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I just found this, so maybe its old news for the others reading this, but I just found someone who was able to layer in US VFR sectional, google maps, and a bunch of others into Little NavMap. I can use Foreflight + Xplane to follow along on a sectional, but that actually wants to add it to my real electronic Log Book. I also use various profiles with LNM, and I'm a little embarassed to add "King Air 350" into my Foreflight as a profile.. way too poser-y

Gamechanging for LNM for me.


So Real Taxiways USA - Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports was finally released not too long ago.

I think I agree with the FSElite review: it looks really good, and I can see that a lot of work must have gone into this, but $40 was a bit more than I expected for taxiways. Then again, when I posted about this back in May I thought it would be $45, so either the price came down a little or maybe it's "on sale" for its initial release.

The initial announcement for this said it was limited to class C and D, but it appears it really contains B, C, D, and untowered.

I'm still flying in Canada for the near future, but maybe I'll think more strongly about this when I cross back over into Maine.

One of the things that didn't come up in this video, but I read elsewhere, is that a lot of taxiway lights were also moved and placed more accurately. Those always really annoy me.

Carlbear95 wrote:

If you get this addon, even though you now have real taxiways, i'm not sure if LNM will pick them up, so you'll have to use a real chart which I don't think has a free moving map addon. Simple enough at a small airport, but good luck in Denver or some crazy airport like Madrid (LEMD).

I haven't bought this (yet), but did download the manual to have a look. It says:

TFM wrote:

Users should find that airports covered by Real Taxiways are now navigable via real-world airport diagrams, the signs on the ground, most external moving-map programs and online ATC instructions.

Still not sure $45 (or $40) is worth it for this unless you are flying VATSIM, and even in that case you will likely have a real world chart in front of you and you'll be following that instead of signs on the ground.

In the case of MSFS ATC at a smaller airport, the taxi routes are pretty simple and while it may not match a real world chart, whether its "Taxi via A" or "Taxi via C", its pretty obvious which way you need to go and you can follow it on LNM.

For major airports, even if the taxiways are labeled correctly I sometimes find MSFS ATC's taxi instructions baffling. Crossing at weird places, crossing back and forth. Doesn't really matter if the taxiways are labeled correctly or not.

The cost isn't totally comparable, but an investment in Navigraph I think is a better bet and maybe hope for fixes to the taxiways by MS. Its kind of shocking that they aren't labeled correctly given they have tech that can figure out where a tree is located based on bing imagery but didn't use that same tech to correctly label taxiways for every B,C,D airport out there. I thought it was also hinted that they would have something similar to Xplanes scenery gateway where users can submit fixes to the default airports.