Mid-Atlantic and Southern Storm


Well, the forecast here just went to one to two feet over the next 36 hours, so I thought I'd set up a thread to track it. Anyone in NC/VA/etc experiencing it yet? How much snow are you getting?

I'm in SC, so it's only rain. Rain all day, temps in the 30s. Bleah!

I'll post pics if it gets fun.

Flurries earlier, but changed to sleet now in Cary, NC. Supposed to turn to snow again in the morning.

We got a small amount of wet snow at lunch time, at around 6 or so it started sleeting.

We're getting ready for the baby's first real snowstorm in DC.

Of course, my brother's scheduled to fly in from Australia Sunday hope the airports clean up ok.

I haven't been watching the news in NYC too closely, but I think we're supposed to get a few inches.

Which means all of the local news stations will be having non-stop coverage of the upcoming 'blizzard'. They really do like to freak out at the mention of the word snow around here.

looks like 3-4 inches so far here already...shapin up to be a fun day tomorrow

Has been snowing since the late afternoon over here in Richmond, VA. Maybe have 2 or 3 inches by now. The best part is watching all of the Southerners go batsh*t crazy freaking out. The local tradition, I kid you not, is for every housewife to make a mad dash to the supermarket and pick up a couple weeks' worth of milk and bread.

I just got back from the store. Damn, crazy stuff. I didn't get to go last weekend and, had we had any food in the house, would have stayed the hell away from that place like it contained quarantined people bitten by zombies. Nothing here yet (just west of Manassas) but people at the store were saying it was snowing 10-15 miles SW of here.

I'll post some pics if we get what they are predicting.

I'm in Indiana for Christmas. Supposed to get side-swiped with snow tomorrow, but the real fun won't come until the middle of the week.

Up here in NY we're above the NYC snow line, but still projected at 6-12" of snow between Saturday PM and Sunday AM. LI is supposed to get hammered with over a foot of snow and 50 mph winds.

Cold and rain in north Atlanta. Not supposed to get anything around here. Thankfully.

Boy, I'm glad I'm done with travel to Baltimore until after the holidays. I'll stay here in Chicago where it's better.

Over a foot of rain here in less than 12 hours. Downtown Miami, Miami [b]Beach, and portions of the two counties north got flooded.


Supposedly we're now in the snow area, but nothing yet, just ominous clouds. Can't wait!

Just started getting snow in Sterling, VA. And I just ran out of beer. Oh God, what am I gonna doooooooo!!!!!

5 1/2" here right outside of my house in Richmond. Our first snow married and in this house. We finally decorated the tree tonight as well.

We were supposed to have some here as well, but nothing but rain. Probably some up higher up the mountains...

Started here sometime between 2100 and 2200 last night. Now we have 5.5" of very fine creaky snow. Mostly plate and stellar flakes, about 3mm or so I'd say, very loose pack as it's newly fallen. The winds are up and I have seen several small drifts forming. It's going to be a big one.

Looks like the 2-day records here for December are 12 inches for DC and 14.1 inches for Baltimore. Say buh-byeeee! We're now under a blizzard warning, too.

It started around here approx 2000 last night. I had to drive in it last night approx. 2230 and almost slid off the road a dozen times - a couple where I did make it off the road but was able to recover - I think years of playing video games actually helped me do the right thing :). I was driving 25 MPH on a main county highway that had yet to be treated, coming back from a high school swim meet that got called early (thank goodness).

As of 0800 Sat. morning, we have approx. 8.5 inches, just west of Manassas.

National Weather Service wrote:

Snow will be heaviest from 5 am to 5 PM today.

So this party is just getting started.

On a more serious note, my wife decided (against my wishes and better judgment) to drive my middle child to her gymnastics meet in Newport News (3 hour drive, normally). I'm more than a little concerned as you may expect. Any good wishes Goodjers could think her way would be appreciated. Luckily, the main interstates look to be clear and drivable and once south-east of Richmond, this changes over to rain.

Got about 8"-10" so far here in Fairfax, VA. and it's coming down strong. I guess the heavy accumulation is supposed to come between 12pm & 5pm.

What kills me in relation to the supermarket rush is how on tv last night they were showing cars lined up at the gas stations like it was the gas-shortage crises back in the 70's. Why do you need a full tank of gas the night before your car gets buried under 2 feet of snow?

Well wishes to them indeed Nightmare. You guys will have stories of the Storm of 2009 for years I bet.

9" in southside Richmond. The {ableist slur}s were out in full force last night. My normal 20 minute trip from the west end to home took 75 minutes.

Up in Connecticut last I read was 6-10 inches. I believe they say it's not supposed to start until later tonight. And the fun thing about all of this ... I closed on a house in early October. Boxes that we weren't quite sure what to do with are in the garage. Now I have to lug all those boxes to the basement so I can actually use the garage for mine and my GF's car. I'd rather just play games since she's at work for the next 4 hours but I know that's a real bad idea

After a forecast of 6-12 inches we ended up with about 2, covered with a layer of sleet and ice. Which is about typical for this area. It's still flurrying, flakes about the consistency of table salt. That shouldn't amount to much more.

I got to drive through the start of it down 95 from Fredericksburg to Chester, VA. Doing 30mph down the highway, when visibility is next to nothing, and not even being able to channel yourrself properly when you can't see the hashed-white-line to your left, or the unbroken-white-line to your right is, as the Romans would say, no fun.

At least in Chester we ended up with a good four inches or so, I'm guessing. Up in the mountains, where I'm coming from, probably got double that.

Hope you all have fun with your snowstorm, I know we did even if my little one doesn't like it. Obama must be loving the snow, as he arrived in Denmark just after a decent storm, we got around 16.5" of the stuff, and then having to turn around and head home to another snowstorm.

Here's Columbia MD around 0845 Saturday.

View from the front door:


View from back over the deck:


And detail of the table on the deck, for depth. I'll post comparative shots later today:


The dogs were ecstatic. Archie actually did a double-take at the door this morning. He looked out as normal, head down to sniff at the door crack as usual, then his head whipped up and he did a full scan in disbelief. We got to the end of the townhouses and he looked out at the fields, decided there really was snow everywhere, and started running in large circles, biting at the snow and generally carrying on. Both of them love snow, although it does mat in their fur pretty quickly.

Edit - I notice in the pics the snow does not look as deep as it is. I shoveled the front walk earlier so that's a bad example. I just measured the table snow depth at 7.5". That's two inches in 3 hours. At that rate, we'll have over 17 inches by midnight - and the heavy snow has not yet started.

Robear wrote:

Here's Columbia MD around 0845 Saturday.

View from the front door:


Why did someone "park" their chair in the lot?