Help me enjoy X-Com

I'm open to inclusion, Tamren. Not overly concerned about my role, but I would rather not be the guy who runs into the UFO holding a live grenade.

I would like to be a sniper please - I'm best kept holed up and completely out of danger while dispensing death from long range

Just reading through this forum brings back many long, late nights and splendid memories. Aeons ago i had bought the enemy unknown and terror from the deep in a box set (i do have apocalypse somewhere) and i still pick up the strategy guides and have a flick through for memories, maybe i might just have to get the going again.

Tamren I call Sniper!

Nice to see folks finding out about Silent Storm. But only the first half is really good. The second half of the game gets into SF and goes all squirrelly.

I'm going to be busy tomorrow but this is how things currently stand. The XCOM forces have been in operation for 2 months now and have shot down/investigated 6 UFOs to date. Depending on how many people we get I might just restart from scratch.

The plan is as follows. There will be 2 main bases. XCOM HQ in Europe will be the primary research and troop base. XCOM Foundry in America will handle large scale manufacturing such as aircraft and tanks. As things progress more bases will be established in locations like Australia, China, South America etc as UFO detection and interception outposts. XCOM will maintain a standing force of at least 20 operatives at its HQ and 10 operatives at Foundry. The force deploying out of HQ will tackle hard targets like terror missions and large UFOs. The force deploying out of Foundry will generally handle lesser targets as a way of vetting the rookies. Further outposts will receive a garrison of 5 members. All bases and the outposts in particular will make heavy use of armoured tank platforms for defence. Each main base will host 2 interception craft and 1 transport. Further outposts will house a single interceptor each. Large UFOs or bigger will be engaged with no less than 2 craft at once.

Barring exceptional circumstances XCOM forces will deploy in teams of 10 + 1 fighting vehicle. Each team will be split into 2 squads of 5. 1 Sniper, 2 Assaults, 1 Medic and 1 Heavy. The squad leader generally doubles as the Sniper of the team.

- Snipers will use rifle type weapons for maximum accuracy and seek high ground and other vantage points to cover the other troops.
- Heavies are responsible for demolition of obstacles and taking out hard targets. You will generally be armed with launchers/cannons and demo packs.
- Assaults are responsible for door breaching and spotting targets for other operatives. You will always have grenades and rapid fire weapons. You will be exposed to the most risk but are also first in line for body armour.
- Medics will take to the field with pistol and medpack. You will also be required to stun and capture live aliens if the situation requires it.
- The tank operator for each detachment will be responsible for scouting and fire support.

These guidelines only dictate starting equipment. Your actual role in combat will have a lot of overlap. Snipers are essentially assaults if the map has no open spaces. And most heavies double as snipers depending on the equipment given. Etc.

So far we have 1 assault, 1 heavy and 2 snipers. MrDevil I'm going to make you a tank driver.

And just because keeping him out of danger is too easy, Tamren will be playing as an Assault.

Oh why not? Throw me into the fodder as well. Just don't make me the guy that opens the UFO door.

... your all just saying that so I have to do it myself right?

But don't worry, thats what the guy with 10 bravery is for

Count me in for shrapnelhelping the team as well! I missed the last Goodjer alliance.

I want in! I'll open a door!

What's this game again?

Sign me up as a Heavy!

Put me down for a heavy if there's room. Or a grunt. Either or.

Throw me in as a sniper if there's room

All of you people are heartless killers. Me, I care. I'm signing up for medic, because somebody needs to show compassion.

Tamren, my preference would be a heavy (but I see those spots are getting filled), and I'd prefer courage as low as you're willing to tolerate.

Sign me up for door-kicker!! And whenever I die, clone me and add a counter (mudbunny2, 3, 4, etc) for the lulz.

I want to be the redshirt!!

Sign me up as a laser rifle guy who refuses to upgrade to anything but a heavy plasma (that's how I play the game myself). Guess that puts me in the Assualt category. It's been nice knowing everybody.

Reporting for duty! Sign me up as whatever -- the guy in the recruiting office said if I survive, they'll pay for me to go to college.

I'm the FBI agent!

edosan wrote:

Reporting for duty! Sign me up as whatever -- the guy in the recruiting office said if I survive, they'll pay for me to go to college.

Yeah, about that. XCOM has yet to pay a single nickel towards any college tuition, just saying. I'm sure you'll turn that trend around though!

Sign me up, I'll just be a normal dude, keep me in cover and don't use my last time units to walk around a corner.

I'm up for being a tank driver. You guys are nuts going out there in anything less. Just a warning, I have a tendency to knock down buildings.

edit: Oh yeah, I've also been known to lightly toast civilians. I was totally acquitted in the last trial though.

I want in!

20 people and only 1 Medic? I think I better help out Milkman and try to keep these grunts alive. Throw me in the Medical Corps. too.

New game is up and running. The very moment I hit the start button a UFO appeared and was shot down over Britain. Since the game isn't even a day old yet every soldier is still a scrub and we are missing a lot of our equipment. There are only 8 of us, and its a night mission. Should be fun! Current mission roster.

- Squad Leader Tamren - Assault
- Redwing - Assault
- Pignoli - Heavy
- Davet - Sniper

- Squad Leader Prozac - Sniper
- Grubber - Assault
- MoonDragon - Assault (Who has a bravery of 10)
- Khoram - Heavy

- Mr Devil - Tanker (Tank due to arrive in 2 weeks or so)
- Nihilo - Tanker

Everyone else will be dropped in as soon as there is room.

- Ranger Rick
- Judge
- Edosan
- Yonder
- Cube
- Tanglebones - Sniper
- Nevin - Heavy/Assault
- Mudbunny - Assault
- Mrtomatohead - Assault
- Milkman - Medic

I decided to wait until sunrise before beginning the mission. This allowed some of our equipment to catch up with us. Pignoli has a cannon, Khoram has an autocannon and everyone else is packing a rifle.

First out the bird is Redwing. Who immediately spots a sectoid through a nearby window. The sectoid has his back turned, so he opens fire. *triple burst* Headshot! First blood to Redwing! And the mission is over.

Anticlimactic? A bit. But this early in the game I'm just happy everyone is alive. We don't even have medkits yet!

Awesome! I just started an Apocalypse campaign, but it keeps crashing on me in Win7. I've learned to save often. Maybe I'll start a roster...

The new soldiers arrived which allowed me to fill out all of the teams. We shot down another UFO. Again over Britain. This one is a scout, so there will likely be multiple hostiles.

- Squad Leader Tamren - Assault
- Redwing - Assault
- Pignoli - Heavy
- Davet - Sniper
- Judge - Medic

- Squad Leader Prozac - Sniper
- Grubber - Assault
- MoonDragon - Assault
- Khoram - Heavy
- Milkman - Medic

Missions starts. And we seem to have landed in a corner. Right beside the UFO! On the bright side Redwing didn't get shot stepping off the ramp.

Were set up for a door breach. Moondragon and me on one side. Davet and Grubber on the other. Moondragon breaches and... ALIEN! Its a standoff!

*BLAM*. The alien blinks first and Moondragon takes that as his cue and blasts the alien in the eye!

Mission accomplished. Turns out the landing did a real number on the UFO. The interior was completely wrecked and there were already 4 bodies.

So far so good!

Nevin73 wrote:

Awesome! I just started an Apocalypse campaign, but it keeps crashing on me in Win7. I've learned to save often. Maybe I'll start a roster...

Win7 64? I played a couple missions of the Steam version earlier this year and it was fine for me. I'm starting to get the itch to return to my post as commander of the Goodjer Army.

Late to the party as usual. Hook me up Tamren, if you don't mind.

Good to see the usual cycle of interest in XCOM has waxed again.

UFO: Alien Invasion looks interesting.
Grubber, there are no Boron for you to kill in XCOM.
Silent Storm has been eluding me for some time. It sounds and looks really great. Folks here keep talking about it but I can never find a place from which to purchase the requisite discs.

Tamren, put me down for assault or medic if you still need cannon fodder.

Just out of curiosity, Tamren, what are your equipment templates for your different roles?