Help me enjoy X-Com

I'd like to volunteer for a redshirt. Preferably one with bravery of 10. But I'd ask that you roleplay me as a serious coward. If I'm breaching, and I see an alien inside, I want to run away (I'm fully aware that this will probably get me shot in the back). And if you determine that I can be aware of alien's existence, I want to shoot at it blindly. Every time. Even if there are teammates in the way.

Redshirt me up; maybe I'll be like Sam Rockwell in Galaxy Quest

MoonDragon wrote:

... I want to run away (I'm fully aware that this will probably get me shot in the back)...

OK, if you insist... I'll take care of that part for you!

Tanglebones wrote:

Redshirt me up; maybe I'll be like Sam Rockwell in Galaxy Quest :)

Such an underrated movie. Also, if I am not on your list for potentials, I would love to be in. As soon as Moondragon is dead.

Oh man this thread takes me back. I absolutely loved X-Com, even TFTD (was waaay harder than the 1st). I liked the look of the 1st game more, and Plasma Rifles were way cooler than the Sonic Cannon thingies. Chrysalids = terrifying, not only losing a valuable team-member, but having to kill them twice !! They were tough-skinned too. Psi's didn't bug me so much, you could free them from the mind-control, I loved using it on the aliens though .

I still have my copy of TFTD for Win95(?). I'm sure it woudn't run on Vista. I should really look into picking this up from Steam (or something).

PS: I'd even get 'Nam-style flashbacks sometimes if I heard a song that was in high rotation when I used to play X-Com and TFTD *shudders*

Tamren wrote:

Pursuedbybear does what he can


Feel free to redshirt me. Like I tell most good looking women I meet, "Use me as you see fit."

Really, enjoying these write-ups, btw. Excellent work so far!

I'll sign on for a suicide run. Count me in!

The days pass by with a few changes. Our large radar is finished and I have laid down plans for a new living quarters because I accidentally put one beside the cargo lift. Bad! Very bad! On the 30th at 7 in the morning we receive reports that the aliens are terrorizing Brasilia.

It not all bad news however. We now have medkits and our first laser rifle is complete and loaded onto the skyranger. I'm swapping out MrDevil so that other people can get experience. I drafted Redwing as a second sniper. Since we don't have heavy lasers just yet, both of them will be sporting rocket launchers.

Bighoppa R
Hypatian R
Cayne R

Wandering Toaist Tanker
Mr Tomaytohead Assault
Tamren Heavy
The Judge Sniper
Redwing Sniper
Davet Heavy/Tanker
Pursuedbybear Medic

Mission starts. The ramp drops and immediately we see a reaper and a floater trying to hide behind an apple tree. Toaist launchers a pair of rockets but they miss and explode against the scenery far behind the orchard! Redwing takes aim over the hull of the tank and fires! His rocket lands directly at the floaters feet! The orchard is obliterated! With Toaist blocking the ramp we can't get off just yet. Bighoppa pops a smoke grenade and we wait.

New turn. Plasma fire echoes all over the map. The reaper moves a bit closer and we hear... chewing sounds? Toaist rotates the turret to the left and finds a reaper there using his track guard as a chew toy! Well the beasts teeth are no match for armour plating but its far too close. Toaist rolls off the ramp... and discovers a THIRD reaper within spitting distance. Taking aim at the farthest beast he launches a rocket. *KABOOM!* The rocket hits right between the eyes! Bighoppa leans out and shoots at the reapers head. He lands a few shots but the beast is tough. Next up Davet moves down the ramp and blasts the third reaper to bits with a triple shot from his autocannon!

New turn. A FOURTH reaper emerges from the smoke! To the west a floater approaches, then two, then three! One of them attacks, blasting our Tank twice with a plasma rifle, dealing moderate damage! Davet opens fire on the new reaper. Out of 3 shots only one is a direct hit, but the combined blasts are too much and the reaper falls. Bighoppa blasts the near reaper with 5 shots from his rifle but the beast refuses to die! Cayne aims over his shoulder and opens fire! The combined damages adds up and the reaper falls unconscious. Tough bastard.

Free to shoot now Toaist aims at the corner those floaters were hiding behind. His first rocket hits wide! It streaks past the building and impacts a fence. The blast downs a civilian and the rearmost floater! But the first floater's position is revealed and Toaist fires again! The rocket hits center mass and the blast downs the alien and the one behind him! The ramp is still blocked, so we hunker down and wait.

New turn. More distant plasma fire. Another two civilians bite the dust. With the immediate area clear Toaist rolls to the south. Only to spot another floater skulking behind a building! Davet slides off the ramp, crouches and takes aim with his autocannon. The first shot is wide, the second hits a neaby lamppost but the third is true and the floater splatters all over a nearby house! The south seems clear so Toaist scouts the north. A floater opens fire from a strip mall! But the tank's armour holds. Toaist can't get a shot, there are too many friendlies standing around.

Back at the ramp Bighoppa finally gets a chance to step off the ramp. Sliding off the left side he spots yet another reaper to the west. Crouching behind the landing gear he shoots and hits twice. The reaper shrugs it off, these damn things are almost bulletproof! But next off the ramp is Judge with a rocket launcher! *BOOOM*. It hits the reaper right in the face!

New turn. An alien grenade detonates in the distance taking out another civvie. Moondragon advances and spots the floater Toaist is keeping an eye on. Its backed up by a reaper. Unable to get a shot he lobs a grenade out a window. The rest of our squad leave the skyranger and begin to fan out.

New turn. Moondragons grenade detonates but the floater shrugs it off! The reaper charges forward at Toaist but laser fire from Pursuedbybear stops it short! To the west another reaper emerges from the smoke. Pursuedbybear shoots again, landing a single hit on the reaper. And a single hit on just about everything else in the area, including a mailbox and our tank! (Pistols suck at long range if you hadn't noticed) Moondragon and Bighoppa riddle the new reaper with bullets and after the 4th hit it finally drops. Down south a bit Davet blasts the newest (damn there are a lot) reaper with his autocannon, his weapon clicks dry but the beast is dead! With the area finally clear of friendly targets Toaist launches a rocket and annihilates that annoying floater!

New turn. Yet more plasma fire, too distant to identify. To the west a floater stumbles out of the fresh dust clouds kicked up by Davet. But Cayne is waiting for him and shoots the floater in the gut! Our soldiers advance to the west and discover a dense maze of warehouses and other buildings.

New turn. A floater walks past a window in a house to the west. Judge hefts his rocket launcher ready to bring the building down, but a civilian is in the way. We creep closer, hugging buildings and fences. Cayne advances around a corner and spots a floater far away down an alley. Way back at the rear landing gear Tamren takes aim and hits the floater dead on! The heavy cannon round detonates and bits of floater bounce off every nearby surface! Cayne uses the cover to advance closer. More squaddies pile up behind him and Moondragon pops a smoke grenade to cover the advance.

New turn. Moondragon advances to a window and spots the floater inside! Ducking back, he waits for backup to arrive. Pursuedbybear and Tomaytohead fill the air with lasers and try to destroy a bit of the floaters cover. The manage to destroy several walls and a door but the floater is well hidden.

New turn. Plasma fire streaks out of a warehouse! Hypatian is hit from behind and dies! Pursuedbybear and Toaist rush into the warehouse, weapons raised but find nothing! The warehouse is filled with boxes forming a crescent. The only one close enough, Bighoppa charges forward into the ring and comes face to face with a floater! Weapon already raised he pulls the trigger! *Krak Krak CLINK* His weapon clicks dry! But the floater falls dead! Moondragon peeks into the window again... *SKPEW* A bolt of plasma sizzles by his ear! Moondragon returns fire but his shaky hands can't make the shot. The floater shoots back and narrowly misses again! Moondragon turns to run as another bolt of plasma misses him by inches! Unwilling to advance with the floater ready and waiting Cayne lobs a grenade and ducks behind a remaining wall. (between the rockets, autocannon and lasers the house is pretty trashed).

New turn. The grenade detonates, but the floater charges out of the smoke! Cayne retreats to the side and finds a window! The floater is completely surprised by the flanking attack and Cayne guns it down from behind! Area Secure!

Mission Complete. Damn that one floater! This game never fails to surprise me with how sneaky these enemies can get. I thought for sure the warehouse was clear but the floater was hiding right in the middle! Won't make that mistake again.

At the cost of Hypatian we bagged a total of 14 aliens and saved 6 civilians. (out of 15, that needs work...). We managed to recover 33 artifacts and even 2 live aliens! Must be those damn reapers. No new promotions.

Aaah, the joys of rocket launcher. Who needs an aim when there is ample splash damage! I feel so manly reading about me clumsily obliterating aliens.

This play by play is really awesome. Thanks for taking the time Tamren.

I'm glad to see my britches were filled by the end of the map even if I started a bit gung-ho with all the grenade tossing and reaper shooting.

Filthy enablers!!! I hit Steam up for X-Com 1 and 2 for $10, didn't want the other crap bundled together for $15. Already hooked again.

Dang civilians! Get out of the way! We're trying to save the world here.

Man you play a mean tactical game, i almost never remember to use smoke grenades and my teams keep getting smoked, i think i'll live vacriously through Tamren's play-by-play and hope that Red shirt Cayne survives to become a bad-ass psionist.

Mission starts. The ramp drops and immediately we see a reaper and a floater trying to hide behind an apple tree. Toaist launchers a pair of rockets but they miss and explode against the scenery far behind the orchard!

Wasn't there a way to aim rockets at the ground of the square, so that if you missed it didn't sail off the back of the map? I may be thinking of a different game. I don't see anything in my PDF manual about it.

I've completed 3 short tactical missions with only 1 or 2 aliens so far. Sold some motion detectors off for cash, too!

My first mission and all I could do was hit the broad side of a barn? Where have the heroic deeds of my previous life gone?

Do you realize how hard it is to snipe with a rocket launcher?
This thing sucks for those precision headshots. Mind you, it sounds like we all need more practice on a shooting range. Our accuracy is terrible.

Keep the great stories coming Tamren.

Tamren's game reports are awesome. I want to work on one, but he sets a high standard.

And I keep getting all my guys killed.

God what i wouldn't give for a direct clone of this game with updated interface on both the geoscape and tactical, with slightly improved graphcis all around i would be such a happy camper, but trying to play with the old school interface is giving me a headache, i'm still going to keep trying till i get a good game going and can hopefully do some reports as good as Tamren's.

Tamren wrote:

We win! 12 aliens bagged, 5 civilians saved. But we lost Judge and Moondragon :(. 40 other artifacts recovered.

You mean Tomaytohead, right, right? I was psi attacked but other than embarrassing stories about the state of my pants, back in the base, I'm generally unharmed, right?

Mixolyde wrote:

Wasn't there a way to aim rockets at the ground of the square, so that if you missed it didn't sail off the back of the map? I may be thinking of a different game. I don't see anything in my PDF manual about it.

In my experience if you target an alien or other object your soldiers aim for center mass. If you target an empty square or are throwing a grenade your troopers target the centre of the tile instead. This makes explosive weapons much more effective when you have the high ground or the target is standing by walls. I like heavy cannons and autocannons for this reason, they can even hit stuff around corners.

The month ends with a good score. Our funding increases by 871k. Everyone pitched in, with the exception of Brazil. Fair enough. One thing that always annoyed me is how poor Canada is in this game. They provide the least amount among all the funding nations, even less than Italy. They only pitched in an additional 9k. Pacifists indeed. Anyway using the money I broke ground on our second base. It is located on the island of Crete and covers most of the European funding nations. This will be our manufacturing base once it gets up to speed.

February passes quietly and we get lots of important research done. Personal armour is on the way. We are fully kitted with laser rifles and I am retiring the old bullet type. (they were crap anyway). Heavy lasers for our snipers are in the queue behind armour. A laser tank may be in the near future as well. Next up our research will be focused on getting plasma cannons, our interceptors will be outgunned very soon so we need the firepower.

With the exception of one tiny scout UFO that we blow up in a single shot nothing much happens until the 27ths. We get reports of a new terror mission in Russia. For this mission I am drafting Tanglebones to take Hypatians place. Everyone now has armour, except Tanglebones. Its night over in Novosibirsk but since the skyranger has to fly halfway around the world the sun will rise by the time it gets there. Thankfully not a night mission.

Mission Starts. We land more or less in the southwest corner of a small townscape. The immediate area seems clear so Toaist rolls off the ramp. Immediatly he spots a sectoid to the east staring into the glass door of a warehouse. He fires! Direct hit! The sectoid and most of the building is demolished! Behind him Redwing and Bighoppa drop off the ramp and cover the area.

New turn. A second sectoid appears from the smoke cloud left by Toaists rocket! Instead of annihilating the new sectoid (and all the alien equipment lying around) Toaist rolls to the side giving Moondragon room to slide off the ramp and take a shot. Miss, Miss, HIT to centre mass! Our new laser rifle drills a steaming hole through the sectoid and it falls! Meanwhile on the other side of the ramp Bighoppa spots another sectoid skulking in an orchard. He calls out the target and Redwing turns around, raising his rocket launcher. He shoots! The alien tries to hide behind a tree but the rocket impacts the tree and the sectoid is filled with wood splinters! Toaist begins to scout to the southeast. He rolls past the now gutted warehouse building and suddenly takes plasma fire from the east. The armour holds and he turns to spot a single sectoid standing in front of a house! Bighoppa pulls of a beautiful headshot on his third try and the alien drops!

New turn. Psi attack! Moondragon craps his pants! A Cyberdisk lurks in the shadows between buildings before retreating! Suddenly a Sectoid appears in an orchard to the north! It opens fire on the Skyranger ramp with a heavy plasma! (have shot speed turned waaay down so its easier to see who hits what). The scorching plasma knocks a hole in the engine cowling and Davet snaps off a shot in return! The autocannon shell detonates against a tree and the alien is unphased! But then Judge reacts as well and launches a rocket! Its a miss, but so near as to make no difference, bits of alien and apple rain down all over the smoking crater!

Meanwhile Toaist tries to flush out the Cyberdisk. Taking aim he shoots a rocket through the hole in the side of the warehouse but misses. Next up Redwing takes a shot but only manages to remove one side of the building. Judge tries next but overshoots and his rocket detonates out of sight. Not willing to leave the cyberdisk be, Cayne lobs a grenade into the alleyway.

New turn. A stun launcher fires! It hits the base of the ramp! Bighoppa and Tanglebones are knocked out cold! Plasma fire from the north! Judge is down! Toaist spins around and launchers a pair of rockets! They detonate against a house and take out the first sectoid! Next Davet takes a single shot and hits the other Sectoid in the chest! Alien down! Cayne advances forward and spots a sectoid lurking inside the warehouse! Redwing loads his last rocket and fires! The rocket streaks inside the warehouse and hits a crate, blasting the sectoid into a pile of gibs! Pursuedbybear moves down the ramp and begins to revive Tanglebones.

New turn. More plasma fire streaks out of the warehouse! It smacks into the turret of our tank, slagging armour but Toaist is unhurt! The tank turns and fires! The rocket impacts the back wall of the warehouse and the sectoid is downed! We advance, taking cover behind hedges and walls. Pursuedbybear fills Tanglebones with stimulants and tries to wake up Bighoppa next. Toast moves forward and spots yet another sectoid behind the house to the east, but doesn't have time to shoot!

New turn. The Sectoid retreats behind the house. Bighoppa wakes up groggy, picks his rifle off the ground and advances. Redwing salvages the last rocket off of Judge's body and follows him. Cayne advances through the smoke but spots nothing. That cyberdisk is around somewhere...

New turn. The Sectoid peeks around the corner of the house and before Toaist can react he shoots Moondragon through a window! Moondragon is down! Toaist hits the corner of the house with a rocket, blasting it to pieces and revealing the sectoid behind! Cayne tries to shoot him down but there are too many intervening trees! Finally Redwing, still standing back at the ramp, loads his last rocket and fires it down the alleyway between the warehouse and house. Its a perfect snipe! The rocket hits the Sectoid in the neck and devastates the area. Nothing is left but a smoking crater and a flaming sectoid corpse! Redwing drops his empty launcher and pulls out a laser pistol... Meanwhile Pursuedbybear has shot Tanglebones full of so many stimms that his medpack ran dry! Tamren moves up to use his.

New turn. The Cyberdisk emerges from a market! Bighoppa reacts quickly and snaps off a shot, miss! Switching to auto he blasts lasers at the disk! Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss HIT! The Cyberdisk shoots back! The bolt of plasma streaks by Bighoppa, missing by 2 feet! He shoots one more time but aims low! Tamren gives up on reviving Tanglebones and drops his medkit. This frees both hands to work his heavy cannon and he shoots! The first round is a direct hit! The second round hits a pillar right beside the disk! The disk is battered but stands firm! Pursuedbybear takes aim over Tamrens shoulder and plinks away with his pistol, managing to score a single hit! Redwing tries next with his pistol and scores another hit! The Cyberdisk explodes, ripping a new hole in the warehouse walls and narrowly missing Cayne who was hiding on the other side! Area Secure.

We win! 12 aliens bagged, 5 civilians saved. But we lost Judge and Moondragon :(. 40 other artifacts recovered.

The rest of the month passes without incident. No changes in funding, but the council is happy with us. We didn't do much so that seems fair.

Lemme double check, you guys were both inside the warehouse at the time.

EDIT: Yeah it was you, my bad.

Played a little more, still no more missions. I hope we down another UFO soon because we only had enough alien metal for 19 suits and we lost a couple already.

Ubrakto and Nathanial are next on the rotation.

And not even a week later we spot and shoot down a small scout UFO on the Yukon/Alaska border. We now have enough armour for everyone and a single heavy laser which Nathanial will be breaking in.

Mission begins. We land in a heavily forested area. The ufo is before us an there are no aliens in immediate sight. The crash did a number on the UFO and the powerplant blew, gutting the interior. Its a wonder that anything survived. Whats left reminds me of half a clamshell washed up on the beach. Regardless there must be something to shoot around here. Toaist rolls off the ramp and begins to scout. Rolling up a hill to the east he weaves around some trees and spots an alien lurking in the shadows ahead. Unable to identify it he waits for backup. Meanwhile Bighoppa slips off the ramp and... Snakeman! It is standing right beside the skyranger and has its back turned! Toaist apparantly doesn't have very good peripheral vision! Bighoppa crouches behind the landing gear and opens fire. The snakeman is hit directly in the back by his first shot and drops with a hiss!

New turn. The snakeman in the shadows emerges and fires on Toaist! The shots fly high and impact nearby trees. To the south another snakeman emerges from the trees but Bighoppa guns him down too! Toaist rolls forward to find a shot, and discovers a second snakeman! Redwing tries to get a shot in but doesn't have time to shoot. Cayne walks up behind him and does his best but can't get a hit! Finally Bighoppa opens fire and hits with 2 shots out of 6! The snakeman is down! Toaist edges around a tree and fires on the remaining snakeman! The rocket lands a couple feet to the right, but the snakeman still stands!

New turn. The snakeman returns fire but misses again! To the south another snakeman appears beside the body of the one Bighoppa shot. It attacks as well and lands a heavy plasma shot on Toaists side armour! The armour is badly melted but holds! Toaist shoots back and annihilates the first snakeman! Meanwhile Cayne takes careful aim and shoots the second snakeman in the chest! The laser bolt wounds it badly but it doesn't drop! Cayne switches to full auto and tries again. His third shot is a miss, but only because the snakeman is already dead!

UFO secure. 5 snakeman bagged and tagged. No injuries or deaths, but the tank is going to need a new paint job. Toaist you should get around to giving it a name.

The UFO was so trashed we were unable to recover any metal at all.

So how come the snipers are getting wiped out faster than the Red Shirts?
Watch your back Redwing...

If there is any cloning or reincarnation please throw Judge2 back at end of the queue as Red Shirt. That job now seems safest.

Cayne wrote:

God what i wouldn't give for a direct clone of this game with updated interface on both the geoscape and tactical, with slightly improved graphcis all around i would be such a happy camper, but trying to play with the old school interface is giving me a headache, i'm still going to keep trying till i get a good game going and can hopefully do some reports as good as Tamren's.

Have you tried The Two Sides mod? It updates a few little things that make it more pleasant to play, and it looks quite nice.

It won't be for long. Most of the deaths happen when people are just leaving the skyranger. There isn't any cover, so the best I can do is pop smoke and shelter people behind the landing gear. Once we start tackling more and bigger UFOs Assault is going to be a very sh*tty job to have. Lots of doors and blind corners, and the Assaults will always be going in first.

Dude! I'm kicking butt for a change! I seem to remember biting the dust very early in Prozac's game.

Ah what we need here is a replacment for Prozac's corpse. Let a New Zealander replace him and show him how it's done

Nice, I need some competent Southern Hemisphere company, the Aussies are not sufficient.

And Wandering Taoist, you seriously need to name your tank. Have you no sense of drama?

1. I've got a game of drunken X-Com tonight with some friends. We're going on a nostalgia trip while everyone else is out of town for the holidays. I need good names for our soldiers. Any help GWJ can provide would be greatly appreciated.

2. I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but Three Moves Ahead did a special X-Com "frankenreview" a few episodes back. Definitely worth checking out.

3. In my opinion, the key to X-Com is learning the balance between accepting the expandability of some troops, while nursing some to turn them into hardcore veterans.

4. Start in Europe and enjoy all that sweet EU money that surrounds you.

On March 10th we spot and shoot down yet another small UFO.

Mission Begins. Toaist rolls forward. The map is divided by many fences and hedges and we spot nothing.

Couple turns later. Evidently there are far fewer survivors in this crash compared to last time. Redwing finally spots an alien inside the UFO. How can he see through the walls? (oh wait there is a hole in the roof i guess the power plant blew). Toaist rolls around to the front of the UFO and spots a snakeman standing in the open! He fires! The rocket streaks past the snakeman and blasts a crater into a wheat field. Oops!

New turn. Not willing to approach the snakeman head on, Bighoppa and Tanglebones lob grenades over the UFO and onto the snakeman.

New turn. Kaboom! The snakeman explodes in a shower of gibs! The area seems secure, so the assaults move up and take position by the door.

New turn. The "honour" of breaching goes to the new guy. Ubrakto opens the UFO door and... Looks down the barrel of a heavy plasma! A lone snakeman faces the door surrounded by 4 dead bodies! (must have been a hard crash) Ubrakto opens fire and blasts the alien with 3 laser bolts to the chest! The snakeman shrieks and falls!

UFO secure. No wounds or casualties and we recovered a little metal.

Fast forward a bit to March 19th. We have finished researching Heavy Plasma, which means plasma cannons are not far behind. Soon we won't have to rely on weak earth weapons to down aircraft. We have more than enough armour to equip everyone with some to spare.

Radar spots a small UFO and we shoot it down near the US Mexico border. This is going to be a night mission so everyone will carry flares. I am mixing things up a bit and we will not be deploying with our tank. Instead I'm bringing extra infantry so they can get some experience. Included is Blacksheep, our first clone! Welcome back!

Bighoppa R
Cayne R
Tanglebones R
Ubrakto R
Nightmare R
Blacksheep R/Tanker

Mr Tomaytohead Assault
Psych Assault
Tamren Heavy
Redwing Sniper
Nathanial Sniper
Davet Heavy Tanker
Pursuedbybear Medic
Milkman Medic

Mission begins. Not surprisingly we can't see a damn thing! On the bright side we have landed in the northeast corner of the battlefield. So we won't have any aliens throwing stuff into the skyranger. We fan out a little bit and throw flares in every direction. Nothing revealed so far.

New turn. Psych advances and spots a snakeman lurking inside a barn! Redwing launches a rocket! Direct hit! The snakeman is blown to bits and the barn is on fire!

Couple turns later. We creep forward slowly, throwing flares into dark areas. Lobbing grenades into sheds and other obstacles. We finish our sweep and apart from that one snakeman the outside seems deserted. I bet were going to open the UFO and find a bunch of bodies again. We move in on the UFO, Nightmare arrives first and gets ready to breach.

New turn. While everyone moves up to the door, Nightmare busts through the door and... Osh*t. Looks down the barrel of not one, but FOUR guns! Its a standoff! Nightmare shoots and guns down two snakemen in a single volley! He shoots again and downs a third snakeman and... The snakeman falls! AND REVEALS ANOTHER ONE!

New turn. The snakeman turns and shoots his pistol! IT MISSES AND GUNS DOWN THE OTHER SNAKEMAN! It shoots again! Nightmare is shot in the chest! BUT HIS ARMOUR HOLDS! Nightmare is unhurt! Nightmare shoots back! PEW PEW PEW! 2 hits! Shoots again! Miss Miss HIT! The snakeman is down! UFO Secure!

I hereby give Nightmare the rank of Rambo which he shall keep no matter how many times we have to clone him! Despite being shot down the UFO is completely intact and we salvage 11 units of metal and a full load of elerium.