.. can't think of the class names! Well, I usually start off with the gun one since I start with the xbow and then trade off to melee class round 2 and get the samurai sword. With those weps you can take down anything! (almost max level melee though). Sometimes I go sword, machine gun (for those anooying ground things) and basic grenade aluncher (for fun). Rememeber you get xp toward that class using that wep no matter what class youa re at the time!

Learn the weapon spawn points. Pick up anything that spawns that you can carry, and sell it. Try all the classes, and find one you like, play it to learn the maps and critters. Practice killing with headshots (this is the only game where I reflexively shoot for the head, its hard to break my ingrained center mass aiming habit). I've had games where the few other players all died on the first or second wave (yes, sad) and I end up just standing where the clots funnel together, picking each of them off with a headshot. 25 clots, 25 shots, 25 kills. Then I got accused of showing off

Typically there is no friendly fire. If the server has friendly fire turned on, then its probably going to hurt a lot, so either play carefully or find a regular server. Your own explosives will always hurt you, standing on or near your own pipebombs is a bad idea.

The last round boss is tough. The missile launcher he packs will detonate pipebombs near where the missile hits, so if you drop a pipe at a door, weld the door, stand by the door, you die when he missiles the door. The chaingun on his arm will shred a player in short order, so be sure to stand near hard cover and take cover as soon as he opens up with it. If you can hit him while he's cloaked and running, you can take him down before he runs off and heals.

There are two ways to change classes during a wave. Hit escape to see the same list you get at the start of the game. At the merchant screen, on the top left corner, there are a row of icons and a button labeled perks. Click the icon for the class you want to swap to right then. Be sure to select the right one, as you can only change once a wave. Or, click the button labeled perks to bring up the same list you see if you hit escape.

Melee altfire tends to do more damage, and you can melee altfire shots at the head of a scrake or husk to stagger them, keeping them from hitting you as you beat them down. Again, practice.

The double barreled 'hunting shotgun' puts out massive damage. From point blank range, altfire to fire both barrels, with all pellets hitting you can drop a scrake. Its also annoying in that you can't reload unless both barrels have been fired.

The medic guns is okay, but you don't buy them to kill things. The altfire lets you shoot players with a healing dart, so you don't have to chase them down to stick them with a syringe. Healing other players works better than healing yourself, since you can heal yourself once but with the same 'charge' you get two heals into another player. Of course, if they won't return the favor, screw em.

You can level up in a class without ever playing that class. Sharpshooters need X headshots with certain weapons (including the basic 9mm pistol) and any headshot with those weapons count for that tally, no matter what class you are playing at the time. The reason to play a certain class is for the benefits it gives, like cheaper weapons or better run speed or more effect with a certain weapon. The flamethrower is a lousy weapon in the hands of any class except the firebug, for example.

Running off solo is normally a bad idea, until you learn the game. Then, if you are confident you can stay alive, you might consider it since you get most of your money from killshots. Just make sure you have lots of running room, and know the maps. Farm is probably the best for this. As a berserker I tend to solo, since it gets annoying to run up to a monster only to have it die before I can engage it.

There are floors to be killed in space, I'll be trying the new maps tonight if you gents care to join.

If anyone's playing this as a result of the Summer Steam Sale, let me know. I'd be up for some co-op!

I wouldn't mind playing some rouns of steamland with some fellow goodjers, I've found it to be very enojoyable, they did a nice overhaul to the game's UI and the map itself is a welcomed departure of the "hole-up in some room and blast the entrances" gameplay.

I'm up for some co-op on this. Not sure if I need an invite to the Steam group or not. Anyone playing?

I've actually been discussing this as a possibility for my Extra-Life 11pm-1am EST timeslot. If so, I'll definitely be looking to play it at that time on Saturday. I'll keep you noted.

excellent thanks!

Alright. I plan to do a test round tonight (Friday) at 8pm EST. I'll be using the Vent server for communication, possibly in the Extra Life channel. I'll let you know (I believe there is also a Killing Floor channel, which I imagine would be more appropriate). I'll then be playing on Saturday 11pm EST.

My username on Steam is ccesarano.

Can I get an invite to the killing floor group?


I've friended you and you have been invited! Sadly we stopped playing tonight, but it seems it'll be on for tomorrow.

Sorry I missed it. My wife was having me run errands around the house which does not go well with co-op zombie killing. Next time.

Killing Floor 2 was announced.

Looks like they're taking Killing Floor and upping the animations and gore while retaining what makes the game basic and fun. Sounds like a good combination to me as KF is so simple to begin with overcomplicating it would be a detriment to the game.

In KF1, zeds simply moved faster and soaked up damage like lead-starved bullet sponges [at higher difficulty levels]. In KF2, zeds become more aggressive and gain new abilities. Clots that would stumble around in a daze on normal charge towards Hensley in a fury when he shoots them on Hell on Earth. Spider-like Crawlers pour out of vents in the walls and ceiling and scurry around in the darkness.


More variety in enemies is definitely needed. I stopped playing KF because I just got bored with the patterns of the enemies, I had them down and other than a Patriarch, it was rare for anything else to kill me (solo at least, teammates tended to mess that up :p).

And you wonder why no one would play with you. :p