Christmas Gift Panic... Catch-All?

So yeah, thanks to [insert excuses about work, IGF and other activities that don't really matter because I'm sort of the 'last-minute' guy anyway] I didn't get around to getting Christmas business done. At least some friends need to be covered. That's the point when you remember all those cool gift ideas you always had in the past months. Yes, those you DIDN'T WRITE DOWN. Being horribly unimaginative right now apparently doesn't help either. So, magic Goodjer-sphere, any inspirations/ideas for neat, unusual stuff? (I can't possibly be the only one.) I'm trying to avoid vouchers/coupons for activities or events - no DVDs, books or games either.

I'll start with a suggestion myself: For passionate tea drinkers, the tea penguin might be a welcome gift. I like mine actually a lot, because unlike your standard timer, this thing will pull out the teabag, so you don't have to immediatly waddle over to whereever your tea was once it rings.

A bit more expensive, but interesting room equipment: Philips Living Color lights.

Haha, i had a thread on this for my girlfriend

A good iPod alarm clock is something I recommend.