Help me enjoy X-Com

Hello what have we here? A high res remake of UFO Defense in 3d?

UFO: Fall of Cydonia (or should that be Cydonia's Fall?)

Still very much in progress, but it looks amazing. If they keep the gameplay as it is, maybe fix a glaring bug or two. And incorporate some of the convenience features from XcomUtil. This could be a winner.

There was another remake being done that was linked in this thread. I'm pretty sure it was Xenonaughts, but I can't confirm that because thier website is in the process of reconstruction. At the very least its not dead yet. But it had cool thing about it like widescreen support, multiple interceptors fighting a single UFO on a 2d map and other stuff.

Wake me when it's in a good beta stage. I've got UFO remake fatigue. It does look nice, though.

Yeah there is a UFO remake every other day and never go anywhere.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

Yeah there is a UFO remake every other day and never go anywhere.

What people should do is contact the people who burnt out and at least try to borrow the assets. Also, please don't revive this thread now, as it will only lead to everyone forgetting it when the Steam holiday sales come around, and my GWJ save for apocalypse is still lies dormant, awaiting a glorious return when I have time. And now I've got the Steam version (save loads there, I tested it) so I may be able to put some videos together of my relativly stupid tactics.

Last week's Three Moves Ahead episode was solely devoted to X-COM. Good stuff.

I'm getting the itch to start another goodjer xcom lets play.

Ooo ooo ooo (puts hand up)

You know what. So am I...

I grabbed that Two Sides mod and played one mission. I may have to start a run through using that. Downside being I'm not sure how complete it is and I won't be able to export operatives to TFTD. Alternatively I COULD go back to my old, never finished run where we were about to tackle Cydonia, then use a 3rd party program to import the squad; that were cryogenically frozen so that they could return at man's darkest hour, into TFTD and start from there.

Make sure you use XCOMutil on TFTD. Its nigh on impossible without Gauss weapons that don't need ammo.

I'll see if I can dig up the old roster.

I so want in if you do another goodjer run. Someone has to be shot in the back by Prozac...

Yeah, I'd be in again. I believe I was one of the only ones to survive the last assault on Cydonia, it's time to push my luck.

God, I want in! I don't mind being the retarded redshirt.

I'm in. Maybe not a tanker this time though. I want to see the alien faces when I blow them off...

garion333 wrote:

Last week's Three Moves Ahead episode was solely devoted to X-COM. Good stuff.

Dan Stapleton mentioned, this. I'm going to give it a try.


Which I see Prozac has mentioned. Being able to sell your chickensh*t squaddies straight from the soldier screen is already win.

*another edit*

Quite impressed with Two Sides so far. Looks nice and really improves the UI.

Done 3 missions with only one death. Sorry Garion.

*yet another edit*

Lost 9 people in one shot. So that's why you mustn't cluster your units.

'New Game'

Woo hoo. Throw me back in but give me a bigger gun this time. I didn't do so well as the Medic.

Well, you were doing well in my game until you died in the explosion along with everyone else.

I must start another one and keep track properly.

Plop me in! Hopefully I'll have actual psychic potential this time (although, I think I either survived the last one, or died in the final attack, so I didn't do too badly)

As a lover of X-com and a complete newbie (and i have no idea what you guys are talking about yet) i volunteer to be red shirt bob, tom, john, jack, and all the other clones until i figure out what's going on and can help This sounds super fun and i've got all the x-com games still installed via Steam.

Sign me up. I work in health care, so Medic is the role for me.

Medic 4 life here. Or death.

ExitPursuedByBear wrote:

Sign me up. I work in health care, so Medic is the role for me.

Sign me up! I work in admin so uh... sniper?

I'll roll with Tanker

I'll take a Heavy role, thanks.

Just an FYI, if you are running snipers The Two Sides adds sniper rifles.

I always like playing tanks in RPGs. Hook me up for a recurring red shirt role as ablative armor.

As befitting my status, Sniper/Squad leader.

Tanker please...or heavy.

I'll be your tankeeer *singing to the tune of Velvet Underground*

To the tune of 'Venus in Furs'

"Shiny shiny, shiny plasma cannon,
Great big gun for killing greys.."

I'll be a red shirt, I've started a TTS game of my own, but don't have enough time to really play. Yargh!

Btw, what's your general weapons loadout count for the first few missions? Do you send 10 guys and an HWP?

In for whatever you don't have enough of. Redshirt, is my guess.