Help me enjoy X-Com

I totally agree Tamren, the 1st few steps off the ramp can be the most deadly for your team (Aliens with full APs). Another item I really miss from TFTD: the ability to open a door, WITHOUT having to step through it. That's at least 12 AP wasted if he walks in confronted by too many aliens to kill safely, and tries to turn around and walk back out (4 to walk in, 4 to turn around, and 4 more to take 1 step back out) usually getting shot in the back for your efforts.

PS: sure, sign me up (I don't usually include myself in my teams; I figure I'm the "Spotswood" ("America, @#%* yeah!", hehe) of the team, and don't directly interact with the aliens.)

PPS: I figure the Team America angle is kinda appropriate; Team shows up and blows the crap out of the city "saving the day"

I'm baffled, that's right, BAFFLED, that I still have no avatar at your little group, Tamren. You sir, are a manne without hattes.

I've completed laser rifle and personal armor research in my game and have killed a few floaters. Researching stun grenades now so I can try to take a few alive.

Whabaam! I'm getting so much vicarious joy from my redshirt's badassery

If recruiting is an issue definitely throw Judge2 back into the mix.
Hopefully this doesn't lead to Judge3, 4, .... 99

Does somebody need a commissar?

I seem to have broken my game. I canceled manufacture of some laser pistols, now I can't manufacture anything.

Some more call signs of friends of mine who would get a kick out of being in game:

Alkaline (My GF) (yes she loves Alkaline trio)

Tanglebones wrote:

Whabaam! I'm getting so much vicarious joy from my redshirt's badassery :)

+1 even though i'm benched right now, i feel so bad ass like I'm just back at the base working out prepping new recruits to get their first mission. Can't wait to play some more tonight.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

I seem to have broken my game. I canceled manufacture of some laser pistols, now I can't manufacture anything.

I'm guessing you already tried to re-start Laser Pistols? Otherwise I'm stumped. Reload a slightly older save?

... or wait... you're in the same base right? It throws me off when I'm in the wrong base. Could just be my aging brain though.

Feel free to throw me in any spot if you need another.

Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:
MrDeVil909 wrote:

I seem to have broken my game. I canceled manufacture of some laser pistols, now I can't manufacture anything.

I'm guessing you already tried to re-start Laser Pistols? Otherwise I'm stumped. Reload a slightly older save?

Yeah, I just rolled back to another save eventually. Seems to be working fine now.

Back again. I haven't been doing enough missions lately. I'm trying to maintain at least one per day but the heating in my house is still broken and its been affecting things. Namely its currently 15 degrees inside my house right now. Its hard to get anything done when I have to pass a will save vs hibernation every 10 minutes...

Thanks to the new influx of recruits I'm going to hire a large batch of new soldiers. Anyone who dies in combat from here on will be cloned immediately and thrown back into the fight. Just in case our base gets invaded the un-named raw recruits will be put in our second base and transferred over when there is a need. I have some stuff to do first but there should be a new mission tonight.

If you think there have not been enough deaths so far. Well things are going to change. I have 2 major objectives for the immediate future:

1. Capture and interrogate an alien navigator. This leads to the Hyperwave Decoder. Our uber radar/spy/decryption device.
2. Capture a psy-capable high ranked alien. This leads to psi labs which leads to psi-amps. It also will give us a way to tell how psychic everyone is.

We have stun launchers but our supply of ammo for them is very limited. Also I have to research them first and our scientists are currently busy. This means that our plan of attack will be redshirts with stun rods. Insert Zapp Brannigan quote here

EDIT: Current Roster

Dead/Unassigned. Pending the arrival of new recruits:
Rat Boy Commissar
Alkaline Girl
Prozac Sniper
The Judge Sniper
Moondragon R 10

Nightmare Rambo
Bighoppa R
Cayne R
Tanglebones R
Ubrakto R
Blacksheep II R/Tanker
Mixolyde II R
Hypatian II R
Feralmonkey R

Wandering Toaist Tanker
MrDevil Heavy
Redwing Sniper
Davet Heavy Tanker
Mr Tomaytohead Assault
Psych Assault
Tamren Heavy
Nathanial Sniper
Pursuedbybear Medic
Milkman Medic

Its important to have a lot of spares because once we figure out the PSI rating of each person we will end up with an A team and B team. The B team is safe to use on most aliens, but can't go to Cydonia. Cydonia will need at least 18 soldiers. Possibly 22 if we roll with only a single tank.

The month ends without incident. The radar station at XCOM Foundry is up and running. I transferred one of our interceptors over there to increase our coverage. Foundry detected a small landed UFO but it escaped before we could do anything.

I accidentally hired 20 soldiers at once. So I went ahead and fired all the ones with less than 50 firing accuracy. I found a great pair of soldiers with 70 accuracy, one of them has 10 bravery so welcome back Moondragon II! All the new crew have been hired on with a couple of recruits left over. The month ends with a score of 1698. Our funding has increased by a nice 518k .

The new month begins and we immediately spot a small scout UFO on the 2nd. The UFO lands but its over in Africa and by the time the skyranger flies over the ocean it takes off again. The Interceptor watching it is forced to shoot it down. This will be a night mission, and also mark our 13th UFO mission. Crap. On the bright side we do have Mind Probes available, they will be used to scan aliens and try to find the important navigators.

Our roster for this mission is as follows. A mix of old and new soldiers.

Wandering Toaist Tanker
Hypatian II R
MrTomaytohead Assault
Mixolyde II R
Nathanial Sniper
Feralmonkey R
Psych Assault
Spacedog Heavy
Winkgun Heavy
Feeank Medic

Mission Begins. We have landed on the west edge of the map. The UFO is right in front of the skyranger to the south. We will sweep the map clockwise. Toaist as usual takes point and begins to scout. He spots a snakeman in a field to the east. Not having anything better to do Tamren scans the alien and it turns out to be a soldier. One of the new recruits, Winkgun is first off the ramp. He slides to the ground and takes aim with his autocannon. His first shot hits the snakeman in the back! The snakeman is wounded and knocked out! Hypatian moves to back him up.

New turn. After throwing flares everywhere we sweep through the north edge of the map and find an empty house. As Toaist rolls to the south he spots a snakeman on the roof of another house. Hypatian opens fire! Its a difficult shot and his first 6 attempts splash against the edge of the roof. But the 7th shot it true and hits the snakeman in the head! Not finding anything else the assaults team up and converge on the UFO. Mixolyde will be first through the door and Tomaytohead tosses him a stun stick.

New turn. Mixolyde breaches and... finds a single snakeman with his back turn! A quick scan shows it is a soldier, not worth the risk of capture. Mixolyde guns it down from behind! UFO Secure!

Mission Complete. Looks like the power plant blew in the crash and killed most of the crew. This included the navigator, though on the bright side we recovered his Mind Probe. (these things are worth 300k each!) The UFO was pretty trashed but we did recover some metal.

Thanks to the new influx of soldiers we have a HUGE slew of promotions:

Colonel: MrDevil
Captain: Tamren, Redwing, Cayne
Sergeant: Milkman, Bighoppa, Tomaytohead, Nathanial, Psych, Blacksheep

Cayne wrote:

Nah self preservation, kicked in you didn't want to trigger a reaction shot from the snakie.

This. Reaction fire is deadly. Cyberdisks in particular have a ridiculously high reaction rating. I've seen them shoot 3 squaddies in a row this way. Reaction fire scales to time units. If you have 100% time units left, you use 100% of your reaction score on the enemy turn. This makes the first round of play especially deadly because EVERY SINGLE ALIEN will have a full time score.

How I dead with aliens depends on the situation but if reaction fire is a threat it basically goes in this order:

Alien spotted, by who? :1. Tank 2. Soldier

1. If Tank, are infantry at risk? If no, see 2. If yes, blow it up immediately! Did the tank miss? See 2.
2. Does the alien have its back turned? If yes, start shooting with the closest infantry. If no, start with the infantry that are farthest away.

The logic goes, its better to have infantry deal with aliens because they gain experience from it. But its NEVER EVER worth risking the lives of infantry when the tank is the safest option to take the alien out. This is the reason I keep dedicated snipers around. They can usually hit aliens from such a long range that the aliens can't shoot back.

EDIT: It takes a couple hours to refuel up the skyranger, but its done and were off to the second UFO!

Mission beings, we have landed in the middle of the map right beside the small scout UFO. These maps tend to be tiny, being only 4x4 map tiles. Toaist rolls down the ramp and beings to scout. Not finding anything we disembark and move around the sides of the UFO to get to the door.

New turn. A snakeman emerges from an orchard and tries to flee! But Tomaytohead is ready and shoots it in the side of the head! Tanglebones gets ready to breach the UFO. Psych backs him up and Milkman brings up the rear.

New turn. Tanglebones breaches the door and...

Tanglebones shoots! Downing one snakeman, then another! The remaining snakeman is facing away and can't stop him! Tanglebones jumps back outside the door!

New turn. Tanglebones jumps back inside and... shoves the barrel of his rifle up a snakeman's nose!
He pulls the trigger and the snakemans head explodes! Blasting the corpse with another 5 shots he makes sure it stays down!

New turn. Seems like we missed one. Hmm. The only unexplored areas are a sinister looking barn and an orchard in the far corner of the map. Toaist blasted a hole in the wall earlier, so we can already see that the barn is empty on the ground floor. MrDevil lobs a det pack onto the roof of the barn. Meanwhile Psych and Milkman both throw grenades into the orchard.

New turn. 3 Kabooms! Still nothing sighted. The det pack removed the roof of the entire barn! Tamren primes a second detpack and tosses it inside!

New turn. The barn is obliterated! But there is nothing inside. (other than the giant hay mushroom cloud). Psych and Milkman advance on the orchard. But Milkman stops short and spots the snakeman skulking behind an apple tree! Milkman crouches and shoots! Most of hits shorts scorch holes into nearby trees, but he lands 2 hits and the snakeman falls!

UFO Secure! 5 aliens bagged, no injuries.

We now have just under 70 units of metal and a ridiculous 300 units of elerium. Our total soldier count, not counting Toaist and his tank is 21. 9 of which are redshirts. We have 17 suits of armour, all equipped and in use.

I am planning to up our armoured soldier count to at least 25. This is just in case our base gets attacked. Which is a lot more likely this time around. Currently a couple of our soldiers have yet to be assigned. So what I need are more GWJ volunteers to fill in the blanks.

If I can't find enough people I'll draft some reservists. (basically people from last time)

A couple days later on the 5th of April we spot and shoot down another UFO. This one is a Medium Scout, much larger than the previous missions. Generally the Navigators will survive the crash, even if the power core explodes. Same crew present as last mission.

Mission begins. We land smack dab in the middle of the map with the UFO sitting to the west. Incidentally with its door facing our ramp. Great... Toaist rolls forward. Plasma fire! A snakeman with a heavy plasma attacks Toaist! His shots are wide and melt holes in the ramp! Toaist returns fire and his rocket lands at the snakemans foot, blowing it to bits!

New turn. We are surrounded by fences and orchards. Too much terrain to hide behind, so I keep everyone in the ship. Toaist begins to remove nearby walls with his rockets. Snakeman sighted! Tamren scans and it appears to be an unarmed soldier. Strange... Winkgun hops off the ramp and attacks. But his single shot falls short and hits a fence! Hypatian jumps down under the ramp beside Winkgun and downs the alien with his laser rifle!

New turn. Toaist blasts a hole into a nearby stable and continues to sweep the south. Hypatian takes up position to watch the UFO door. Winkgun moves to join Toaist and suddenly spots a snakeman in the shadows behind the stable! He opens fire! 3 shots, all near misses, the snakeman is heavily wounded but shoots back! His accuracy suffers from his wounds and the shot goes wide! Winkgun attacks again and his autocannon shell hits the snakeman in the chest! Clean kill. We spill out of the skyranger and fan out, taking cover behind fences and trees. Psych primes and tosses a detpack to clear out a nearby orchard.

New turn. The detpack explodes and obliterates a hidden snakeman! Our redshirts advance to the UFO door. Meanwhile Toaist rolls through the crater where the orchard used to be and spots a snakeman hiding behind a hedge! Winkgun primes a grenade but can't throw it far enough. Feralmonkey tries next and his grenade lands at the snakemans foot!

New turn. Toaist advances and spots another snakeman standing at the door of a barn! Spacedog attacks with his heavy plasma but only hits the broad side! Nathanial takes aim from the skyranger ramp and snipes the snakeman in the chest! The heavy laser bolt melts a hole through it and the smoking corpse collapses! Meanwhile at the UFO door... Hypatian, Mixolyde, Feralmonkey and Tomaytohead prepare to breach. Feeank and Tamren back them up.

New turn. Mixolyde breaches! The interior of the UFO is filled with dense smoke! Looks like the powerplant did blow. Mixolyde shoots! Its hard to see anything with the smoke so thick, but his 6th shot lands and he downs a snakeman soldier! He ducks to the side and Hypatian enters. He spots another soldier lurking on the bridge and opens fire with his laser rifle! 1 hit, two hits... 3 hits! The snakeman is still up! Tomaytohead leans around the doorframe and attacks, finally downing the snakeman!

New turn. Another snakeman skulks around in the smoke before hiding behind a wall. Hypatian draws his stun stick and creeps forward...

New turn. The snakeman leans around the corner of the wall and attacks! Plasma hits the wall above Mixolyde's head! He returns fire but his laser blast strikes the wall! The snakeman shoots again but hits wide! Myxolide attacks and his shot hits the snakeman in his exposed shoulder! The snakeman spins and falls to the ground! UFO Secure!

Mission complete. That last snakeman turned out to be wounded, not dead! But it turned out to be a soldier, not very useful. We bagged a total of 8 aliens and salvaged a nice 30 units of metal.

Another round of promotions follow. MrDevil is now a Commander, Tamren is a Colonel, Mrtomaytohead is a Captain and Pursuedbybear becomes our newest Sergeant.

Tamren wrote:

Spacedog attacks with his heavy plasma but only hits the broad side!

I blame my high ping

Woo! With shots like that I might make it to yellow shirt!
I'm constructing laser rifles as we speak in my game, haven't had a chance to play for a few days.

Woohoo, survival :D, let's see what my psi score will be later, as it seems my accuracy isn't too hot... yet at least.

My own game is progressing, up to 3 bases now:

Europe is still my #1: Skyranger-1 (w/Plasma Hovertank, and 90% Flying Suits), and 2 Plasma Cannon Inties. The 10-man Squad (+a few wounded and 2 spares) has a Colonel, 2 Captains, and a bunch of non-coms, I'll be rotating some of these out to the skeleton-crews defending the other 2 bases (let some others get some live-fire training). 7 Heavy Plasmas (starting to worry about ammo), 1 Rocket Launcher (+ LP sidearms), 2 Stun Launchers (+ LPs), +3 stun-sticks for some of the forward assault guys, 3 Mind-Probes (find those ranked Aliens) and Medkits (actually saved a guy with 3 fatal wounds and 9 health. I think he was a 28d recovery).

SE Asia being my main production facility with 2 PC-equipped Interceptors and one open hangar for the soon-to-be-started Avenger (once the UFO Nav and Power arrive from Europe, yay).

The South American Base is just starting out, so: an open Hangar, a handful of Soldiers, Large Radar (with Hyperwave Decoder under construction).

I'm still waiting to get my hands on a live Psi-Alien, just dreading having to fight them though. Elerium supplies running short (only 1 unit remains), having terrible luck shooting ships down lately, early ships were intact, recently... Shot down a battleship (or 2), Terror Ships, both Snakemen (and of course the dreaded Chrysallids), got a Commander and Leader out of those 2, but alas, no psi's, and the Power Systems all going nova in the crashes, obliterating the 4 "legs" of the ships both damn times .

Intercepting lots of Infiltration ships heading to North America, I'll try for a base out there to start patroling the area to uncover the Alien Base that must surely be around there somewhere.

anyway i can get a promotion out of redshirt and into a role? shouldn't anyone above a certain rank be promoted?

I've spent almost as much time on X-Com in the past two weeks as I have on Civ V since it came out. Thanks for tracking my obsessions, Steam. But I ended up throwing my latest game away because my main base was invaded and I hit both the Base Disjoint Bug (so I only had two soldiers even in the same part of the base as the aliens) and the "We're-going-to-equip-your-defenders-with-nothing-but-electro-flares-and-stun-rods" feature of the Base Defense missions. Well that's not entirely true: the guy trapped in the SE corner all by himself had an auto-cannon. A lot of good that did me.
My new base will be much better designed, and I'm working harder on managing my inventory so maybe I can at least do something to the trespassers besides try to blind them with electro-flares while I sneak up and stun them.

@ Cayne: I'm guessing your "red shirt" status is probably more due to terrible stats than your "obvious lack of leadership qualities" . j/k But seriously, it may turn out later that you have a massive Psi-Ability that will be much more useful than strength/accuracy later on.

@ FeralMonkey: Ouch, my 1st (and only, so far) Base Defense, had my squad saddled with a pile of useless items with which to fight of the invaders. A ton of Plasma Rifles and Alien Grenades that I hadn't even researchd yet; you'd think that it should really only populate the "inventory" with things you can actually use . Luckily I had saved right before the attack, and transfered alot of "unwanted" items to my other base, freeing up the available "floor-space" for items I actually wanted to use.

PS: Forgetting that by the time the Aliens are "retalliating", they're using the Blaster Launchers, was a fatal error, for a number of my team.

FYI Tamren, you can manually resume Steam downloads after you start your game and Steam auto-pauses.

Sorry guys, no mission yet. I was going to do one yesterday but Steam stops downloading stuff when you start a game. I had all 8.5 gigs of bad company 2 to chew through.

For base defence missions One easy tactic is to manufacture enough laser rifles to arm everyone. Equipment on the skyranger is counted as well. So you need as many laser rifles as you have soldiers. Laser rifles are pretty high on the priority list and base missions can only spawn 80 items.

Also Cayne you can request a different class if you want. The only difference between redshirts and regulars are that redshirts have <40 bravery. I made all Redshirts Assaults by default just because it is the most dangerous job.

Oh-ho, during a particularly busy day shooting down a few small retaliation-ships, downing a large terror-ship and large infiltration-ship, a "UFO Detected": Large Alien Supply mission... hello! I sent the Skyranger to follow it, and allow it to land. I let the Skyranger sit patrolling a very-nearby waypoint and soon uncovered an Alien Base. Knowing that the base isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I landed my team on the supply-ship's location, and quickly dispatched the Aliens, and recovered the ship intact (finally, some Elerium \o/).

I've now started construction of an Avenger, finished research on the sexy Blaster Launcher (and ammo), goodbye Rocket Launcher, and have just sent my team into the Alien Base in (what looks to be very close to) Argentina.

Just started a new game today. 2nd mission I walk down the ramp and am completley surrounded by aliens. My entire squad gets wiped 1st turn out apart from 1 Rookie and my only Sergent who I send back to the ship and evacuate.

Blaster Bomb Launchers, ah, good times. When I first got one, and figure out how to use it, man, it was like christmas, booze and sex all wrapped up.

One, two and show time! I had each of the three marines open the door they were stationed at. The captain sitting in the back of the Skyranger fired the launcher. The bomb flies out, hangs a hard left turn, flies between some obstacles, hangs a right. Flies through the door of the dreadnaught, past the marine that just opened it, down the hall and up the elevator shaft. At the top, the bomb cuts left, through the door held open by the second marine. It then turns left, down the hall and takes another left, flies halfway down that hallway, turns right, narrowly missing the marine holding the door to the bridge open, flies across the room and smacks into the cluster of aliens. Boom.

Never had that much fun in any game before or since.

Well, a very successful incursion it was; killed off all the bad-guys, except one Snakeman Soldier that KO'd himself trying to launch a stun bomb at me (his shot hit the wall right in front of himself). The Blaster Launcher came in very handy in there, killed 2 Chrysallids and a Snakeman with one 8 waypoint shot .

I'm still waiting to get my hands on a live Psionic, all I keep getting are Mutons and Snakemen (+ assorted "terrorists") .

I also love that launcher for making my own entrances on the roofs of the battleships. "I'm-a-flanking, yo!"


First Terror mission and 1 well placed alien grenade takes out 2 of my team and 3 Civies. I was kicking butt to that point then lost half of my team.

Darwin at work.

I am really enjoying my Sniper badassery. Thanks Tamren.