How did you find GWJ?

MaxShrek wrote:

I fall into that "Google search for adult gamer mature gamer" way back when. Up popped "2 Old 4 This" and "Gamers With Jobs".

What he said.

I'd been hearing about gamers With Jobs for a long time, but it was either Jonathan from Through The Aftermath, or Michael Zenke in Shut Up, We're Talking, that finally got me to look this place up, and join. I know I heard about GWj long before I started listening to those podcasts, but i can't remember from where, as SUWT is my very first podcast to follow. I'd like to think it came to me form the FFHybrid days, but that seemsunlikely.

I'll have to stick with Shut Up, We're talking.

Like so many others, it's Bill Harris' fault!

You know those search terms that show up in "Welcome Perverts!" articles?

Nah, really it was because BadMojo kept posting links to articles and threads into IRC. I think it was Sway's box that finally got me to make an account.

Dont remember it was a guest spot done by Rabbit or Elysium on a MMO podcast. The Instance, Virgin Worlds... something along those lines. I remember not agreeing with what they said but liked how they said it. So i came and checked the place out.

Like everything I do in my life, I follow Ratboy. I came when they left

Surfing around for Gaming sites while I was in Iraq. Chit chatted with Certis, set the record for fastest time to getting a tag (you can get bored at times in the desert), wrote an article for GWJ and got slashdotted, and have been around ever since. GWJ was a great outlet through all my deployments, but especially for my time in the desert.

I was lonely so I came here after listening to the podcast.

An article on The Escapist a while back. I can't find it now though.

Many years ago, members primarily made up of IGN Xbox (1) forums grew weary of the juvenile antics on that board and started their own message board group titled, Veteran Gamers Board. Much like GWJ, VGB was targeted mostly to adult gamers and had a zero tolerance policy for the common message board bs.

On of the VGB members mentioned Gamers With Jobs in a post and I cruised over here to check it out. I've been hooked ever since.

I'm pretty sure there has been an identical thread in the past, but I found GWJ from the article posted on Slashdot regarding Ken Levine defending the Lair control scheme (which he didn't really do, he just defended the developer for giving it a try, probably due to pressure from Sony).

I originally came from Slashdot after reading some editorial from KaterinLC about something I no longer remember except that her writing really grabbed me. I recall loving her article, loving Fletcher and Sanjuro on the GWJ Radio and then sticking around for the forums.

EA exodus here. Coming up on six years now, I think?

EDIT: Holy Balls, it's been nearly SEVEN years. Yipes! Certis sure is dreamy.

I tried to find this place and couldn't. So I got some weird Canadian guy to make it for me instead.

Reaper81 wrote:

EA exodus here. Coming up on six years now, I think?

Rounding on seven years, actually.

I found GWJ on a garbage pile in a forgotten corner of my brain. I dusted it off and put a funny hat on it.

Turn left at Greenland?

Probably iTunes. "People who like CGW Radio also like..."

Certis wrote:
Reaper81 wrote:

EA exodus here. Coming up on six years now, I think?

Rounding on seven years, actually.

I edit faster than you post!

Reaper81 wrote:
Certis wrote:
Reaper81 wrote:

EA exodus here. Coming up on six years now, I think?

Rounding on seven years, actually.

I edit faster than you post!

And what an edit it is! I'm flattered.

Joystiq linked to a Ken Levine podcast later in '07, and I became a regular listener. It took me a few months to realize there was actually a forum behind the Conference Call...

I started dating this guy...


... and apparently in order to marry him, there are requirements. This site is one of them.

My husband Philosofrenzy turned me onto the podcast (he lurked the site quite a bit, as well...and still does). I enjoy procrastinating on the internet and gaming, so the gwj boards seemed like a perfect place to feed both for maximum enjoyment.

Gonegold went down. I went looking around and found here.

GFW radio when Rabbit was on.

I'd lurked off and on for a couple of years, but did not regularly come here until after also hearing positive comments about it on the GFW-Radio podcast. Then I started listening to the podcast and reading more frequently.

L4D1 really pulled me in, though. After playing with some GWJ'ers there I came back and read the COC post and paid more attention to the forums. It solidified that this was a place for mature, intelligent but fun gaming discussion. Still frequently impressed by the people here, articles and of course the Conference Call (which continues to give me laugh-out-loud-in-public moments if I'm not careful).

Honestly, I don't even remember. I came back when I was looking for good gaming podcasts (and now it's pretty much the only one I still listen to since GFW radio brodeo disappeared). I came to the site only to discover that I already had a login. When and why I originally registered I still have no idea. Oddly enough my account now shows I've only been a member for a year, and this is indeed when I joined up, but I do remember finding that my email was already in use and had to reset my password.

I used to write for another site, and Elysium traded articles with the guy who ran it one day. That brought me here. An article by Duckideva sold the show, though, and they never have managed to get rid of me.

I wanted to get into LotRO, and found that if a original lifetime member had keys left I could get a lifetime for $199USD. Some Googling led me to a post here. After making a request to a member (thanks again Deadron!) I started reading some of the forums and then the articles. All I could think was "Why didn't I find this site years ago!" As a starting to get older, married with kids, no time to play(1) gamer it was like I had found an oasis in the midst of the leet kid's desert.

*edit* Oh, and since I got my Android phone a month or so ago I finally started getting into podcasts, and the GWJ Conference Call is the only one that I can't wait to get the latest edition! You guys do a great job!


(1) No time to play mostly means not as much time as I would like/want to play, and nowhere near as much time as I used to have!

I came through on a link to one of the "perspectives" a few years back. Lurked hard for the first 2 years. Still do most of the time. I like to watch.
Interpret that as you will...

Tyrian wrote:

I followed Certis / Elysium from Evil Avatar, and lurked for about 2-3 months. Maybe more.

When I got drug into MMORPGs, Dragonfly pointed me here. I'm assuming she found it through her man Tyrian.