Allods Online beta today

This game seems amazingly polished for a free-to-play. I really like the art style too. Not sure how much time I'll have to dedicate to it since I'm still playing WoW, but what the heck, it's free.

The death mechanic combined with the game mechanics puts this along the lines of WoW meets Darkfall in a F2P model. It's decent enough, no idea how long I'll play it.

Id been in the closed beta for this and it just got boring for me because mostly I had noone to play with. On the other hand the game itself is really great, has similar mechanics but its polished enough for me to consider continuing to play it.

I rolled another toon and so far think it will most likely be my main. Its a maurader named shadowklr so look me up if your on the server that starts with an "N" and im playing Empire.

Anyone still playing this? I've been thinking about downloading the client, but not sure if it is worth my time.

Its a big bucket of fail.

Cobble wrote:

Its a big bucket of fail.

Care to elaborate? I know the Massively guys are still gushing about this game aside from the micro-transaction price debacle they had a few weeks ago. Of course most of that gushing is in the form of "this is just like WoW but free and with PvP on boats!"

I guess its just that it is exactly like wow, all the way down to the graphics. to me thats fail. I played for 2 weeks just to get into it a bit beyond the initial, but the more you dig the more wow you find. So I guess it wont be a bucket of fail for everyone, but for me it is.

I like Wow and liked playing in the early beta for Allods. I stopped playing when the infamous Fear of Death rules were introduced.

If you're not familiar with Fear of Death, imagine a stacking Resurrection Sickness that takes an hour to fall off (at the highest level), only counts down while you're logged in, is applied every time you die whether in PvE or PvP, and can only be removed by an item available in the cash store. I'm already not a fan of death penalties, and this one made me wary of playing the game too much.

I will say, though, that I enjoyed what I played and I never did run into Fear of Death myself. But I get attached to my characters, and didn't want to get attached to a character in a game I would eventually want to avoid. I don't like recommending it for the above reasons, but the Empire has a cool and very Russian feel to it so it may be worth some time to look at.

Plus Egyptian Cyborg Zombies.

As a player race.

I agree on the fear of death and having to purchase items to minimize that. I played and did have a lot of fun up till level 7 or 8 but found no reason to go back and play after a couple days. It brought nothing new to the table that really interested me. It definitely is very WoW-ish. A nice diversion from other games but the cash shop and needing to spend real world cash at the higher levels puts me off. Then again, I still play WoW and pay $15 a month for a game I'm pretty sick of playing so take my opinion with a grain of salt

Last week I toyed around with the WAR demo and all it really did was make me want to play WoW again. Since I didn't feel like paying for another month of WoW I decided to try out Allods instead. At this point I've gotten one character to 9 and another to 11 (out of 40 max). For the first hour or so I wasn't that impressed but the further along I've gotten the more I'm enjoying it.

Both of my characters or on the Empire side and the starting city definitely gives off a Soviet Russia feel. (which makes sense since this is originally a Russian mmo) Busts of former leaders which look eerily like Stalin outside the main civic building. Signs in Russian hanging around, characters talking about defending the motherland, etc. Though it was a little eery when my human stalker started to look like an SS officer. Luckily I didn't pick the Hitler mustache that's available in character creation.

My other character is basically a undead cyborg Egyptian summoner that calls up a robotic scorpion. I can get behind characters like that. They're just cool.

As every has already said, it's nothing new, just a shift in setting laid on top of the WoW engine. So far I haven't run into any situation where I felt like I would HAVE to spend real money in their cash shop. Everything available there have just been perks. The first nudge toward the cash shop is that they start you out with fairly limited inventory space. They give you a quest at level 10 to acquire a larger bag but naturally it's a huge time-sink. Some people say they have finished it in 90 minutes, others have grinded away at collecting the various monster parts for weeks on end without finishing it. I think that quest is for a 20 slot bag or something like that. (you can only use 1 bag at a time) and if you want to just buy the largest bag which is a 30 slotter it costs $12.

So at this point, I'm having a blast, enjoying the new setting and characters, and I'm not spending a dime. If nothing else it's worth a look if you're not worried about jumping into a MMO for the end-game. From everything I've read that's where spending real world money becomes a bit more necessary.