Name that movie thread

Uhhhh, no, that's not her in the screenshot from Venom.

You sure? They look like twins!

That's one of the ladies who forms the chain of moving the not-Venom symbiote from the crash site to the US, right?

No takers for the first pic, here's a second:

Diary of the dead?

Yup, you're up! This thread as a Wordle game.

Well, the one up today happens to be from one of my favorite movies, so that was easy.

Such a tiny pic.

I got it in 2.

I got today's and yesterday's both in two

The second pic is a dead give away.

Yeah, so far, picture 2 has been too easy. Hopefully that doesn't keep happening. (edit: got the next one in one)

There's also based on the box office game from the Blank Check podcast. I like to just reveal the tag line for everything and guess based on that.

Aw, dammit.


First guess was Dawn of the Dead. Shoot.

Another where the first is really vague, the second is obvious.

Got today's in the first try. Didn't get the one yesterday with the guy who looked a lot like David Bowie.

It is kind of creepy how much that guy looked like David Bowie.

Almost like it was David Bowie.

David Bowie hasn't starred in many films, so if it had been David Bowie in that picture, it would have been easy to figure out the movie. Too bad it was just someone who looked like him.

So you're saying it was Labyrinth?

Did you see the man's crotch? No. So, it wasn't Labyrinth.

I really like this "Guess the actor" game - - you get clues on the age, and if you guess an actor that was in any of the listed films it reveals the title.

DudleySmith wrote:

I really like this "Guess the actor" game - - you get clues on the age, and if you guess an actor that was in any of the listed films it reveals the title.

I somehow got it in one guess and I really don't know how. I barely even registered what information it was giving you before the person's name popped in my head.

Yup that actor could do a Bowie biopic if he hadn't passed away.

I'm surprised how much I like the actorle game. It's much more about figuring out the name of a movie based on the number of letters in the title than anything to do with the actors. Most, if not all, of them that I've done have been actors from big franchises which I'm sure is meant to provide an obvious pattern. But, outside of Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games) and Harrison Ford (Star Wars into Indiana Jones), I've gotten all of them because of non-franchise titles and realize how dumb I was for not seeing the franchise titles earlier.

I honestly don't know why they think giving the age is helpful.

Yeah, I don't have the encyclopaedic knowledge of every actor's age that would make it helpful.

Heh, and Actorle for me is just an exercise in futility. Most of the time I spend it guessing actors that I can think of. If I unlock a movie, most likely I don't know enough about it without looking it up in IMDB to know who else was in it.

I don't keep up with movies enough to be able to play it.

It's more of a puzzle game than a guessing game. You kind of just have to stare at the list of movies until something about the number of letters, genre, and year click for you. I tend to focus on shorter titles or ones that seem to start with similar word patterns (and thus would be part of a franchise). For example, for the one for April 2nd:


Eventually, I realized that 2013 sci-fi movie with seven letters in the title could be Gravity. Sandra Bullock has already been done but even if she wasn't Speed obviously wasn't on the list so she could probably be eliminated. That basically leaves Clooney so I started looking at the other title to see if I could get a confirmation. Ocean's Eleven and O Brother, Where Art Thou immediately became apparent.

I don't even guess until I'm like 90% I'm right. The only one I haven't gotten on the first guess was Cate Blanchett and I'm still pissed at myself that I couldn't spot the Lord of the Rings.

Yeah, that's like playing Wheel of Fortune without getting confirmation that my guesses are correct. I stare at that list of movies blankly every time, no idea what they are. My brain doesn't work like that.

Not only that but I don't have encyclopedic knowledge of movies, nor what year they were released.


Just like this guy is in the process of doing!